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This post has been a long time coming.  We’ve been in process of selling our current home and purchasing a new home since January.  Hence, my lack of posting for awhile.  Our little baby Bo’ is 6 months and he’s the sweetest little guy!  He’s been keeping us very busy and a bit lacking on sleep 😉  On top of caring for a new baby and selling our house, it has been crazy around here.  We are so excited to share that we are officially under agreement on a new house and the sale of our current house.  If all goes according to plan we close on our old home April 13th and we will rent back while we finish closing on our new house April 29th.  Originally we planned to rent our home back until the end of the school year.  We didn’t think we’d find a new house so quickly, but the stars aligned for us!  Our official move out date is May 6th.   Between April 29th and the 6th our plan is too do a bunch of painting, more measuring and to slowly bring some stuff over, set up all new beds for the kids, etc.

Everything just worked out so well, this really all came together so perfectly and quickly.  I still keep pinching myself.   Our new home is in one of our favorite neighborhoods and has been completely renovated so everything is updated.  We just need to furnish and add our own personal touch, which as  you all know that is my favorite.  But if you followed along on our Arched Chalet project you know we do get into renovation as well too.  I’m happy that with this new house we won’t need to be gutting any bathrooms or kitchens any time soon.

If you are wondering where we are moving to, thankfully we aren’t moving far.  Our main goal was to keep our kids close to their friends and family.  We are so so happy that we were able to find something with in close proximity to our current home.  The home we are purchasing is from the early 1900’s it has a lot of charm and much more space which we were so desperate for.  With the new baby and two growing kids it was really time to increase square footage.   The other good news is the new home has an in-law so my parents are actually selling their condo and moving in with us!   They have a home on Cape Cod they plan to use as their main house once they retire but since we are near Boston and they both still work they want a place that is close for when they travel off Cape.  We aren’t sharing the new house exterior or location just yet for privacy reasons.  We’d like to wait for everything to settle and for the listing to be removed for the sake of privacy and peace of mind.  However, today I’m sharing Autumn’s bedroom e-design with you!

I wanted to share Autumn’s new big girl, dare I say TWEEN room, today because I think we finally settled on a new bed for her.  She desperately wanted a loft bed and I just didn’t think it would work in this space.  Loft beds are cool and great for small rooms when you need to maximize space.  In the new house she is getting a great size bedroom and we can’t wait to update her to a bigger bed, larger rug and reuse some existing furniture.  We can use the wall desk we currently have and also create a hang space for when her friends come over.  My goal for this new house is to mix in things from the old house with some new items to really give us a fresh new look.

Autumn’s New Bedroom

The plan for Autumn’s room is to paint it a nice fresh white, add some curtains/blinds and rugs.  I’m hoping I can work the canopy bed in between those two windows there on the left wall and her current campaign dresser under the windows straight ahead.  I’d like to eventually update her ceiling light with a chandelier to add more personality.  We will use the wall desk we have currently have in the kids little hang room at our house now.  It’s going to be a nice mix of some new items and things she already has.

Autumn’s Tween Bedroom Design

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  1. Rachel says:

    So very exciting! Congratulations! And having your parents with you…. Even sweeter!

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