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I love taking a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit up a notch with a fun hat or scarf, especially this time of year when you want to utilize all the layers before the big heavy jackets come out.   Sometimes a simple accessory change can complete a simple outfit, especially if your a mom and getting dressed quickly often involved a t-shirt and jeans look.  I find the trick with accessories is to not go OVER board with them.  I love choosing one or two (max) to be the statement of whatever outfit I’m putting together.  If I’m going to do a hat I’ll probably nix the oversized sunglasses and stick to simple smaller frames.  It’s all about finding balance with your own style and what you feel good and comfortable wearing. 

I thought it would be fun to share 5 categories of my favorite fall accessories that I’ve been loving, wearing or wanting!   Finding simple and understated accessories can enhance your outfit and add to your own personal style/ take on an outfit. 

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In the fall I love a good pair of oversized sunnies, I probably won’t splurge on a pair because they aren’t something I wear all the time, only when I want to dress up an outfit or look a little more chic.  I like to splurge on classics that I know I’ll wear day to day like classic ray-ban styles.  When I want to experiment with, new to me shapes, I go to Target, Nordstrom Rack or Madewell for an affordable pair. 


A great hat can really kick up a casual outfit and dress up a simple one.  I tend to go for comfortable outfits since I’m not in an office setting and a cool hat is always a fun way to add some personality.  Baseball caps are my day to day, go to style because they’re great for hiding unwashed (or let’s face it sometimes unbrushed hair) in the fall/winter I look for baseball hats that double as a cozy layer.  Like this neutral one above.


Over the years I’ve noticed myself gravitating less and less to big statement jewelry. This shift probably happened after Griffin was born and when I stopped working in a professional classroom setting. As a teacher I loved adding big earrings and necklaces to dress up my work outfits. However after becoming a stay at home Mom, and dressing more casual, big necklaces were just something the babies could grab and pull off. The last couple years my obsession has been delicate and feminine, less is more style necklaces. If I want to dress them up I’ll layer the lengths of them. My friend over at Ave Hope Designs is one of my GO TO’s for this style of necklaces. If I want to make a statement I’ll add a big earring like some of these below.

Watch Bands:

Yes, I also like changing out my watch bands. Please tell me I’m not alone. Once I discovered how affordable they are, it’s such a fun way to switch up the look of my apple watch. I can take it from sporty to casual/dressy with two easy clicks. Here are some that I’m wearing this fall.


I’m always a fan of adding layers in the cooler weather that include some type of either cozy texture or cool pattern to an outfit. If you have a simple jeans/t-shirt situation going on, adding a great scarf is a perfect fall accessory. In addition a leather jacket on top of that is a signature fall look. I shared a few ways I like to tie my scarf and saved it to my Instagram story highlights which you can find HERE

There you have it my favorite affordable fall accessories that I’m currently wearing or loving. I hope you guys enjoy also seeing some fashion/style posts. It’s fun for me to switch it up from decor time to time and I really believe that styling yourself and your home are two very similar skills that can reveal a lot about your own unique style!


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Happy Monday!  I’m back this week with another round of my new Summer Series called Board on a Budget!!  I truly believe that great style can be achieved on all budgets.  Whenever I start a new project I also create a design board to visualize how all the various items I’m loving will come together in a space.   Each week this summer I’ll create a design board for one room, from one retailer for a set budget that you will help me vote for, on Instagram stories.  I thought this series would be a fun challenge for me to source and select affordable home items from some of my favorite retailers.  I hope it will inspire you and give you ideas of what affordable products are out there.   Great style doesn’t have to come with a great BIG price tag.  The biggest challenge for most people is putting it all together.  I think these Design Boards will help you visualize different looks for different spaces.

This week, based on your votes, I’ll be decorating a living room from TARGET.  I set the budget for $1500 dollars.  Target, Target, Target… my happy place.  The one sad thing I can say about being on Cape Cod a lot in the summer is not having a Target close by.  I’m usually at Target 2-3 times a week when I’m at home (I hate admitting that out loud lol) I haven’t been in soooo long.  I’m sure Ben is happy about that!  Luckily, you guys voted on a living room from Target for this weeks Board on a Budget.  I was so happy to go online and browse all my favorite Target brands like Opal House, Threshold, Project 62, Hearth and Hand and more! It was so fun sourcing some awesome living room products that are all still available (that is the tricky thing sometimes).  Target never disappoints in the stylish & affordable category. I found some great pieces that I think you will love!  I’ll link everything at the very end of this post.

Let’s start with the RUG.  You guys know I’m a huge fan of rugs, they not only set the foundation, they can also set the whole tone of the room.  I found this rug and my heart went pitter patter.  I’m also a sucker for navy!  Here is the rug that set the tone of the room:

Next, I wanted a classic simple looking SOFA that would work the warm tones in the rug but wouldn’t break the bank.  This sofa is on clearance and is under $400 right now, it would be great in a smaller living room or sitting room, make it more comfy by adding layers of throw pillows.  For a bigger space get two and put them across from each other to create the perfectly balanced sitting area.

A living room needs more than a sofa to really make it feel complete.  Either a second sofa mirroring it or a set of these ARM CHAIRS or other upholstered chairs would be lovely. I loved how sophisticated these cane backing chairs are, probably the most expensive thing in the room but they are so classic and versatile.  You can add a throw pillow for a pop of color and comfort on the back.

CURTAINS are so important too, since the rug has a bold pattern I chose a soft simple curtain and I love how these have a soft blue and dark blue threads mixed together (TIP- makes them look more expensive)  They tie in so nicely with the rug and come in a variety of lengths (colors).  A lot of people go too short with their curtains and you always want to hang your curtains HIGH, WIDE, LONG (TIP- makes your windows look big and beautiful).  These are also on sale for under $30 a panel.  Such a good deal!

I fell in love with this navy coffee table with drawers, which you don’t see very often.  I thought it was really different. I love that it has storage for games, magazines or other things.  I’d add a cute tray, stack of books or basket with a candle and vase next to that. Plus it is UNDER $100!

For the lighting I added these cute floor lamps, I think they are sleek and affordable plus you can turn them to the arm chair seating area or keep them flanking the side of the sofa.  Perfect for small space living as well.  Or replace with side tables and table lamps if you have space/budget for it.

So here it is the full reveal of this weeks Board on a Budget all put together from Target, I’ve included a set of wall art to pull the look together, and some of my favorite affordable throw pillows that won’t compete with the rest of the room.

The Design Board:


Please let me know what you think!  Target is such an amazing place to grab great home decor items on a budget.  The trick is putting it all together to make a cohesive look that doesn’t scream any one store.  Look to add one or two focal point pieces in the room and then work the other pieces around that.  Thank you for stopping by today!


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Are you scratching your head thinking, what the heck is a boob light?!?  Many people have them in their home and don’t even realize it.  If you look directly up at one, you will understand exactly why they have that nickname 😉 .  I have a very strong dislike for them.  However, a lot of people don’t realize what they resemble and gravitate towards them because they are so inexpensive.

I’ve been on a mission these last few years on my Instagram- trying to rid your homes of the awful BOOB LIGHT phenomenon.   I will admit we had quite a few when we first moved into our current home and my plan overtime is to get rid of each and every one of them.  I’m happy to report we are now down to two!  Still it’s two too may if you ask me 😉   Today I want to share a variety of other more stylish options.

There are so many great flush mount choices out there.   Below I rounded up some of my favorites all of which are under $100.   If you’re more farmhouse or more traditional or modern… Whatever your particular style is there is something for everyone.  I found a little of everything and I hope it’s a helpful resource for you if you are also slowly trying to update your outdated lighting. Ok now tell me… how many do you have in your home? You must have at least one. 


I hope these ideas help you if you are in need of updating some questionable light fixtures in your home.   Thanks for stopping by!


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I can’t believe Memorial Day Weekend is here and we are just about to kick off summer. We are actually splitting up the weekend between Cape Cod and then back home for some little league baseball and a family BBQ.  I’m so happy that BBQ season is officially here.  We’ve worked so hard on our outdoor spaces that I’m so ready to finally enjoy them!  The last thing on my to do list this week was to get some Red, White and Blue, decor on our front door.  I want to enjoy it for awhile before we head back to C.C. for majority of the summer and a lot of my Patriotic decor is at our beach house so I was really just looking for things I already had around the house to bring a little Americana vibes to our front door with out going out and buying a bunch of new stuff.

Let’s start with the lanterns.  I’ve had THESE lanterns for several years now.  They’ve seen it all from rain and lots of snow.  They really were starting to look dirty and dingy.  I’ve tried to clean them before but there was fading and chipping.  So I decided to do my favorite most cost effective tricks- spray paint.  Whenever I want to breath new life into something, if I can spray paint it I will.  So for the lanterns I just grabbed some white spray paint and gave it a nice clean coat.  They look so much better.  I also have to admit to you that I don’t ever truly light up my lanterns.  They are there for look.  Since these are exposed to moisture the batteries always rust and get messy.  So I simply leave the lanterns with out batteries.  That may seem strange to you but just works for me.

I already had these red planters and I tend to bust them out every summer when I start adding some festive Patriotic decor.  I’ve had these for years, however it’s as simple as taking a large cheap plastic planter and spray painting it red and like that you have super inexpensive and easy patriotic decor.  I wish I could tell you the name of the plant I put in them.  I was in such a rush, I was looking for something full and with white petals and this was the best I could find at Lowes.   I also grabbed this large red flowered plant which I was so excited to bring in that natural red color.

If you ever see an old chair on the side of the road, or at a local thrift store, grab it!  I chalked paint this one red, after a few seasons outside its weathered to this rustic chippy garden stool.   My front steps need such a good cleaning.  I think we need to get the pressure washer out.  Always something else to do right guys?!  

TIP 1:  I love to add height on either side of the door it makes the entrance feel more grand. Chairs/ stools add height to plants.  Or grab a potted tree of some kind to flank either side of your door.

I purchased this adorable straw tote months ago with intent to use it or give it to Autumn to use, because I loved the classic colors and “hello”.  However I couldn’t find a wreath I was really into and I love trying out different things for my decor, reusing something for a different purpose is always my favorite thing to do.   I love how it looks with some simple faux hydrangea and two small flags on either side.  I used some bags to fill out the bottom and make it look really full.  I just added mine to a small nail we already had on the door so its centered.  I tried adding to a wreath hook but it looked to bulky.  Our door has seen a lot of abuse over the years with out a storm door that, it’s probably time to replace soon.  So a tiny nail hole doesn’t really bother me too much.

TIP 2:  Bring in colors of the season through plants, a wreath and maybe one touch of simple decor.  Don’t need to go over board.

I found this simple metal star  with the flag on it at the grocery store of all places and it was under $5 and I simply rested it to the side of the lantern to bring the colors down in that corner.  Hanging it on the door wouldn’t have made enough of an impact but just leaning it against a pot or lantern is a nice extra touch.

TIP 3- Change up your door mat to fit the season, layer a throw rug underneath to add interest.

Tip 4- Create depth in your front door design, by adding decor elements to the first steps and build them back towards the front of the door.

Tip 5-  Use a mixture of plants to add a variety textures and visual interest to your front entry.  

There you have it my Red, White and Blue Decor for the upcoming summer Holidays!  I didn’t have to buy too much and used a lot of things I already had on hand, I just grabbed some plants and spray paint!

I hope you have an amazing Memorial Day weekend.



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*This post is in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops andThat! a brand I love.  As always all opinions are my own.

Hey Friends!! Today I’m so excited to partner with one of my favorite stores for finding great deals on seasonal decorating products Christmas Tree Shops andThat!. I’m also joining a fabulous group of home decor blogger to share our summer outdoor entertaining ideas with you. Now that outdoor Memorial Day is coming up and BBQ season is here I want to show you how I turned a potting bench into an outdoor bar, with the help of all the amazing and affordable summer items out now at Christmas Tree Shops andThat! Guy’s what is better than an ice cold beer or iced beverage on a warm summer day? A fun bar to set up all those refreshing drinks on! This cute little outdoor bar I’m about to show you, will completely improve your outdoor entertaining game.

The decor selection at Christmas Tree Shops andThat! never disappoints and this shopping trip was no different. I knew I wanted to stock my outdoor bar with accessories that are safe for outdoor use (non breakable) additionally that will make hosting outdoor parties easy & effortless. What I love about using a potting bench as a bar, is that it’s the perfect size and it has such a fun outdoor vibe, plus lots of storage. The potting bench I have came in a natural wood finish that I painted with an exterior white paint. However you could stain or event paint yours in a pop of color. This potting bench also comes with a cabinet and drawer, so it’s great for storing all of our new outdoor dishes, table linens and the cutlery caddy from Christmas Tree Shops andThat!. The best part is all of their summer melamine dishware is affordable and stylish! I was so excited to see a variety of prints, colors and styles, many of which match the colors of my outdoor color scheme; win, win! Plus, the prices can’t be beat.

My must have items for the perfect outdoor bar:

  • Tub for ice and can/bottled drinks
  • String lights
  • Drink dispenser
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Outdoor safe cups (tumbler, wine and margarita)
  • Cutlery caddy
  • Pitcher
  • Napkins, straws, paper cups
  • Small cutting board
  • Fun Dish Towels

Here is how I took my simple potting bench and with some fun colorful entertaining accessories, turned it into a bar.

How fun do all these colorful accessories look displayed on our new bar? Thanks to Christmas Tree Shops andThat! for having such great selections of outdoor dishware and bar accessories. I added in some pops of yellow to break up all of the blue tones I was using and I love the yellow in these fun pineapple tumblers. They are super tropical and cute!

I’ll be honest- I completely forgot to grab lemonade or fruit punch mix for the kids to put in the drink dispenser (somehow managed to remember the margarita mix though haha) So I improvised with this completely crazy and also slightly genius idea. I took all the different assortment of juices we had in our fridge, mixed them together and then added some seltzer. I basically created my own fruit punch with fizz, so that’s what it’s called Fruit Fizz. I was really looking for any excuse to get all these half empty bottles out of my fridge. Just promise not to tell the kids my secrets, ok? Shockingly, it wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be!

I’m using the pretty blue rimmed pitcher for keeping out ice water, to cut down on bottle water use. If some of the kids see right through my use -up -all- the- juice- in- the- fridge- concoction there is always ice cold water available 😉 Just be sure to keep a sharpie in the drawer, out of their reach, so you can write their names on them, then they can easily identify their own.

This little bar is such a fun addition to our patio. Before we used a random old cooler for all our beverages and all our mixed drinks inside the house on the counter. I love this hammered metal tub with blue which was a steal at Christmas Tree Shops andThat!, it brings such a fun pop to the bottom of the bar, and I like that it ties in the metal from the top of the bar. It’s so fun to have an area to make drinks outside and keep all the entertaining stuff organized. Now if we have an impromptu cookout with family or invite neighbors over for an evening cocktail, we have the perfect spot to entertain outside! Plus it’s all within arms reach- ready to go at a moments notice.

Now let me show you guys how the bar looks on our patio from further away. There it is tucked against the side of the house, it fits perfectly there and is central between our sitting area and dining area. I was so excited to also set up our outdoor dining table. I knew I wanted some pretty outdoor wine glasses. I grabbed these blue colored ones from Christmas Tree Shops andThat! and they look so festive with these fun pineapple straws in them. The teal lanterns I already owned but Christmas Tree Shops andThat! has a wide range of lanterns as well, which I think are so pretty as a table centerpiece, especially if entertaining in the evening.

Our table and chairs we already owned, however I needed some outdoor safe plates. I grabbed this set from Christmas Tree Shops andThat! I purposely mix-matched the designs so they had different combinations of patterns, which I think add’s so much interest to the table! I also layered underneath the plates these outdoor woven placemats in Navy also from Christmas Tree Shops andThat!.

Here is a close up of the adorable white metal cutlery caddy with rope handle also from Christmas Tree Shops and That!. I LOVE how the yellow pops off the blue and white! I plan to leave the Caddy in the bar cabinet so it’s so easy to grab forks/knifes/etc when guests come over. The best part of the potting bench turned bar is that cabinet and drawer. I can easily tuck the place mats, plates, and put all the straws, etc… in while we are not using them. It make’s entertaining so easy!

I just love how this all came together. I’m so excited to host our next outdoor party! What do you think of the potting bench turned into a bar? Are these items you could see yourself using at your next BBQ?

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Christmas Tree Shops andThat! for another great seasonal shopping experience. I’m always so impressed with the stylish pieces I find at great prices. Be sure to head over to the other blogs linked at the bottom of this post! They all share so many amazing summer decor ideas!



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I thought I’d put together a last minute little wish list for Mother’s Day. I honestly don’t need much but it’s fun to put together some items I’ve been loving and wishing for. I’m sure hubby will appreciate the ideas too! As I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even realized it’s this weekend. (Wink, Wink, Ben)

Workout outfit- I have really been enjoying going to my local Studio Barre class and everyone always dresses so cute. I’m LOVING these animal print leopard leggings for spring/ summer and I need to have the Cool MOM shirt because, well I feel like I am one 😉 right?

Jewelry Storage– Whenever I travel I always put all my jewelry into a little pouch or canvas bag and it get’s all tangled up. I love these beautiful leather cases that you can get monogrammed. I would absolutely love to have something like this for traveling.

Stacking Rings I love the look of dainty stacking rings. I’ve been wanting to start collecting them, real gold and vintage would be ideal. I found this set and thought it would be so pretty to have each of my kids birth stones in one.

Bangle Bracelets– I just can’t get enough of the stacked look I guess. Especially when it comes to simple and delicate jewelry, it’s my favorite. These are super affordable and look chic.

Pots & Pans- Ok this is me being practical. Our pots and pans are looking SO BEAT UP. I like cooking with things that look pretty and inspire me in the kitchen. Currently what we have is not doing that. This white set is so beautiful and I’d love to cook with it.

Luxury Handbag– Ok this is me being completely impractical. I’m just a girl that likes the occasional splurge, k? Actually I don’t own many luxury handbags. I own a couple decent bags. I’d love to some day own something classic and timeless like a Louis Vuitton. I wouldn’t even argue about which style! I love the white though. A girl can dream right?

Beauty Sleep- I’ve been wanting to try one of these beauty sleep pillow cases for SO long. I hear that they are amazing for your skin and hair. Plus, keep wrinkles away. I’m all about that! I really like this one.

Those are a few of the things I’m loving right now! Are you hoping to receive something practical or impractical? Something you need or something you just loveeeeee. Sometimes the best gift is just to have time to yourself or to spend time with friends. Whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!



More Gift Ideas:

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(Photo via Serena and Lily)

Happy April Everyone!  I’m SOOOO excited that April is finally here and the weather is starting to turn in our favor.   The best part of warm weather is simply that we get to spend time outside and when we aren’t working on the yard or playing with our kids we love to lounge and entertain on our patio a.k.a our outdoor living-room.  I think of our patio as an extension of our interior space.   On today’s post I want to share how I create that atmosphere.   So if you’re looking to achieve an extension of your interior space, outside, keep on reading!  If you have a deck, porch or patio I’m also going to suggest some of my favorite outdoor products to help you create your own outdoor oasis.  Today I’m going to focus on zones and outdoor rugs.

(Jordecor E-Design)

What is a zone?  A zone is a designated area that will serve a purpose in your space.  For example, where is the dining area going to be vs. seating area and/or grill set up?  If you have a smaller size outdoor space you may need to think about what will be most functional for you.  Perhaps the size of your outdoor space can’t accommodate two zones.  So do you prefer to dine outside or do you prefer to lounge with a book and a cup of coffee?  Once you decide what you will utilize most for your outdoor space to function as, you can start deciding on zones, measuring and picking out your pieces.  We are lucky to have a large patio, sometimes it almost feels too big.  It needs several zones to make it feel finished.  With out the multiple zones of furniture it would look very bare and empty.

Once you have a zone or multiple zones, you want to define that zone by adding an outdoor rug.  Make sure the rug you choose says outdoor.  I LOVE using rugs outside.  A rug makes a foundation for your space, even if you have beautiful decking or pavers or brick… adding that first layer on the ground is creating the zone and also adding visual interest plus coziness.  I would definitely suggest at least one outdoor rug to soften the hard surface and bring that interior feel outside.

Caring for Your Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are made to get wet, and deal with the elements so they are durable.  However will they last for years and years?  Maybe a few if you take care of them.  Yes, I leave our outdoor rugs out in the rain.  However, I make sure to keep them in a sunny area on our patio.  This helps them dry out which prevents mold/mildew.  I find the sun even helps with cleaning them.  Occasionally, I take the rugs to the driveway and spray them with our power-washer and add some safe gentle cleaner (linked below), if we entertain and have a lot of stains we will spot clean and/or take the pressure washer to it with some soap.  Where we live the winters are very harsh so rolling it up and putting it in your garage or basement through the winter is key to the longevity of your outdoor rugs.

(photo via Serena and Lily)


What Style to Pick?

jordecor-portfolio2(from our beach house three summers ago)

You may want to stick with a color scheme or go neutral. It depends on your style.  If you prefer more coastal beach vibes, colorful, classic or southwestern, there is something for everyone.  Below find my favorites and in a low-mid price range.

My Outdoor Rug Picks



There you have it, the first step in getting your outdoor space ready and refreshed for spring!  Zones and rugs.  Next I will share my favorite furniture, pillows and decor!

Thanks for stopping by,




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My sister and future brother -in-law have been together since they were in highschool- they are true high school sweethearts.  I’m so happy for them to finally tie the knot and make it official!!  They’re wedding is coming up this May and I’m so excited to share photos from her Cocktail Bridal Shower this past weekend!  When she told me she wanted to do something different than a brunch and instead have a cocktail party, I’d never been to or even heard of a Cocktail Bridal Shower before.  My own shower and all the subsequent ones I’ve ever been to, which were lovely, were during the day either brunch or lunch, you sit, chat and eat a yummy meal while the bride opens presents.

Her wish was to have a cocktail style shower that would allow her to really spend time with her guests and enjoy their company.  So that’s what we did!!  I found a local venue Little Bird Events to host us  with a hip industrial chic vibe and it was truly the perfect back drop for this event.   Hosting a Cocktail Bridal Shower at your own house would be a great option too, however we had a lot of guests and needed a bigger space.  Here are some of the details and photos from the day!


The invitations were designed by my friend Kelly @KelisticDesigns we went with a simple white and green theme invite and added an additional card informing the guests that her shower will be a display shower (aka no opening gifts)…

Your thoughtful gifts will be put on display, so no need to wrap it anyway.  A ribbon or tie will do just fine leaving us with more time to visit and dine!”


The white floral and greenery theme, with hints of gold were the perfect accents to the beautiful event space with it’s industrial chic vibes. I went to local thrift stores collecting brass candle sticks to go down the long beautiful farm tables.  Simple greenery, mixed with faux white roses and layered over the prettiest chiffon runners added sophistication the long farm tables.   I purchased large cardboard letters from A.C. Moore and spray painted them gold and added white flowers and greener to the corners.  We used double stick tapeto adhere them to the large industrial doors- which was the PERFECT backdrop for photos through out the evening.  As guests entered the space they were welcomed with this stunning vintage mirror, which I rented and had hand lettered from Taylor @Topknottypography

I love how the gold accents of the mirror tie in so perfectly with the metal door in the background.

Here is the “Display” table where guests placed their unwrapped presents for the bride to see!


For the food and drink the venue served beer, wine and champagne.  Then we did a signature drink of a blood orange sangria which was so delish! The food was a mix of a stationary charcuterie table and passed hors d’oeuvres  and for dessert we did a cupcake display with all different types of flavors and frostings.

The “Love is Sweet” sign is from Hobby Lobby.


As a way for the guests to get involved we had a Date Jar- we used some tongue depressors, an antique blue mason jar and a letter board to ask the guests to share their best date ideas with the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.  For the favors we ordered these little tags from Etsy and printed them ourselves, then wrapped them around mini wine bottles.  We did a variety of wines because we liked the different colors.  To display them I took some crates from my home and turned them upside down to get different heights.

It was a beautiful shower and I’ve never seen my sister so happy!  We shared so many great laughs and conversations.  I loved spending time mingling with everyone and I know she did too.  I have to say I think I’m on team Cocktail Bridal Shower… I mean why have a brunch when you can have a cocktail party?!  I’m just so excited and happy for my sister!!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this inspires you if you ever are hosting a bridal shower for someone you love.  It’s fun to try something different and outside the norm.




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This year my daughter truly started to come out of her shell at school and build some friendships with girls in her class… it makes my heart so full to see her little budding personality and excitement for going to school.  I wanted to do something special for her and some of her new “Gals” so I decided to host a little Galentine’s Day Playdate.  If “Galentine” is a new term for you, it’s basically when you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your best gal pals!  I really do think it’s nice to take time to appreciate all the loving relationships in your life and that’s what makes February 14th a special day (not just for the candy and the roses although that’s always good too ;)).

For the girl’s Galentine’s Play Date I made the playroom festive with balloons a Valentine teepee and lots of music for dancing!

I also thought it would be fun to set up a cupcake decorating table and have a little craft at the end.

For the table set up I decided to use wrapping paper as a runner because the colors tied in so well together.  I love using wrapping paper as a runner because its inexpensive and there are SO many options.  Basically all of the party decor I already had on hand.  My Rae Dunn Ceramic bowls and vase which I collect (from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls), the pink chargers I grabbed at Michael’s last year for Easter and I was so excited when I realized they would be perfect for this holiday as well.  I grabbed the paper goods and wrapping paper as well as the heart garland from Target.

I baked some cupcakes (store bought, I mean who has time to do them from scratch?) with store bought vanilla icing (again who has time) For toppings I did crushed graham crackers, mini chocolate chips, strawberrys, conversation hearts and lots of sprinkles!

They loved decorating and most importantly eating their creations!  We did a quick little craft after creating Valentine’s Crowns

What a fun Gal’s Day celebration it was!! They laughed, giggled and ate a ton of junk food!   I hope my daughter grows up with loving friendships and remembers this special little playdate!

Have you ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with your Gals? What fun things do you like to do??

Thanks for stopping by!


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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost February 1st and Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  January is such a LONGGGGGG month.   Ben and I have been chatting about what we should do for V-day this year, it would be easy to say ehhh, “lets just stay home and not make it a thing”.   Especially now with having kids, going out requires a babysitter and a bit more effort/planning.  But keeping your marriage strong, healthy and happy requires work sometimes.  I like to think Ben and I make the effort for each other throughout the year (when we aren’t taking care of our businesses, the kids, the dog, the house, the bills, you get the picture) Valentine’s Day gives us that extra nudge to be more romantic and make some time for one another.  This past October we celebrated 10 years of marriage in PARIS, it was a trip dreams are made of.  The most romantic week we’ve ever had besides our honeymoon.  I honestly think we appreciated the time alone together SOO MUCH  MORE 10 years later vs. as newlyweds when we were still actually babies ourselves.

(Honeymoon- St. Lucia, December 2008)

(10 Year Anniversary-PARIS, October 2018)

Anyway I digress, it’s funny how time shifts your perspective and appreciation of your significant other.  Now back to Valentines Day ideas; if you’re dating, engaged, just married or married for awhile, I thought it would be fun to share some date night ideas!  If you want to make it a night out or stay in.  Plus decor, fun outfits to FIT the occasion 😉 and some gift ideas!


Welcome to our home all ready for Valentine’s Day let me first show you some of my Valentine’s decor before I share my ideal romantic night in.   You guys know I love decorating my farmers porch each season and here I kept out some winter and Christmas decor with the sled and pine trees, but adding some cute pops of red a banner I made and a cute pillow that I’ll link at the bottom of this post.

A few romantic pink and red Valentine’s Day touches around the home really make it feel special.  I always love adding a pretty pillow, cozy blanket and some garlands on the fireplace.

There is something to be said about a cozy relaxing night at home.  If you have kids and can’t get a babysitter and want to spend the night IN make it special.  I personally love a good cozy night at home.  Some fresh flowers, glass of red and a roaring fire instantly make for a romantic night at home.  If you’re up for it cook a romantic dinner, but who are us mom’s kidding?!  If you worked all day or took care of kids all day you probably don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal FOR ANYONE haha.  If you ARE going to stay in and too tired to cook, I suggest ordering your favorite takeout but have it delivered RIGHT after the kids go to bed.  Light some candles, sit and enjoy the meal together.  Our favorite date night at home delivery food is Sushi and I always set it up on our own pretty sushi dishes.



Make an effort by wearing something cute.  This set of “KISS ME” pajamas is so comfy plus a nice departure from my usual sweats and aren’t expensive!  Our kitchen stools are from HERE.


it’s always fun to binge watch a new show together.  I just finished “YOU” on Netflix- it’s creepy, kind of sexy, kind of romantic in a twisted way 😉  maybe a little 50 Shades? too much? Or just play it safe and watch a chic flick?  I think I may force Ben to watch THIS with me, ha I sense the resistance already.  Enjoying time together at home, with a few of these simple ideas will make it a special night with out having to go crazy on an expensive meal outside the home.



What should we do?!?

If you are bored of the same old dinner out and want to really change it up.  I suggest an activity or experience together.  Below are some things we love to do together or things we want to try soon:  (Make a reservation ASAP)

  1. We always enjoy going for pedicures together before dinner, it’s so relaxing to chat and unwind.
  2. Book a Couple’s Massage or go to a sauna/spa (FIRE AND ICE)
  3. Couple’s Salsa Lesson at a local dance school
  4. Cooking Class (learn to make sushi!)
  5. Music at a local small venue
  6. Go to a Comedy Show– there is nothing better than a good laugh!
  7. Go to the Theatre
  8. Go to a Jazz club 





I framed some romantic photos from our trip to PARIS and hung them above our bed, it’s a simple gift idea (one that I’m waiting to see how long it takes him to notice ;)) I also love these items as well:



I hope this gives you some ideas for decorating and celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone.  If you stay in or go out just enjoy the time together!  10 Years later and I still get excited to go out on a date with my hubby!  Now to decide…what should we do for Valentine’s Day this year?!



*This post contains affiliate links.  I may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase something I have recommended.  Clicking on these links won’t cost you any extra, but it WILL help keep my site up and running. Thank you for your support!

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In the world of fashion, the importance of building a wardrobe with versatile foundational elements is commonly stated amongst bloggers and other stylist/professionals.   The essentials may include black pants, great pair of jeans, white button down shirt, jean jacket, skirt, blazer and so on…  I always find it helpful to read what stylish-dressing-gals suggest are the must have item’s to own for creating outfits that are classic and easy for mixing seasonally and styling for different events/occasions.

As an interior stylist and decor blogger the same principles can be applied to key home decor items to own in your home.   There are several pieces that I’m going to outline in a new series called Home Decor Essentials.  I’m going to highlight my favorite foundational elements for building a versatile arsenal of decorative items so that your prepared for any season/occasion inside your space.

I’m going to list my top most used decorative items and then search them out from some of my favorite retailers.  These essential items will be versatile pieces you can use year after year, in many different seasons for a variety of vignettes and occasions.  This is also a great list for someone who is about to get married and register for home accessories, about to buy a new home or someone looking for guidance when they are out in a local home store and don’t know where to begin.  I thought it would be fun to see how my home decor “essentials” look through the lens of different retailers.

So today we are shopping for our “essentials” at Amazon.   Amazon has great options when it comes to home decor and with some of the shipping options being two days you really can’t go wrong!


  • Throw Blanket
  • Throw Pillows
  • Tray
  • Woven basket
  • Vase
  • Stack of books
  • Pitcher
  • Cutting Board
  • Topiary
  • Cake stands
  • Wreath

Print your own copy by clicking here:HomeDecorChecklist

Here I rounded up decor essentials from AMAZON!

Throw Blanket– It goes with out saying a beautiful blanket draped over a sofa always looks beautiful and welcoming.   I love the texture of this one.  It’s a great price too!

Throw Pillows– Going with a classic buffalo pattern pillow will carry you through every season and a neutral like gray can’t ever be wrong.

Tray– I love using trays- all over our home.  My favorite is on our coffee tables.

Woven Basket– Great for storage, for hiding kids toys, blankets and books

Glass Vase or Large Mason Jars- I love a fresh vase of flowers in the kitchen and this glass hurricane shape is so classic and beautiful.

Stack of books– A stack of books is so simple and classic.  Amazon has some of my favorite design books and nothing looks more stylish on a coffee or side table.

Pitcher– A white pitcher is classic and effortless.  I use my fine for fresh flowers or faux flowers.  It looks beautiful on the kitchen counter or dining table.

Cutting Board– Cutting boards look great in the kitchen leaning against the wall, perfect for serving cheese and crackers at a gathering or cocktail party.

Topiary– If you have black thumb with indoor plants like me I love that these little faux plants have a distinct and sophisticated shape, they look great on a shelf, office, guest bedroom or bathroom.  Plus you never have to water or worry about them dying.

Cake stands– I love these for entertaining and I tend to get them in many different sizes, I love when they are tiered as well!

Wreath– I love changing my wreaths out for the season but if you would just rather keep it simple go with a magnolia wreath or a boxwood, the greenery is always going to look welcoming.

So here you have my Home Decor Essentials- picked from Amazon.  Notice they could work in any season, they can be used in many different ways all around your home.  These essentials have a bit of a Farmhouse style to them however I’ll be sure to mix that up retailer to retailer and put different spins on style as well.

I hope you enjoyed learning what my go to essentials are for home decorating.  If you want to see examples of these essentials in use- head over to my Instagram and see if you can spot them.  I bet you will see at least one of these items in every photo!

Have a great day!


*This post contains affiliate links.  I may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase something I have recommended.  Clicking on these links won’t cost you any extra, but it WILL help keep my site up and running.

To shop all my amazon favorites go to my AMAZON STORE



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Today I wanted to share with you some of the photos captured during our Christmas card session!  Typically we get all these adorable photos, then only a couple make it to the Christmas card.  I thought, why not share some here on the blog with all my insta-buddies!  This year I decided to use our home as the backdrop for some of the images, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out since we almost always do family portraits outside somewhere. I thought I’d share the outcome of that little idea with you guys.  I think sometimes we forget that our own home is where we are most comfortable and ourselves.  I also find that each year the holiday season goes faster and faster, anyone else?  Some of my favorite photos of our children are their Christmas photos, I treasure them so much!  I know that in a few years they will probably refuse to do them so I’m taking advantage while I still can. (TEARS)

We worked with local photographer Jamie Isherwood,  Jamie Isherwood owns a full service boutique photo studio specializing in family portraits.  She works with you in advance of your session, if you need assistance in choosing your families outfits.  She also remains hands on all the way through to the end, post photo session, to help you choose the best photographs and even gives you guidance on prints & gallery wall lay out.  So from start to finish you’ll receive a very attentive approach with your family portraits.  Now this isn’t my first rodeo with family photos, I’ve been doing them since our kids were really young, so I kind of have a good grasp on it at this point.  However, I know that for most family photos can be a bit overwhelming and stressful.  I love that Jamie offers a boutique experience for her clients, many of which work full time and of course have young children making it extremely difficult to make important decisions related to the photo session like what outfits everyone should wear, where to take the photos and then how to hang them once you have the beautiful images printed and with Jamie you will definitely have beautiful images you won’t want them to just collect dust.

I was so excited to work with Jamie for our Christmas photos this year. We wanted to try something different and do some photos as a family in our matching P.J.’s, you know the ones that you usually save for Christmas Eve?  I decided to break them out early and get a little more use out of them for this session.  Plus, much easier to convince kids to put on P.J.’s than dress clothes (hint, hint).  I chose a classic red and black buffalo check P.J. set for the kids and just the top for Ben, since he already had buffalo check bottoms, as did I.  For the top I just wore a simple black tank top with cream sweater to keep it coordinating yet not looking super match-y.  Our bedroom is all decorated for Christmas which made it the perfect back drop for a photo session, we didn’t even have to travel anywhere!   My vision was to have some nice moments as a family, as well as let the kids be silly and have a little fun too.  Oh, my, goodness did they have silly moments.  I honestly don’t think i’ve ever seen the kids SO SILLY.   Thankfully Jamie was so good with them, I was getting flustered with their goofiness and she remained so chill just catching the moments.

Ironically “All is Calm” the theme for our bedroom this Christmas was anything but for this session… it mostly started off calm, but as excepted the kids went from calm to crazy pretty quickly, haha!

This was the first time Levi was ever allowed on our bed, and man did he love it.  The kids did too!

Can you handle these three faces? Cause I can’t!  This is when the silly’s really kicked in and they just wanted full bed/trampoline action.  I love seeing them just being comfortable and having fun.  That’s how a photo session should feel, I love that Jamie captured them so naturally and nothing is overly staged in these shots.

Then we had to play a little joke on the kids so we busted out the mistletoe and clearly we got the reaction we were hoping for!

And then lastly I couldn’t resist giving them my favorite holiday mugs for a little cup of cheer photo.  Yes, those are empty cups but man can those kids act… you would think there was something delicious in those mugs, right? haha  Thankfully no bedding, or white faux fur was harmed in the making of these photos.

I absolutely love how our Christmas cards turned out.  Huge thank you to Jamie Isherwood for capturing our little family, cozy and cheerful… ok and a little crazy too. But that’s how we like it around here!   She helped design and order all our cards which I was so grateful for being so busy this time of year with work obligations and just life in general it made life so much easier for me to have one less thing to worry about.

We also did another session with Jamie that took us outside our home, the next day however I’m saving those for our family and for our Christmas card.  Again we are so pleased with all the photos Jamie took and know that we will treasure them forever.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of them and hearing about my vision/ thought process.

Huge thank you to Jamie- her website is if you’d like to see more of her work. And give her a follow on FB and Instagram because we are hoping to collaborate on a special family portrait giveaway this spring.

Thanks for stopping by friends and Happy Holidays!





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