Welcome to all things “jordecor” thank you for stopping by! I want you to feel at home as you go through my site and get comfortable. So refresh that coffee, throw on something cozy and come on over to chat all things interiors! What should you paint the living room? Where should you get pillows for your sofa? Furniture layout? Rugs? The endless decision making can be overwhelming. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! There are so many elements that need to come together to feel like your house is a beautiful reflection of you and your family. Good news guys…it’s not a race. I think the process is part of the fun! Plus you have me to help you along the way. 😉

How can I help? Hire me for an e-design or consult service, visit an event to create something one of a kind to display each season, or just favorite my site to be inspired with the latest decor I’m loving! This is the spot to visit when you need some ooomph in your interior decorating game.

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I’ve offered Craft Events within my community for the past several years. I’ve put this guide together for anyone interested in starting their own side business or extension of their current craft business hosting craft events in their community. I'm going to share with you my success bringing in a steady supplemental income for my family.

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