About Jordan

JorDecor is your creative toolbox for all things home décor! The journey towards JorDecor started with Jordan's never-ending desire to decorate and make her home a reflection of her family.  With a background in the Fine Arts and an Master's in Art Education Jordan has always been in a creative space. 

Jordan started helping friends choose paint colors for their home, pick out furniture and act as a sounding board for all their home décor questions.

In 2014, she began offering seasonal home décor services that blossomed into everyday decorating, as well as selling her crafts, and hosting Decor Craft Nights. From there JorDecor was born!

JorDecor is not just decorating; it is creating, consulting, and teaching. Once a teacher always a teacher! Craft events allow Jordan to
continue her passion to teach and engage others in creating items for the home. Jordan looks forward to working with you in the creative process of helping you love your home.