Updating Your Home in 2017

Updating Your Home in 2017

As we countdown the hours until 2017 I wanted to share with you some ways I plan to refresh my home in the New Year.   Are you like me and crave change in your home every once and awhile? Maybe your style changed or you saw something beautiful on pinterest or in a magazine that inspired you?  My husband and I have a home improvement schedule that we follow through the year.   This may sound strange but really its just common sense.  Our approach to home improvement is easy and consistent, ready for it?  In the winter when we spend a lot of time inside this is when we tackle indoor projects.  In the spring and summer is when we tackle our exterior updates because lets face it, after a winter of being stuck inside the last thing we want to do is paint a room, organize or hang curtains.  So in the spring/summer most of the time no money gets spent on the interior of our home.  We focus our sweat equity on the outside and it really does get sweaty.  For example we’ve installed a patio, planted perennial gardens, ripped out many old and over grown shrubs as well as planted new ones.
I wanted to share with you some different ways you can refresh your home in the new year.  Many of these I’m planning on doing in our own home in the upcoming months and since we are in the winter months here in New England they will all revolve around things inside.  This winter three things that are at the top of my list for refreshing are…
 1.  Curtains…
Curtains are an easy way to update a room, in my opinion they really complete a space and make it feel more pulled together and cozy.    Our playroom consists of almost all windows, for some reason I was hesitant to put any curtains up because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  Well I finally saw the light and have picked some different options that I’m excited to try out and see what I like.  (I’ll be sharing more once I narrow it down) With curtains I usually going for a simple pattern, neutral or in a soft color.  The TRICK with hanging curtains is to always go HIGH and WIDE as to accentuate the window not hide the window.
These are all from target they usually have really good pricing and sales on curtains.  I want to keep the curtains in our play room neutral and subtle as all of you with kids know that the colorful toys take over so I don’t want my curtains competing with that.

2.  Paint…
I know this is obvious and everyone always says how paint changes the whole feel of a room.  Well it does!!  Since living in our home for three years now, I’ve really come to know the level of light in the various rooms of our home through the day.   Our master bedroom is a very low light receiving room.  Meaning the sun light this room gets is the least in the house.  Light really impacts color and in a darker room, you don’t want an overly saturated color or else it will feel cavernous.  The color we currently have, by the previous owner, is a mid tone blue which never bothered me too much but now it’s feeling dark, cold and heavy.  My goal this year is to repaint our bedroom  and to choose a color to lighten it up.  I’m considering Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams as I’ve heard many good things.  Please check out my favorite paint colors on my Pinterest page to see more inspo!

 More Inspo of light and airy bedrooms using Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams…
 (Source; Pinterest)
 (Source: Pinterest)
3.  Tile…
Refreshing with tile is such a huge update to a space.   Whether replacing in your bathroom, kitchen backsplash or in our case our fireplace surround, it can be a little pricier especially if you aren’t big DIY’ers.  The trick is to find the best deal on your tile.  Most local tile shops have clearance rooms and that is always where I like to start.  Then of course online retailers like Overstock usually have good discounts too.    We live in an older home and if you do as well you might have a dated look to your fireplace surround.   Ours was a maroon brick and maroon square tile.   I’ve scoured Pinterest for fireplace inspiration and what direction I want to go in and I’m really excited to share the update of our fire place with you in the new year.  If you follow me on Instagram you might already have seen some of my behind the scenes on this.
This is our fire place when we bought our home three years ago.  I called this room Kermit the Frog green.  Sorry for the blurry photo but you can see the mantel itself is beautiful but the brick/tile is so dated.
Here is some of my inspiration:
 (Source; Thrifty Decor Chic)
(Source: Google Image)
The bottom right photo is the current brick that I white washed so I could live with it for awhile and save up some money to invest in something a little dressier and modern.  Follow me on Pinterest to see some of my fire place inspiration.
I’m really excited to get put these three projects into action.  We like to wait and look for deals/sales to make decorating more affordable and we also try to do as much ourselves as we can.  I will probably be painting our bedroom but as for the tiling we will probably turn to a pro, as tiling isn’t our jam (yet).   I hope this gives you some direction on where to start in refreshing your home for 2017.  It really only takes a couple small projects to add a really big change in your home.   The goal should be reasonable and affordable projects from year to year and you’ll feel less overwhelmed.  Over the course of time you will look around and see that your house begins to feel like your home.
Thanks for stopping by! I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Welcome to Jordecor! I’m thrilled to have you here today. Let’s create a home you’ll love!

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