Three Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.  I truly love seeing all the faces of my friends and family show up in our mailbox through the month of December.  I love reading how everyones year was and seeing how much children have grown.  I always like to find fun ways to display our cards as they arrive, as well as change up where we display them in our home. In the past I’ve done displays as simple as put cards in a bowl or tray on the coffee table, to hang them on a frame with twine stringing across and along a doorway.

Today I wanted to share three ways you could display Christmas cards with different things I had on hand.  One, and old shutter.  Two, a set of white tobacco baskets and three, pretty ribbon and brass clips.

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Christmas Card Display #1 /Ribbon and Clip:

With the combination of a pretty ribbon and beautiful clips you can really dress up your card display… I used a pink linen ribbon and gold clips to display our cards vertically.  The fun of this method is that you could go horizontal or tie the ribbon on the inside of a large empty frame.  I could even double or triple the row of ribbon to increase the display of cards.  I did use a small nail hole to attach the ribbon at the top.  You could also use a 3m hook if you wanted.  This method is very self explanitory

Christmas Card Display #2/ White Tobacco Baskets:

This display is also really easy!  I love tobacco baskets for adding a little farmhouse flair, they also can read a little coastal in white.  I got these at A. C. Moore but you could find at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  They look great on a small blank wall and tucking cards into them is so easy.  They would even look cute in a mudroom to display kids artwork or invites/cards you get through the year.  I did use some little wooden clips to help some stay on.  But again this is just an easy way to hang up cards so they look like art on your wall.

Christmas Card Display #3/  Old Chippy Shutter:

I saved my favorite for last.  I’ve had this old shutter for years its just a fun little accent to have for different things.  I thought it would be so cool to hang and use the little openings to nestle in Christmas cards.  The trick was how to keep them from falling all the way through?  I got out my glue gun and hot glued a long strip of tinfoil- thinking outside the box here, that still wasn’t strong enough so I cut strips of cardboard and hot glued that over the tin foil.  It actually worked!  Then I hung up the shutter with a heavy duty nail and have it rest on the first little bump out.  It feels pretty sturdy but I’m going to have Ben give it a look over.  It just goes to show you can really get creative with decorative things around the house.  Empty frame, leaning ladder, bulletin board, garland… have fun with it!

I know the back looks awful but I was literally improvising with whatever I could find to block the openings so the cards stay in place.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out these ideas!  I hope you enjoyed them and that they inspire you in some way.

Happy Decorating!


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