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I have some exciting news!  Many of you loved my series on Starting your own Craft Night Business.  If you didn’t have a chance to read them yet I’ve linked them for you here Part 1 and Part 2.   If you are a maker, artist or crafter or someone that would like to earn some extra money, I’ve written a step by step guide that will walk you through adding an Event section to your creative business!  For the last few years I’ve been bringing in extra money hosting craft events.   Think of a craft event as a twist on a Paint Night experience but creating a wider range of projects, all related to home decorating.

(My Guide)


When I first started hosting events my background as an Art Teacher made this new pursuit pretty straight forward for me.  However, I learned a lot along the way, specifically on the business side of things.  Now I want to offer my knowledge to all of my creative friends wanting to make extra money and GROW their businesses.  So If you already own a creative business where you make and sell a product you might want to consider adding on an “Event” section.  In which case you’ll definitely want to purchase my Crafting a Side Business A How to Guide to get you started!

With an investment of $99 you will receive:

  • Step by step’s to get started
  • Details on all my methods
  • Specific supply list
  • My go to shopping spots
  • Pricing and ticket sales
  • 6 Go to Crafts to keep you busy all year round
  • Day of event- best practices
  • PLUS access to my invite only Facebook Community



Guess what, even if you’re NOT already a crafter, maker or artist, and want to earn some extra cash with my step-by-step Crafting a Side Business A How to Guide you can learn to0!  All you need is a love of crafting, DIY’s and being around/leading groups of people.  If this sounds like you than I would highly recommend starting your own craft event business in your community.

I want to help you succeed in growing a successful craft event business.   With two or three craft events a month you can make between $500-1,000 all for encouraging people to create and have fun!  Don’t get me wrong it is work but it doesn’t feel like work.

If you still aren’t sure about purchasing my guide feel free to read Part 1 and Part 2 to start,  I look forward to hearing from you and if this was helpful in answering any of your questions about how I run my events, promote them and SO much more!



If you decide it’s time to start earning extra money or grow your already existing craft business I’m here to help you!   If you are someone that wants to meet new friends and connect with your community this is also for you.  I hope to chat in more depth over on the private FB group community.  There myself and all the future CEB’rs (Craft Event Business owner’s) can meet for support, encouragement, information, guidance and inspiration.  It’s time to unlock your creative side and see where your passion for crafting can take you!




You can purchase my guide here:



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