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I’m really excited to share how we made these simple and cute planter boxes for either side of our front door for spring.  They are perfect for planting flowers, topiaries or even faux florals too!  I was looking for something black and square shaped to fit either side of our front door but everything online was just too expensive.  So we decided to make our own!  Below I’ll share how you can make your own too.  We also made a larger one that we just added an extra plank of wood in the side panel.  But we are just showing you how to make two smaller size ones which measure to be:

  • 18 inches high
  • 14.5 inches wide 
  • 15.5 inches deep

Before we start let me just preface that we aren’t avid builders and we don’t have a ton of tools (yet). I love that when you push yourself to try something new and succeed (even if  you mess up a couple times) it helps build your confidence down the road to try other projects in your home.  I’d say we are somewhere in the beginner/ intermediate range when it comes to building, so if we can do this you can too!  We made our planter boxes using these supplies:

  • circular saw
  • drill
  • exterior screws
    • 2 1/2 inches
    • 1 1/4 inches
  • wood glue
  • sand paper fine grit
  • wood filler
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • stain
  • exterior sealant
  • brushes
  • wood planks  (we couldn’t find cedar but thats preferred)

Wood Needed for the Planter Boxes

Note – the wood required is for two boxes.  If you want to make just one planter box, cut the wood required in half (no pun intended)

  • One 1x2x10
  • Two 1x6x10
  • Two 1x3x8
  • Two 2x2x6 

Step 1: Cut the Side Planks  

You’ll need to cut the 1×6 wood planks to create the panels for your planter boxes. You’ll have two planks for each side, totaling 8 planks. Each plank should be 14 inches long. 

Step 2: Cut the Top Trim

On each side we have trim at the top and bottom to add some dimension. These are from the 1×3’s, cut each one to 11.5 inches long.

Step 3: Assemble Four Sides

Once you have the two panels and two trim pieces per side, let’s assemble the four sides. 

To make 4 sides, we’re going to assemble one side at a time

First, lay the top and bottom trim pieces down. Put wood glue on each trim piece. 

Then lay two of the side panels down next to each other, so the top and bottom is flush to the top and bottom of the trim pieces. Also, note how we are leaving a small space between the two panels. This is by design as the wood will contract and expand based on moisture in the air.

Then, screw 1 1/4 inch screws through the trim pieces into the side pieces (two on top, two on bottom). Notice how we’re screwing on the inside of the panel, so you won’t see the screws when looking at the box planter. 

This it he final product of each side panel. 

Step 4: Cut the Legs for the Box Planter

Next, we’re going to cut four legs for the box planter. Take the 2×2 and cut four legs, 18 inches each.  

Step 5: Attach the Legs to the sides of the Planter

Attach the four legs to the sides of the planter.  When attaching, measure these so legs run 1 1/2 inches over the top end, and the remainder (longer end) on the bottom. The bottom will have roughly 2 1/2inches on the bottom. This way the legs are longer than the top, but we have some extra for the top for aesthetics.

For this, we’ll use one 2 1/2inch screw for the top, and one for the bottom – for each leg on each side. 

Step 6: Inside ledge

To hold the soil, we’re going to create an inside “ledge” on either side of the interior of the planter, having two “ledges” on opposite sides will rest small planks of wood – to hold the soil.

To do so, cut two 1×2’s and cut to the dimensions of the inside of the box, then screw from the Inside of the box using the 1 1/4inch screws. When you screw to the box, flip the 1×2 so the thin side is pointing up. We’re just doing this to create a ledge. 

Then we’ll cut three 1×2’s to use as planks, to rest on the ledges we drilled. 

Step 7: Painting and Sealing

Congrats, you made the planter box! Now time to gussy the box up with some painting and sealing.  Specifically: 

  • fill screw holes with wood putty
  • let dry
  • sand 
  • stain with stain of choice
  • use an exterior poly paint to seal over stain

Here is how they look by our front door!

Final Step: Enjoy!

Now that your planter boxes are finished you are ready to add them to your porch, deck or patio! Add a plant a topiary or faux plants whichever you prefer. Here is how I decorated with my Planter Boxes with some faux plants bushes I had on hand for now.

There you have it our simple planter boxes all ready for spring!! Now I do plan to add some real flowers/plants to these once the weather warms up. But I just had to fill them with these faux Geranium stems that I happen to have from when A.C. Moore was going out of sale and they were $1 each! So the good thing is that you can just put some faux branches in there for now until you are ready to get planting’.

Let me know what you think!



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Today I wanted to share my favorite coffee table/ottoman options for family’s.   As a Mom I’ve been in the baby proofing stage and then toddler proofing stage, where you are constantly having to move, hide and rearrange your home because literally everything is potentially dangerous.

Pretty early on after having kids we realized that the coffee tables we owned were accidents waiting to happen.  I also was never into those rubber bumper pads that go on the sides/corners of coffee tables either.  Thumbs up for making your coffee table safe but thumbs down for style.    We quickly moved from glass coffee tables and rectangular wood shape tables with corners, that would give me- baby-head-bump nightmares to ottomans.  Ever since having kids we’ve been team ottoman family. 

Ottomans are not only great for baby’s that are learning to stand and rowdy toddlers that climb on everything, they also look pretty and are super cozy!!  Our whole family cuddles up, throws our feet up on ours.  Let’s face it, resting feet on glass or wood just isn’t comfy.

I have a few favorites that I thought I would share with you today.  HUGE Bonus points if they have storage because we all know with kids comes stuff, stuff and more STUFF.  So if an ottoman can function as storage, a coffee table and a place for kicking feet up on at the end of the day it scores like a 1000000 in my book.

I recently just got this cute little ottoman because I wanted something that would hide stuff better (aka kids toys!) and wasn’t too big. Since this little media/playroom is off our main living-room and is open to it I like it to not look cluttered with toys all over the place. I love that this ottoman is under $150 and that the color is a bit of a bluish/gray I believe it comes in another color as well.

Look how it hides all their dress up stuff, nerfs and star wars light sabers. Plus they won’t get injured running around it. Autumn is rollerblading all the time around the house (accident waiting to happen I know) but at least majority of the furniture is soft! 😉

One last tip I want to give you before I share my roundup of my Favorite Kid Friendly Coffee Tables, is that if you decide to go the ottoman route because your kids are still little it makes sense to have some type of tray/hard surface to hold drinks, remote controls and other decorative items. Notice that all my favorites if rectangular are soft fabric and if they are a wood or hard material they are rounded so there are NO SHARP corners and NO NEED for those ugly bumper pads.

I hope you find this helpful!

If you are wondering the sofa in our playroom is from Homesense and sofa in our livingroom is a Rowes Furniture in the Townsend line





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Want to see how I completely declutter, organize and make our front entry closet super pretty? It was a huge mess, turned into a huge success!  I’m so excited to share with you how I turned it into one of the nicer looking closets in our house.  Please don’t judge me for the before photos though!

Ok so let me start by saying that our front hall closet was turning into a dumping zone for everything, like literally everything.  Bags full of winter stuff, coats from every single season, unused toys.  Like it was seriously getting out of control.  I also need to add that with all the clutter making it nonfunctional, the color inside the closet was adding another layer of disgust.  When we first bought our home several years ago the whole front entry and staircase up to the top of the stairs was painted this hideous ugly golden hued yellow.  When we moved in we painted the entry way and staircase Pale Oak by Ben Moore, I completely forgot to paint our entry closet.  So it has remained one of the last original yucky colors from back when we first bought our home.

This is me begging you not to not judge the before images of this little refresh I’m about to share.  I know it was out of control and sometimes it takes a room to get so out of control that you literally have to take action ASAP.  I love making spaces pretty, you know that and even I am human and have spaces I neglect.  My deepest apologies if this photo pains your eyes.

I know, it’s BAD but let’s talk about how I wanted to take action to make this closet more functional and WAYYYY more pretty.

How to Declutter and Organize a closet:

  • Empty it out completely
  • Purge
  • Donate
  • Sort
  • Find new places for the extra stuff
  • Buy matching & sturdy hangers
  • Always leave a few hangers empty
  • Only keep in season jackets in closet (move to storage the ones that are not)
  • Utilize hooks for bags/baseball hats
  • Label, Label, Label 

So first thing first, I wanted to repaint the closet so it had to be emptied out anyway.  Once I emptied it, I found new places for some of the items we needed to keep.  Like that table leaf (basement), gymnastics mat (my daughters room closet) the bags full of winter clothes for school recess (the kid’s closet).  I took all the jackets that were for spring or fall that were too light weight and moved them to our upstairs closets (I have a feeling this same treatment will need to happen to my kids closets VERY SOON).  I made a bin for donations of jackets we didn’t wear, for items thrown in here we weren’t using.

Luckily for me while I did the sorting, Ben was painting the lower half of the closet white which made the project go so much quicker.  Why white? We had an extra can of Decorator’s White paint on hand left over from the bathroom renos and after so long with this hideous gold color, I just wanted it to look clean and bright.  You may notice the closet has a piece of trim running through it for hooks.  I decided to use that as a way to breakup the white paint and add a pop of pattern.  I knew I wanted to paint the lower half and then add an accent to the top half of the closet.  I decided to use one of my favorite products PEEL AND STICK WALLPAPER.  If you haven’t tried this you NEED TO.  This is the fourth time in my home that I’ve used it.  We have a subway tile in our pantry, faux marble in our pantry, Griffin has a faux brick in the alcove in his bedroom and now this polkadot.  It creates such a fun focal point in a room in small doses.  Plus you don’t feel as committed like you would real wall paper.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for a whole room but in a small area that needs something… GO for it!

Peel and Stick Wall Paper in our Home:

Once the bottom half was finished drying we got started adding the peel and stick wall paper to the top half. You need scissors, and exacto blade or box cutter to trim and something flat to help you smooth it out it like an old gift card or credit card.

Make your pieces extend over the ceiling and down past the trim, indenting into it and making a crease with that credit card will help you get straighter cut. When you are finished use the box cutter to cut the extra off following the edge of the wall. We used one roll for the top half. I’ll be honest we didn’t do one part that you just won’t ever see, right on top of the door opening inside the wall (shhh our secret ;))

Once you have painted and added your peel and stick wallpaper (or maybe your closet is already white you just need to organize it) Add things back into your closet very thoughtfully. Edit every item that goes back in. What needs to be in here? For us our vaccum cleaner unfortunately needs to be in here, our yoga mats and umbrellas also. So in a pretty basket they all go. I had two bins from Target that just happen to fit perfectly on the top shelf that I added THESE clip on labels too. I’m definitely going to be buying these again for the kids closets. I labeled one for hats and one for scarves/gloves.

Alright you ready to see how it looks after implementing all of the above?

Here we go:

Really the question is, whyyyyy did it take me so long to do this??? I honestly don’t know. But, wow what a difference right?? What do you think of the fun patterned peel and stick wall paper? Have you ever added a fun pattern to a room in your home? Thanks for stopping by!


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During this slow down between Christmas and New Year’s we’re still enjoying the twinkle of our Christmas tree a little longer and pops of Christmas red in our living room decor.  Not as much the chaos of unwrapped gifts and toy parts sprinkled all over the floor… however I know in due time those will have a place too.  Everyone has their own timeline of when Christmas/holiday decor comes down.   In the next week I’ll be putting ours away, as well as donating, organizing and purging items from our home.  While, I love the coziness and magic that all the Christmas decorations add, I also love the simplicity and “nakedness” if you will, of our home post Christmas.  It looks much more open and clean.  If you are wondering how to keep some of that Christmas charm while still decluttering below are a few items that I tend to keep around.

This post may contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission on your purchases at no additional cost to you.

5 post Christmas Decor Elements:

I keep these items around through January and February to keep our home feeling cozy.

  1. Birch Branches
  2. Greenery
  3. Textural Elements like faux fur blankets/pillows
  4. Candles
  5. Wood tones to bring warmth to kitchen counters or shelves

If you are looking for a little decor inspiration look no further than my favorite place…Target.  The Hearth and Hand collection from Target just released their new FURNITURE line, yes you read that correctly!  And it does not disappoint!  I love the muted wood tones and clean lines of the new dining set.  I can’t wait to see what else they come out with for furniture this spring.  The spring decor line also launched and not that I’m going to start decorating for spring anytime soon there are a few pieces that caught my eye that are beautiful like the faux plants, vases and pillows.   I thought I would share some of my favorites below.  If you have any Target gift cards it may be a good time to shop!  Let me know if you have any favorites!

My Favorites from the new Hearth and Hand from Target:

Click on any of the photos below to shop.

Have a great weekend friends,

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*Thank you to Stop and Shop for sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own.   Thanks for supporting the brands I love and that keep this blog running.

For me the holiday season is all about family traditions and making memories with loved ones.  Ok, let’s not forget, it’s all also about the delicious food too!   When I was  little I loved baking with my mom and my grandmother.   We would always make Italian cookies to bring to our Christmas Eve party or Christmas Day dinner.  One of my favorites was Pizzelle’s because I loved using the waffle iron and sprinkling the “snow” on top AKA powdered sugar.

Now that I’m a Mom, I get so excited to do the same with my kids!   Baking Italian cookies is definitely a fun family holiday tradition.  This year I wanted to put a new twist on our family tradition of baking together by creating a Christmas Cookie Charcuterie board to bring to a party or gift to a neighbor.  I love cheese and meat charcuterie board’s, I mean who doesn’t?  However, I thought it would be fun to create one but with sweets for the holidays instead.   It’s the same concept just adding scrumptiously sweet morsels of flavors that look pleasing to the eye as well as tasty to the tummy!

A Christmas Cookie Charcuterie board is fun to make and also great for saving time if you don’t want to bake a ton of cookies from scratch.  Try this; bake one of your favorite cookie recipes (maybe even try our Pizzelle recipe) then add it to the board or tray, to round it out and make it look fuller mix in some store bought treats that are festive and holiday friendly!  Stop and Shop is the perfect place to do all your food shopping, grab ingredients for your baking projects, pick up gift wrapping and Christmas decor if you need it!

Trip to Stop and Shop:

I found all the ingredients I needed for our Pizzelle Recipe, then I looked for other yummy treats and candies to add to fill out our dessert tray.   I also found the perfect platter to use for my Christmas Cook Charcuterie board.

These were some of the Holiday items at Stop and Shop that caught my eye!

Pizzelle Recipe:

6 eggs

3-1/2 cups of flour

1-1/2 cups sugar

1 cup of margarine 

4 teaspoons baking powder

2 tablespoons vanilla or anise

Beat eggs, adding sugar gradually.  Beat until smooth.  Add cooled melted margarine and vanilla or anise.  Sift flour and baking powder and add to egg mixture.  Dough will be sticky enough to be dropped by spoon. 

Chocolate Pizzelle:

Add following ingredients to those in recipe shown above.  Sift with flour and add to egg mixture.  

1/2 cup cocoa

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking poder

Baking with our Special Guest My Grandmother

My Nanny is amazing in the kitchen.  When she cooks, she literally pours her heart and love into the meal.  I strive to live up to her baking and cooking skills!  I was so happy that she was able to come over and teach the kids how to bake these classic Italian cookies.  She took charge and knew the recipe like the back of her hand.  I loved watching their interactions.  It reminded me so much of my childhood.  The kids loved sprinkling the “snow” just like I did.

The recipe is fairly easy and all you need is a pizzelle press like THIS one. What I’ve learned over the years, when it comes to baking with kids, embrace the mess and let go the expectation of a perfect finished product.  The beauty of baking with kids isn’t in about how the cookies look at the end, it’s truly about watching them light up with excitement over something they are creating from scratch.  Stirring the ingredients, getting to crack the egg, adding the sprinkles or frosting.  

Preparing the Christmas Cookie Charcuterie Board

Once we we’re done baking the Pizzelle cookies it’s time to assemble the cookies onto the platter from Stop and Shop to create our Christmas Cookies Charcuterie board.   This is where I had fun creating a beautiful spread  of pretty sweets.  Also, if your cookies don’t come out as a work of art this will be a step that can transform them.   Some of the items I purchased at Stop and Shop to add to our Christmas Cookie Charcuterie Board; wrapped chocolates, chocolate nonpareils, hershey kisses, biscotti, candy canes, gingerbread men, short break cookies… and others. 

Add your cookies in a line or grouping on the platter, then add other sweets in groupings around that.
Be sure to look for sweets of different shapes, textures and colors to your board to add variety and visual interest.

If you have a cute Christmas mug or bowl add those to the plate for visual interest and to break up the platter. I just love the plaid pattern of this tray from Stop and Shop and it was only 7.99!

Here is the finished Christmas Cookie Charcuterie board. Of course you can add more homemade cookies, store bought and the bakery at Stop and Shop is another great option to mix in items as well.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our family baking day! It’s also fun to mix up old traditions with new ones and save time also! Thanks to Stop and Shop for sponsoring this post! I always find everything I need when I stop in and shop! 😉



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*This post is in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops and That! As always all thoughts and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

The timing of this post couldn’t be anymore perfect. I’m writing this while watching the snow fall from our large dining-room window. We’ve been hit hard in our house, this fall/winter with sickness. A beautiful snowfall is the perfect time (and excuse) to stay inside light a fire, bake a delicious meal and put on a Christmas movie. I’m excited to be partnering up with Christmas Tree Shops and That! to share with you a beautiful themed tablescape for your holiday gatherings this month.

I love going to Christmas Tree Shops and That! to get inspired each season and pick up a couple new items to decorate with. This excursion was no different as while shopping I fell in love with all their holiday decor but especially their woodland themed ornaments, snowflake plates and other winter accessories. Whenever I’m going to set a table for a holiday party/dinner I take inspiration in and walk around the store, then I really focus on what is catching my eye. I typically love reds and holiday greens but I thought it would be cozy to add whites, golds and other textures into my dining table this winter.

Layering your Dining Table

Creating a beautiful table all starts with the theme and then layers. I always start with a runner or table cloth and build up from there. Christmas Tree Shops and That! had so many great options for table clothes. I choose a white and gold specked cloth, they usually always have coordinating napkins too. From the tablecloth you want to add your charger, dinner plate, salad plate or bowl. After that you can top it off with a name tag or a special little accent that ties in with the theme. I loved scattering these little ornaments around the table as woodland creatures. These snowflake salad plates are the perfect addition to my Winter Wonderland dining table. I absolutely love the shape of them and the design.

When you are going neutral in decorating always be sure to add in a mix of textures and metallics. Lots of white can be boring so I love the texture the ornaments add to the table as well as the metallic trees and table cloth from Christmas Tree Shops and That!

Creating a Centerpiece

A centerpiece should tie in with your theme and create interest on the table with out being too large or distracting. I purchased these white metal trees from Christmas Tree Shops and That! then I mixed in some other glass trees and bottle brush trees I already owned. I had these mini sleds I placed down first and then scattered trees of varying heights and some cute ceramic white houses in between that. You could create the same effect with a table runner or wood. Twinkle lights woven through out the centerpiece add a little special twinkle.

The fuzzy woodland deer on the top right shelf was another Christmas Tree Shops and That! find it looks so cute on our pipe shelves.

I also found this potted greenery with silver ornaments in it and snow dusted boxwood stems. Since my table is fairly white and metallic I wanted to bring in some reds/greens on the shelves to make it feel Christmas (y) too!

The kids absolutely love the table decor this year, they are so excited to eat all their meals here and play with the woodland creatures. We will definitely be using these as ornaments too! Be sure to check out Christmas Tree Shops andThat! for all of your holiday and Christmas decor needs.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy and visit all the other talented bloggers sharing their festive Christmas dining tables today as well. Click below for more inspiration!

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Are you considering a bedroom refresh for your little guy (or girl?)  I’m going to share my son’s recent bedroom refresh he is 8 years old.  He already had some existing baseball elements but now wanted more of a football theme.  Since I didn’t want to eliminate the existing baseball decor I decided to mix in some football elements with out making it an overly “themed” sports space.  How do you do that?  Keep the look classic and add a few modern touches with lighting, rugs and bedding.  Keep reading below to see more!

His Room Before the Bunkbeds:

His space wasn’t bad it just needed a refresh, a new lay out and bigger bed.  So it all started a few weeks ago when I arrived home from a girls weekend to find my son’s twin bed was disassembled and replaced with bunkbeds.   This was somewhat of a surprise because we had the bunkbed in our garage for a little while given to us by a family member that no longer needed it.  We promised Griffin that we would change his bed to bunk beds because he’s in the sleepover stage.  I wasn’t expecting it to be set up the weekend I was gone! 

In my OCD mind I was planning to repaint his room, maybe order some new bedding and get everything in order AND THEN set up his bunkbed.  So when I came home from the girls trip to the bunkbed plopped in the middle of the room with complete chaos surrounding it I was a bit surprised and the decorator in me needed to take action ASAP.  I thought it was sweet, of course that my boys were busy building while I was away.  So I quickly put together a design board of my inspiration for his new space.

Boys Modern Sports Bedroom E-Design:

The Plan: A Feature Wall and Different Wall color

For the new wall color we decided on Behr Green Agate (Griffin’s choice for the feature wall) and then Behr Blueprint for the rest of the walls.  These are darker color options but I wanted his room to feel cozy. Nervous about going dark?  A room that get’s a lot of natural light (like his does) and a room that you want to feel like a blanket wrapping you up, you can definitely go with a darker color in!  I think darker colors create a space that encourages coziness and sleepiness, which I love for a kids bedroom 😉 

For the feature wall we taped off 10inch marks and taped lines to act as yard lines.  It’s super easy!  We just first painted the wall white, then measured and taped off the lined being careful to use a level for straightness (not sure we got everyone perfect but that’s ok!) then we painted the green of our choice right over the lines.  I added the yard line numbers with stick on decals from a craft store.  

The Bedding:

For the bunkbeds I knew I wanted to try out Beddy’s Beds. Beddy’s Beds is a genius, all in one bedding sytem, it’s like a sleeping bag turned turned into a fitted sheet. If you’ve ever had a bunkbed and tried to make that bed up in the morning, you want to scream right? With Beddy’s you literally just zip up the sides and it’s made! I’m excited to share that Beddy’s is offering you guys a 20% off code just use JORDECOR at check out! I went with the Modern Gray line of bedding. So far Griffin loves it he says its super soft and comfortable plus so easy to wash and of course put on the bed!

The Room Accents and Details:

I wanted to bring in touches of black and gold to go against the green/blue and gray combination. My husband and son are big Green Bay Packer fans so there is a bit of a nod to that. I’m a Patriot girl myself but I wanted this to be a special room for them to bond and talk football! I do plan on sneaking in something patriots when I find it!

For another touch of modern black I brought in these cool inexpensive lights so that kids could enjoy reading in bed or if they needed to get up in the night they would have access to light close by. We haven’t put the wire covers over them yet but we plan to do that soon. What’s great about these is they don’t need to be hard wired in so no electrician needed.

I reused a lot of the wall decor we had from before just put it on a different wall and I love that it peaks through the bunkbed and adds interest to that far wall. The football pillow covers come in a set of four and are so inexpensive. I love that they have the black silhouettes of football players.

I had originally wanted a dark navy rug but after seeing the walls I knew the rug had to be light and balance the room. I found this awesome white and black stripe rug that just feels so preppy yet modern at the same time. I’m not too concerned about it getting dirty because the kids don’t eat in their rooms or where their shoes upstairs (99.9 percent of the time anyways). Plus for under $100 I can’t complain if it gets a little beat up!

To make all his existing metal furniture work with this new room, I spray painted it a mat black. The locker cabinet and the shelf unit were both blue before and the simple black made them a bit more modern and pop! I love how the rug just ties it all together and the golds play so nicely with the blue and green. I have to say this might be one of my favorite rooms in the house. The best part is seeing how HAPPY he is every time he walks in here. For one last accent wall… I decided to add a fun wallpaper decal to his little book alcove.

This is the brick removable wallpaper I used for his little alcove, I felt painting inside dark green or blue would have made the room too dark. I love that the faux brick brings in a bit of an urban vibe and adds another texture/ layer/ pop visually to his room. It really is just so fun! I think it’s safe to say many sleepovers are in our future now 😉

Three things left for his room; a new flush mount light fixture, big kid desk and some type of bean bag seating for his reading area. Definitely in that order too! His light fixture is a boob light and we ALL know how I feel about those! XXXX 😉 I’ll update you once his desk area is looking a little better. Notice I didn’t focus on that side much?! Because it’s a mess! 😉

Thank you all so much for stopping by and checking out his new and improved big kid room!! It definitely has some sports vibes with out being too cheesy or theme-y.


*this post contains affiliate links that help support my blog and my business. I always appreciate when you use my links to shop as it doesn’t cost you anymore and is like a commission for me 🙂

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This past weekend we hosted a Unicorn Spa Birthday party with 9 of my daughters friends!  I’m excited to share some photos from the party and the activities we did to keep them busy for a 2-2.5 hours.   The party was mostly inside our house, our house isn’t huge so we didn’t have a large party it was just the right size and thankfully with some extra helping hands the party was a huge success!

My daughter loves getting her nails done and loves unicorns so what better party theme than a Unicorn Spa party? Right?  I’ve been very excited for this party since we decided on the theme.  Unicorn stuff is everywhere so it was easy for me to find great party decor to make this a super cute part for my 6 year old!  

The party started at 1:30.  I knew there wouldn’t be too much time for sitting and eating a meal so I kept the food simple with fruit, veggies, snacks, cookies and homemade rice krispie treats.  Since the party theme was a spa I decided to hire a face painter to give the girls unicorn make up AKA a lot of glitter and jewels!  Best to do this part outside if possible.  Once the girls arrived they waited for their unicorn make up before coming into the spa.  They even got lipstick!

Welcome to the Spa!

Girls entered into our kitchen and had a pink silk robe and a pair of flip flops waiting for them (I got the flip flops on clearance from old navy online). It was absolutely adorable seeing them all putting on their robes. It honestly made me want a spa day with all my girlfriends! They grabbed a snack and some pink lemonade before heading into the spa room!

The Favors

For our Unicorn Spa favors I purchased these buckets from Party City for $1.50 each and filled them with; a pink loofa (found at target dollar spot) this unicorn mask sheet, a bath bomb (also from target) and this pretty hair clip.

The Unicorn Spa

Our Unicorn Spa was actually our playroom that I rearranged so that we could fit more kids in for pedicures. All of the pedicure and manicure things I purchased at the dollar tree or family dollar store. They have everything you need there for this and all very reasonable. I rolled a plastic sheet underneath a plus rug to make it extra cozy. I got baskets an filled them with a pumice stone, filer, nail brush and a little towel to dry their feet. I also got plastic gloves for my helpers to wear if they wanted to.

I made this simple focal wall and photo back drop wall with streamers, ribbon, chiffon table runners and some tissue poofs I got at the Dollar Store. My daughter and I made the floral 6 by cutting a 6 out of cardboard and hot gluing florals to it. She loved helping with this craft!
I also searched around the house for whatever unicorn themed decor we had like this fun pillow!

I’m so lucky my family was willing to help me because there is no way I could have attended all these little girls cute feet! Once they were done getting their pedicures I made a little manicure station on the outside of the playroom so they took turns going between manicure and pedicure stations. I also printed out spa and unicorn coloring sheets and had that on the floor with some markers so they colored while their nails dried. I was nervous about smudging happening all over my house but luckily the coloring sheets helped.

Last minute addition to the tubs of water were these gems that I found in the craft store. The girls thought it was so cool to move them around with the warm water and bubbles.

After nails came HAIR! These girls got pampered. I hired a local girl that works at a salon to do the girls hair. She set up a little braid bar and gave the girls whatever braid they wanted so this was the last party of the spa day. Once they were done with their hair they could sit at the table and get ready for cake and ice-cream! I made sure to also purchase mirrors at the dollar store too because they wanted to see how they looked of course!

The Table Decor

I always find that I’m much more into the party decor prep vs. the party food prep. The food is where I always feel like I just don’t have enough time or energy left. I should have definitely asked for some help or planned in advance with a baker. The cake is a GROCERY STORE CAKE. Baking is really not my thing and I’m not ashamed to admit that, you can’t always do it all right? I added this adorable unicorn cake topper and gold candles to my store bought cake and it looked amazing!! Plus 6 year olds don’t really notice the difference right?!

I added simple gold touches to the table with a gold paper runner, gold cups and straws. I let the birthday girl pick out the fun napkins and she loved the rainbow. I used some pretty gold votive candles I already had on hand which added more sparkle. I picked up some simple white roses at the grocery store too and it just made the whole thing look so glam and fancy. I took out the greenery and put them in mason jars to keep it minimal and fresh. The back wall I put up a “Happy Birthday” banner with a fun balloon banner to really make a POP.

I’d say all in all the party was a huge hit! The girls seemed happy and I think this age is the perfect age to do something like this. There were times they had to wait for their turn and they all did with no problem. The coloring pages and music also made the party super fun too! We did some freeze dance when we finished up in the Unicorn Spa room. I’m so happy I enlisted the help of my family members but also that I hired a couple professionals to come in as well. I hope you enjoy seeing photos from the party and that it gives you some ideas for future birthday parties you might host! Definitely start planning and purchasing your decor/favors before. Target, Amazon, Dollar Tree, Party City and using stuff from my own house was really helpful.

Also as a gift here are two downloads one is a party favor tag and the other is the welcome to the party sign that I created for the party. Feel free to print and use them just please give me credit or tag me of you do!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our fun Unicorn Spa Party!



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Are you stuck with organization in your kitchen?  Are you finding it challenging to store all your pantry items and unable to see everything you have.  I was constantly purchasing duplicate cleaning items and pantry food items because our organization was so haphazard.  All of my best efforts to try keep our cabinets organized would fail after a couple weeks.   In this post I’m going to share how ShelfGenie came to our rescue and transformed several of our kitchen cabinets.  Now, our kitchen organization game has never been better and several weeks later it is still going strong.

*this post is sponsored by ShelfGenie as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you are wondering what is ShelfGenie?  Shelf Genie implements custom home storage solutions aka organizing wizards.   If you’re struggling with storage in your kitchen (bathroom or closet) than you will appreciate the transformation that Shelf Genie provided for us.  It’s not that we were with out the storage space, it’s that the space we had wasn’t being utilized efficiently for us.   The gliding storage system that Shelf Genie provides allows you to see and reach every item in your cabinets with out having to bend down or push and shove things to the side.  The whole process from start to finish took 3-4 weeks and begins with the home consultation.

The Consultation/Design

The first step in the process is booking your free consultation.  If you are interested in learning more and having a space quoted you can do so by clicking HERE.  I have to be honest the consult was almost as fun as the install day.  I wasn’t expecting to get so much out of the consult, I felt like a sponge soaking up all the designer’s organizing knowledge. Our design consultant went through every cabinet in our kitchen and offered ideas plus helpful tips for where items should be stored.  I had never thought about pots and pans being in a smaller but wider space and cups dishes being in another cabinet.  However, having someone with lots of expertise in kitchen organization, advise me on our storage situation made so much more sense through their perspective.  I had a lot of “ah- ha” moments.  Needless to say when she left I organized ALL the things she gave me tips on! 

Next the designer walked me through the various wood color, sizing of drawer units and what would work best for our needs.  Once I shared my specific struggles with particular spaces and cabinets, lay-out etc… our designer got to work creating the perfect personalized storage solution for our kitchen.  Lots of measuring and looking at what type/size items fit in the problematic cabinets, helped guide our designer to create an amazing visual on her ipad which gave me an idea of how it would all look finished.  Once we discussed the design and dream scenario was of course pricing… to stay with in budget I edited down the dream plan to only the most crucial areas for our kitchen.  I love that we have our design saved to revisit if when we decide to add more down the road. Plus the products are also under a lifetime warranty if anything should happen to them, which made me feel confident in this investment to our home.

Now I want to show you the situation we had in our cabinets, be warned this is not a pretty site to see and this is a couple weeks after I had our cabinets all organized for back to school. All my attempts to stay organized in these cabinets failed….

The bottom is semi organized thanks to the baskets (baskets are always my go to for organizing any closet or cabinet). But when you have spaces that are this large and items that are this small there is a lot of wasted space. ShelfGenie took into account every item that would go into these, wall to wall cabinets and created a design that would completely use every inch of space.

Install day

Before install day the installer scheduled a time to come in and do a final measure before the cabinets would be officially on order. It goes to show how meticulous ShelfGenie is about creating a customized design for your space. This middle meeting for the installer to go over the space and design was super quick. In addition just meant that the next time he visits, with our gliding storage system, he would know exactly where the shelves would go.

As you can see the installer is using items I already have existing in my pantry to help determine the spacing of the gliding storage systems. It was helpful to be here, on the official install day just to double check and confirm where I wanted everything to go. Also, in the top left corner we chose a fixed vs. gliding vertical system. This is perfect for storing serving dishes, baking sheets, cutting boards and items that are flat and were just leaning on the sides of our interior cabinetry.

Under the sink was such a disaster. I could never find nor fit my cleaning products. I always ended up with duplicates because it was so cluttered. This is how it looked the day the installer arrived.

This is how it looks after ShelfGenie installed the gliding shelf below the sink. Now I simply glide my ShelfGenie storage system out and can easily access and see every cleaning product we have… it’s like a miracle!

This is my favorite spot, our new pantry area! Located on the right side of our fridge. It was a disaster before and I hardly could see what food items/ canned goods we had. Now everything is perfectly in reach. I even have a drawer specifically for canned goods!

I still find the baskets helpful for small items, as I do like to take things out of boxes when I can. Now snacks are easily in reach for the kids. I used the baskets at the front of some of the gliding shelves as it looks pretty to see them when they are all closed. On the opposite side of our fridge is where we have a lot of our serving dishes, mixing bowls and bulky kitchen appliances. Having our mixer on a pull out shelf is so amazing!! I never wanted to use our mixer because it was so heavy and cumbersome for me to get in and out of the cabinets.

I can’t begin to express how much these shelves have made our kitchen function so much better! It’s truly made such a huge difference to our organization and weeks later it still looks just like this! Everything has a place and I can easily access everything we have/ need when we need it! Thanks so much to ShelfGenie for providing us with these high quality storage system! My kitchen finally feels complete and the best it has ever looked ( + functioned)!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my ShelfGenie collaboration it’s so fun to get to work with companies and test out products that improve the way we live in our home. As always I appreciate your support!


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What’s up witches?! (he he)  Are you excited to see how our farmer’s porch is shaping up for Halloween? Do you have young kids that are sensitive with Halloween? Are you looking for ideas on how to make your Halloween decor more spooky and less scary?  Take a look at the items I use to decorate our farmer’s porch to get the kids excited for Halloween with out making them frightened for Halloween

My kids have always been sensitive when it comes to scary Halloween decorations, I can’t even go into certain stores or aisles this time of year because most Halloween decor freaks them out.  Especially the talking, moving, noise making decorations it will send them screaming for the hills.  It’s honestly a little entertaining to watch, I know that sounds mean.  I don’t intentionally try to scare my kids trust me!  It’s hard for them at this age especially to distinguish real vs. pretend.   At home I’m always careful about what I display this time of year because I want them to feel safe in their home but I know they love to have a little spooky vs. scary going on.

Here are safe non-scary items to decorate with if your kids are sensitive.

  • Spiders
  • Skulls
  • Parts of Skeletons
  • Cute Ghosts
  • Pumpkins
  • Broom Sticks
  • Witch hats
  • Black and orange colored textiles (pillows/blankets)
  • Vintage (aka spooky) Books
  • Bats 
  • Lanterns
  • Spider webs
  • Ripped medical/mummy cloth

I love these items because they are inexpensive and easy to find at various stores like Dollar tree, Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Thrift stores, Christmas Tree shops (to name a few).  These are all the stores I typically shop at for my seasonal decor.  I love mixing from retailers because you know you will create something one of a kind. 

Another tip- I don’t go over board at my house in Halloween Decor, I will focus on a couple areas like outside (mostly on the farmer’s porch this year) and then the playroom our our mantel.  The areas I do choose I of course get really into it.  It’s such a quick month and I don’t like going too overboard because someone has to clean it up and that some one is me 😉

Ok so here you have our spooky NOT scary farmer’s porch:

Layering elements is the key to making your Halloween display interesting and eye catching. I love that the buffalo check pillows and pumpkins add a classy touch to the farmer’s porch. I also like bringing in pops of orange, I think that really makes it have the Halloween vibe.

Simple books, skeletons and spiders make this an exciting and fun Halloween display for kids with out being too scary or overwhelming.

Moscow mule cups are my favorite this time of year for festive holiday grown up drinks. I added spider stirrers I found at the Target dollar spot and they instantly have a little spooky vibe. If you added dry ice it would also give a really cool effect and look like a spooky drink. Obviously just for decoration!

I layered the mummy cloth over the window frame, just in the corner then I over lapped this spooky wreath I found at Target, next I clipped on these bats from the Dollar store. I love leaning pumpkins outside too it just makes it playful and cute which is the kind of Halloween my kids enjoy!

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I really hope this gives you some ideas for the Month of October. It’s fun to celebrate these holidays while my kids are little, I know it goes fast and they will soon be so big! I manage it by just choosing a couple areas and focusing on them with Halloween decor. So tell me are your kids sensitive (aka scared-y cats) at Halloween? I hope this gives you some ideas of ways to layer items, and adding simple decorations in layers to create a cute spooky Halloween display!


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Ok, so now that it is officially F A L L I can finally share with you a bunch of fall decor inspiration with out wondering “hmmm, will they think I’m crazy decorating for fall, pre-fall?”.   I’m excited to share with you some fall art ideas for your living room or any blank wall in your home.   I’ve been enjoying our living room art ledges SO much.  Sometime around last January-February we decided to take down a gallery wall and add ledges for framed art/photos etc… ever since that change I’ve really enjoyed switching up the art and mixing in different pieces for each season.

*this post contains affiliate links

Here is a look back at what I’ve done the past few seasons/holidays…



Valentine’s Day:

If you are looking to decorate a main wall area in your home-and stuck on what to add I encourage you to consider adding ledges and simple clean line frames of varying sizes that you can swap out seasonally.  It’s so easy and there are so many different things you can add to the frames.  Here are some ideas…

Ideas for for art:

Kid photos

Kid artwork

Watercolor Prints


DIY art

Frame Paper/Fabric

Frame pressed natural elements (leaves)

Where to purchase art?




Local art studios/markets

How to decorate art ledges?

If you noticed from the past seasons I tend to choose a color scheme or a focal point and work off that.  I always use a couple elements that wouldn’t be expected for example a small wreath, cutting board, banner, vase with flowers…or other seasonal decor.  By mixing in other decorative elements to the framed artwork it really adds another layer of interest to the wall.

I’m really excited to show you guys what I did with the ledges this fall!  I started with a package of two black and white wood framed signs from the target dollar spot because I noticed that their frames matched the wood ones we have on the ledges.  I also loved the cute sayings about fall. I fell in LOVE with THIS set of art prints on Etsy and just had to include them in some frames.  They are inexpensive because they are for download. I prefer this because I can quickly get the files emailed after purchase and bring them to a local print center. It’s such a quick inexpensive way to find wall decor, plus supporting an artist! Once I added these pumpkin harvest photos it basically took the whole display to another level.

At first I tried making all my own art, which was fun but it was too much of the same thing. Once I mixed the photographs with my scrapbook paper abstract art (which I made by simply tearing paper in my color cheme and layering/overlapping it) the combination of fall signs overlapping the harvest photographs, is a lovely juxstaposition and adds more dimension to the ledges.

To finish off the fall art ledges and bring in more detail, I added some small wheat picks that I found in the target dollar spot section, I slid them between the overlapping frames and I love the texture it adds to the whole display. The pumpkin cutting boards peek through behind the frames giving more depth than just wall space. The twinkle lights just make everything extra cozy, too.

There you have it! My fall art ledges were very inexpensive, I didn’t even spend over $25 to change out this display, it was very easy and I love how cozy this wall space feels in our living room. What do you think of my fall art ledges? Do you have a favorite of all the seasons so far? I’m not sure I can decide! But fall has my heart for sure.

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This project has been a dream for years, something I imagined and designed in my head over and over again.  It is always crazy when something, like an idea, that lives in your mind comes to life!  We’ve had this unused closet and corner in our master bedroom that we wondered what should we do with.  We thought at one point about extending the one full bathroom into a bigger bathroom.  However, we ultimately decided to convert the closet and unused corner into our own little luxurious master bathroom.  I still can’t even believe that we have our own bathroom now, separate from kids that in itself is a gift!

My goal four our bathroom was to make it look and feel timeless and luxurious.  The nice thing about renovating a smaller bathroom is that it allows you to splurge a little on materials and fixtures because you’re not needing as much of them.  Less square footage to tile, one vanity vs. two, one mirror vs two etc, etc… Every product I chose was a careful selection to make this little bathroom feel special and high end.  I wanted to walk in and feel like I was visiting a hotel!

The Before Photos:

The Design Plan:

Let me explain some things that changed from the initial design- we opted to do a pocket door instead of a barn door. We wanted to save on space and not have anything bump out into our bedroom like the barn door would have done. We also liked being able to repurpose one of the original doors of the home into the pocket door to keep everything consistent in the house. Next, the lighting changed from two because the wall was too narrow for a side by side sconce light situation. I was happy to find a cool tube light that fit horizontally above our big statement mirror so it worked out perfectly.

Initially, I was only adding a shower head but because of the ceiling height we had to mount that in the corner so Ben wouldn’t bump his head on it and it just made sense to fill the other side of the shower wall with a hand held nozzle too and I love it for cleaning the glass too. The vanity we went with is a little different than this but the same cottage kind of vibe. I was really looking for maximum storage because Ben and I both were never able to have our toiletries in the bathroom before, there just wasn’t enough space. It feels like a luxury to have our toiletries in our own bathroom!

All the tile is from Merola Tile, I was so excited to partner with them and use their beautiful products. I’m so happy with the quality and the look of all the tile! I will link the exact tiles we used at the bottom of this post for you to reference.

The After Photos:

I cant believe that bright beautiful corner full of scallop tile was once a dark cedar closet that we weren’t even using. We were so happy with our contractor Chaiss Construction, there is no way we could have done anything like this ourselves. With an older home especially we needed someone that really knew what they were doing. I love how the floor pattern actually makes the small bathroom look bigger. The pattern of the each tile expands to make a larger design and THAT is the reason it gives an illusion of a larger space. A lot different effect than the pattern in the kids bathroom.

I decided to carry the champagne bronze finishes around the shower just to keep that cohesive however in other areas I added polished nickel to give it a mixed and more collected vibe. I think these special touches make it feel more luxurious and unique.

I love the reflections in the space, from the glass to the vanity from the vanity mirror to the shower… every view is pretty and a little sparkle-y! Wall color is called Collingwood by Ben Moore and its a nice soft neutral not too light not too dark, it is gray but leans on the warmer side.

Single Vanity and Mirror

I added a single cafe curtain to the lower portion of our windows because we have a home behind us, I like the simplicity of them and that we can keep the lower part covered yet still have the natural light and sky view from above. It feels like we are more in the country when really we are in a full blown neighborhood!

All of these niche products you can find at the Home Depot, I love that we can use this to display our pretty soaps and bath products. Plus it adds a little bit of a luxurious feel and statement to this specific shower wall.

Adding this half wall and placing the valves on it is a decision I couldn’t be happier with! I love having the additional ledge to place products on or even a candle. I love looking at more of the scallop tile vs. the toilet. It just dresses the bathroom up and keeps the other shower walls clean and less cluttered.

Here is a better view of the half wall from further out. Here you can also get a better look at the glass enclosures. The glass is from Dream View Shower Doors. The glass is so beautiful and is really the crowning jewel to the space it just look so sophisticated, we couldn’t be happier with it all!

I shared on an earlier post the simple line artwork I made for the wall above the toilet that you can find HERE. It was easy and inexpensive and something that I think adds interest to that wall with out stealing the show. I may add different photographs or artwork once they right ones come along but for now this is perfect.

There you have it, our new master bathroom reveal. Every time I step foot in here I look around and have to pinch myself. I’m so happy we invested in our home. I feel we will enjoy and grow as a family so much better in it now. It makes such a great use of this little extra space we had and weren’t utilizing. Everything is linked below for your reference. Thank you all for following along on this journey. I hope you enjoyed seeing the final outcome. Let me know below if you’ve ever done a big renovation like this or if you’ve just been dreaming of one. You never know, it sounds cheesy but one day that dream may become real!


*this post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission off of any item you purchase through my recommendation. It costs you nothing additional and helps support my blog. I always appreciate when you purchase directly through my links.

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Today I’m sharing my fall mantel with you!  I’ve been trying to keep my fall decor more simplified this year, maybe it’s from catching up after finishing our double bathroom renovation which kept me behind on life a little bit.  No matter the reason, the beauty is however you decorate your home is that it’s yours and you can do as much or as little as you’d like.  Some years I find that I go all out in certain areas, like the dining table or my front door and the living room is really simple.  So far my dining room only has a few touches of fall and I’m ok with that at the moment.  I don’t think every area of your home has to be an all out reflection of the season, I just really enjoying bringing in touches of the outside inside, gradually and in certain areas of our home.

Mixing Metals to Create a Cozy yet Sophisticated Fall Mantel:

This year I’m really feeling metallic colors for fall.  So I’ve incorporated brass, silver and copper tones into our fall living room.   I used a mix of metal candle holders I’ve been collecting.  I found a bunch of these at local thrift shops (like Savers) and Target (I’ll link a bunch below) and spaced them through out the length of mantel to create a sophisticated modern/vintage look.  I also decided to mix different candle sticks in gold, ivory and an off white to make it even a little more interesting. 

I added the leaves to the all with 3m double sided tape to add another layer of interest for fall decor.  I also spray painted them outside with metallic spray paint, instead of the bright orange and yellow they were before which was way too bright.  Now they look really soft and aged.  I purchased this mirror at Homegoods years ago and I just love it.  It reflects light and has a cool hammered texture.  I use it as a simple focal point and just layer and build my decor around it.  I’ll link some similar mirrors below.

The “Fall” sign is from Christmas Tree Shops and pillows I had from past years that I repurposed I love how the oranges pop against the gray tile and it feels like classic fall to have some touches of orange mixed in as well.   I’ve had this rectangular dough bowl for awhile and always use it around the house, I love it on my mantel because it can hold different decorative elements.  Here I filled it with a couple fabric pumpkins I found at the Target Dollar Spot.

These pretty wheat picks were also a Target Dollar Spot find.  I think they look so pretty and harvest-y (is that even a word) tucked in with the pumpkins and twinkle lights.

I always try to incorporate and repurpose decorative items from past years and then pick up maybe a couple things to give it old decor a new feel.  I love the Target Dollar Spot for simple and affordable small seasonal touches.  Like this precious little truck with pumpkins.  I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

Something about this whole look just makes me want to get a pumpkin spice latte, light a fire and get cozy with my family.  I love this time of year!!  Fall is the best!  Have you started decorating for fall?  Do you go all out in every room or just a little here and there?

I hope you like this simple and sophisticated Fall mantel!  Also hope it inspires you, too. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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