JorDecor Holiday Gift Guide

Jordecor Holiday Gift Guide 2017

This holiday season I’ll be sharing my favorite’s– all things HOME of course.  I hope this will inspire you for gift ideas, either for yourself or for someone you know that might also be a total homebody.

First up- comfort at home, otherwise known as lounge wear. Guys, whenever I’m home, I’m almost always in lounge clothes.  It’s a nice change from all those years wearing yoga pants (I still do sometimes). Basically lounge clothes are a step up from PJ’s. Lounge clothes feels like pajamas but look like you could actually leave the house and run a quick errand.   I rounded up some items that will help you feel comfortable, yet put together while hanging at home this holiday season.  Totally appropriate if a friend surprised you with a visit or when that all too familiar amazon delivery person shows up.

  1. Joggers are LIFE for stay at home Mom’s guys.  I can wear these to bed or run a few errands with my sneaks and a cozy sweat shirt.  I love these gray ones.
  2. Slippers that are so soft you’ll never  want to take them off.  I have been known to wear these out of the house.  They have a stronge sole on the bottom so they are a little more sturdy then regular slippers.
  3. Embroidery Sweatshirt.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a feminine and pretty sweat shirt.  This would look great with leggings or the joggers.
  4. Great Indoors” as much as I want to think I’m an outdoor girl, let’s face it I like being inside, warm and cozy.  This shirt is adorable.
  5. These are so cozy looking
  6.  A couple cute pairs of pajamas /leggings.  Super warm and comfortable.
  7. Everyone should have a pom pom hat, it’s just a winter essential.  I like that this one has a color blocking going on if two neutrals.  I’m always cold so sometimes I even keep mine on while I’m the house. Also helps to disguise day old unwashed hair 👌🏻
  8. This past year I’ve recently become obsessed with bralettes.  They are so comfortable, look pretty and are a little more low key then the underwire style. Plus they look adorable under a sweatshirt that falls off shoulder a bit.  They also come in so many colors and styles too.
  9. Sweater/Sweatshirt from LL Bean this is a New England staple.  It is such a warm outside layer, you can wear a button down underneath to make it look more polished or throw it on with the joggers as I usually do.  It’s warm enough to wear with out a coat on days that aren’t too cold.  It’s a great piece to have and comes in many colors.

There you have it my first gift guide all about comfort at home!!! My fave’s in lounge wear.


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