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The weather is beautiful today, with a warm breeze blowing through the window as I write this.  Summer is finally here and is one of my favorite seasons.  I love making my home feel light and airy this time of year.  I like to go minimal with my decorating in the warmer moths to help create that light vibe.  I wanted to show you how I added some summer art to our gallery ledges, which you can find HERE.  I really enjoy switching things out for each season as you can see on this post and this post.  Choosing art doesn’t have to be exhausting mentally or financially it can be really easy and fun.  My two favorite places to shop for affordable art is HERE and HERE.


Here they are all ready for summer.  I mixed in some of my photographs of the kids at the beach and then let the art and color just shine.  I still love the wood tone frames against the white matt’s.  I think it adds a little warmth and coziness.  I played around with the layout and composition but ultimately I think having three of each size frame works and then just playing with the arrangement.  I still might try to swap the frames and sizes so the same exact ones aren’t above and below but for now this is good!

The two stripe paintings are original paintings by local artist Carolyn Mackin. They are part of her series called “Cape Cod Stripes” of which I’m a huge fan of and I was so excited to get two 8×10’s in these blue color schemes.  The other two paintings I will link at the bottom of this post.  I LOVE how they add movement in the waves as well as the small pebbles or shell shapes that are just so organic and simple plus I love some of the green and pink shades it brings in.

Mixing media is a good idea in your art ledges, or gallery wall whatever you might have!  I think bringing in a couple different types of art adds a collected feel and makes it more visually interesting.  Here I have two original paintings of which you can see the texture of the brush strokes and then a photograph and a print of a painting.

As you can see I also mixed in some objects that I found at the Target Dollar spot, these woven fans break up the rectangular shapes and bring in another beach-y texture.  This adorable “beach’ paddle also adds another layer of interest on the shelves. The small Cape Cod canvas is made with real sand by my friend over at 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my ledges all styled for summer.

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    Hi there. What color is on your walls in this post? I love it.

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