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I started my own Decor business two-three years ago and I’ve learned it’s the small details that make a business great!  Over time I’ve been working more with client services like E-Designs and Home Consults (click here for more info), which is why I want to be able to send a quick and easy “thank you” at the completion of a project.  I’ll admit that I haven’t been as detail oriented as I’d like, when it comes to sending out small gestures of gratitude.   Are you like me and don’t always have time to sit down, write and mail a “thank you” card?  I’m either juggling the kids or trying to squeeze in working time among other things.

Since I’m usually at my computer doing work, I’m way more likely to send a “thank you” via a website service.  I know you might be thinking  “where is the personal touch in a website service?”.   Well if you are,  you probably haven’t heard of Greetabl!   Greetabl is a modern way to send someone happy mail.  Sending a  Greetabl is way more fun than just mailing a card.  Greetabl is a combination of both card & gift in one.   Over at Greetabl they make it so easy to mail a personalized “hello”, “miss you”, “thank you”, “thinking of you”, or “love you” sentiment and is a go-to gift for clients, family or friends!

Look how cute the packaging details are!  The beautiful colors and cheerful text make this such a fun little surprise to receive!

To start, simply head over to then choose a pretty patterned box, uploaded three photos for a client or a friend.  I included my logo and some photos of a client project.  Next choose a special gift, they all fit perfectly inside the box.  I thought the face mask would be a nice treat for my client to use when she wants to relax.  Lastly, the most important part, write a little message!   So easy and under $30.  Greetabl will now be my go-to gift for client “thank you’s”!  Greetabl is also offering you guys a PROMO CODE, add JORDECOR at check out for 15% off your order!  Let me know how you like it.  I’m excited to include a special detail like this for my clients that choose to hire me.

Friends, thank you for stopping by the blog today!  I hope this gives you a new source for sending out beautiful one of a kind gifts to your own clients, family or friends!  I appreciate you guys.  Especially for supporting the brands that help me support my family and keep this little blog running 🙂




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Since living at the beach house for the last couple of weeks it’s becoming clear the things we need to finish up.  Some of the rooms are so close to being done.   The living room for example is looking great besides the fact that the builder is still yet to put the T.V. mounted in the wall.  He built us a unit that will go inside the wall with doors so the T.V. can be hidden when no one is watching it.  In our nice white and bright beach house who wants to see a big television screen?  Not me!

We are hoping that project will get finished in the next couple weeks but in the mean time I’m ready to get some bookcases up on either side of the fire place.  I’ve been going back and forth about the style.  Do I want it open back or close back? Weathered wood or weathered gray wood?  Metal rods on the outside or not?   I know that our price range is on the lower side, we don’t want to spend a fortune on these bookcases.



The need for bookcases in our space is obviously for storage and to add balance on either side of the fireplace.  But also to add some personal touches like family photos, decorative items, things we collect from the beach and so on.  I thought it would be fun to search online for some low price bookcases that look high end!  Isn’t that always the goal anyway?  😉


Since the room is painted white, all white bookcases are OUT… I want something that will pop off the wall, I love using weathered wood tones so I definitely want something in that family.  Our light fixture and the stone tile has gray in it so I’m also opened to something with gray too.


High End Bookcases

(a girl can dream right?!)


Low End Bookcases

(these are actually really nice!)


Aren’t these styles beautiful?  I’d love to know your thoughts!  Do the low end bookcases even look low end?   I’m sure the high end options are gorgeous in person but I really think you can still get a beautiful looking bookcase with out spending a fortune!   Looks like I’m off to do some bookcase shopping.  I can’t wait to show you what I choose and how I style them.

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Today I want to share some of my favorite Costal Farmhouse finds from Amazon with you guys, ’cause who doesn’t love shopping at Amazon?  Ever since Ben started working from home my first thought was “crap I guess I can’t have boxes come to the house with out him knowing anymore” haha.  This door mat is needed STAT…

(shop funny door mats here)

Seriously though, on the list of the most convenient things to ever happen, Amazon is up there with let’s say drive through restaurants and cell phones.   When my kids were little mostly everything in the amazon cart was stuff for them, that I needed asap, but didn’t want to drag two kids out of the house to get.    However there is so much more than kid related stuff, it’s crazy that literally anything you can think of is on that website.   I’m not sure how often Amazon comes to mind when you’re thinking of home decor items but let me tell you, not only as it quick shipping time, you can also find some good deals and cool decor for your home.


This is our beach house pretty soon after we moved in, I still need to find shelving for either side of the fire place.  Shelving will hold art work, pretty objects, and really just make the room feel more complete.  In a couple weeks, once school ends for the kids, we will be heading to Cape Cod for the summer!!  So I have coastal decor on the brain.  It’s been a long wait for this warm season to arrive.  I’m so excited to be near the ocean, smelling the salt air and living the beach life.   When I think coastal decor I like to put my own farmhouse spin on it.  I don’t like to go overboard with beach “y” stuff.  I like a good mix of blue, woven materials, metals and glass accents.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite coastal finds from amazon.  A few of which are already on their way to the beach house!  Yay for convenience and for husbands that can’t see THOSE boxes 😉



  1.  I love this hanging rack shelf.  In an entryway or kitchen for storage.
  2. I think this rope light fixture is so cool and would make such a statement over a round white dining table.
  3. These two prints of waves Here and Here are so serene and peaceful looking.  The colors are not overpowering at all.
  4. This wood plank looking coffee table is so pretty, I could see a woven tray on top of it with a candle and a pretty vase of flowers. Perfect for a coastal living room.
  5. How fun is this round aqua rug? It comes in a variety of colors too.  In an entry way, dinging room or bathroom this would be so lovely!
  6. I’m a sucker for glass bottles. I love collecting antique ones.  These have a salty finish to them so they look warn like sea glass.
  7. Another rug that you can never go wrong with is a jute rug like this, I love how it has an interesting pattern to it.
  8. I love rope accents and this is similar to a lamp we have at our beach house and I just love it – cool rope lamp!
  9. These accent pillows with very simple navy blue beach imagery would be perfect on a beach house sofa or bed.
  10. Another lamp that simply had me with the aqua color.  Two of these next to a bed would be beautiful!  All about bringing in those different textures.

What is your favorite? Do you often purchase home decor at Amazon?

Here are a few more items I loved as well!


Thanks for stopping by and checking it out friends!  May your boxes go unnoticed 😉


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Want to hear a home decor joke??  What do you get when you put a closet and an office in the same room?  A cloffice!  I really should be a comedian guys, I mean seriously I kid, I kid.   I can hardly remember the punch lines to legit jokes. haha  I shared this room makeover on Instagram a few weeks ago, back when my website was still a work in progress.  I decided to post about it because I want to recap what we did with a once odd extra room, here on my blog.  I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a random extra room to make something out of.  However I believe if you have a space that you aren’t happy with, empty it out, purge and start from scratch.  Really think about what your needs are for your living situation. Do you need more storage? A place to get ready/dressed? A place to exercise or work?  Then go from there or contact me for an e-design!


Back in February we officially grew tired of the bonus room off our master bedroom being a useless room that served no purpose other than collecting random items from around the house.   Ben was seriously thinking about starting his own business and working at home (which by the way has now officially happened so good thing I got the ball rolling on this).  I knew that if he were to make that jump we would need a much more functional office AKA a space not at the dining table for him to work.  At the same time our master bedroom closet was not functioning very well either.  It was always a challenge finding our clothes.  I was so ready for a closet upgrade 😉 I mean what girl isn’t. Below is a glimpse into the bonus room before the makeover.  The desk was too small for the room and floating in the middle which just didn’t make sense visually.









Sorry for the poor quality of images, these are from my Instagram Stories when I gave a tour of what a hodge-podge room this was prior to my “cloffice” plan.  You can get an idea of how it lacked a true style or purpose.

I came up with the concept to combine our two needs 1. A more functional office and 2. A big open master closet to access our clothing easier, into one space.   I created a design board which alway helps me visualize my ideas.   The key to making this double duty room work was to subtly divide the room in the middle with a pretty rug and bench.  Like this:

(My Design Board for the Cloffice)

The first step was to completely empty the room and to donate or sell  items on yard sale sites.  Next was to have a closet company come in and give us a quote on what I had in mind.   After doing some research I called Closets By Design to come in and do a layout/estimate for us.   I really wanted to see if it would be with in our budget.  Luckily it was!  With a promotion they had going on for 40% off plus free install, the quote ended up being less than what we anticipated.  When does that ever happen?!   So needless to say we said heck, YES!  It took about 4 weeks for our custom design to be made, the actual install took only about 4 hours at the most.  We opted out of drawers and cabinets and that really brought the cost down.

If you are wondering about that little door, it’s a crawl space into our attic.   If we need to get inside we can take the clothes down from the bottom, middle shelf and pole off.  Luckily that doesn’t happen too often so having this configuration didn’t bother us.  So here is the after with all of our clothes and shoes.  No long crammed into that dark small closet!  I actually like that the clothes hide that random little door and the radiator too.


Can you believe what a different this made?!  Before this was such an awkward wall I didn’t know what to do with it.  Now compared to our old closet, this new design is so open we can see all our clothes at first glance.  I’ve even started to wear clothing I haven’t worn in so long because now I can SEE it!   It has made getting dressed every day so much more easier and quicker.



On the opposite side of the closet is a wall of equal width and due to its sloping ceiling is awkward to design and lay out.  However a long his/hers desk is really perfect their.  We made this amazing 12 foot two person work desk by purchasing 3 of these and two ready to stain wood panels from Lowes.  They didn’t even need cutting.  To be honest we haven’t even stained them because we liked the natural look of them for now.  We also grabbed two of these floor lamps from Ikea.  I love how the lamps also have that vintage glam look with the white and gold.  The floor lamps work well as they don’t take up any desk space.



I chose this rug (click here) with soft the greens and corals to tie in with our bedroom color scheme and this bench I found at T. J. Maxx which was very similar to the one in the design board above.  I love that it is open so you can still see the pretty rug design and it ties in with the black in the beautiful crystal flush mount light (click here) and “office” (click here) sign.  This bench (click here) is almost identical to the one I have and can create a subtle division in a room or just simply act as extra seating.   These neutral upholstered chairs (click here) are so simple, fun and comfy.  I love that they have the lace up detail on the back because you see it right as you walk down into the room.  They really dress up our “cloffice”. he he



What do you guys think of our two for one room?  I love that a room can work so well together yet serve two entirely different purposes.  I used to keep the door to this room shut all the time because looking inside made me cringe.  Now I keep it open because I love seeing the twinkle of the chandelier and the pop of color from the rug.  It’s a grown up space that makes us feel confident and efficient and that is something we could all use, right?

Thanks for checking out our “cloffice” makeover friends!

Jordan xoxo

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