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What’s up witches?! (he he)  Are you excited to see how our farmer’s porch is shaping up for Halloween? Do you have young kids that are sensitive with Halloween? Are you looking for ideas on how to make your Halloween decor more spooky and less scary?  Take a look at the items I use to decorate our farmer’s porch to get the kids excited for Halloween with out making them frightened for Halloween

My kids have always been sensitive when it comes to scary Halloween decorations, I can’t even go into certain stores or aisles this time of year because most Halloween decor freaks them out.  Especially the talking, moving, noise making decorations it will send them screaming for the hills.  It’s honestly a little entertaining to watch, I know that sounds mean.  I don’t intentionally try to scare my kids trust me!  It’s hard for them at this age especially to distinguish real vs. pretend.   At home I’m always careful about what I display this time of year because I want them to feel safe in their home but I know they love to have a little spooky vs. scary going on.

Here are safe non-scary items to decorate with if your kids are sensitive.

  • Spiders
  • Skulls
  • Parts of Skeletons
  • Cute Ghosts
  • Pumpkins
  • Broom Sticks
  • Witch hats
  • Black and orange colored textiles (pillows/blankets)
  • Vintage (aka spooky) Books
  • Bats 
  • Lanterns
  • Spider webs
  • Ripped medical/mummy cloth

I love these items because they are inexpensive and easy to find at various stores like Dollar tree, Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Thrift stores, Christmas Tree shops (to name a few).  These are all the stores I typically shop at for my seasonal decor.  I love mixing from retailers because you know you will create something one of a kind. 

Another tip- I don’t go over board at my house in Halloween Decor, I will focus on a couple areas like outside (mostly on the farmer’s porch this year) and then the playroom our our mantel.  The areas I do choose I of course get really into it.  It’s such a quick month and I don’t like going too overboard because someone has to clean it up and that some one is me 😉

Ok so here you have our spooky NOT scary farmer’s porch:

Layering elements is the key to making your Halloween display interesting and eye catching. I love that the buffalo check pillows and pumpkins add a classy touch to the farmer’s porch. I also like bringing in pops of orange, I think that really makes it have the Halloween vibe.

Simple books, skeletons and spiders make this an exciting and fun Halloween display for kids with out being too scary or overwhelming.

Moscow mule cups are my favorite this time of year for festive holiday grown up drinks. I added spider stirrers I found at the Target dollar spot and they instantly have a little spooky vibe. If you added dry ice it would also give a really cool effect and look like a spooky drink. Obviously just for decoration!

I layered the mummy cloth over the window frame, just in the corner then I over lapped this spooky wreath I found at Target, next I clipped on these bats from the Dollar store. I love leaning pumpkins outside too it just makes it playful and cute which is the kind of Halloween my kids enjoy!

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I really hope this gives you some ideas for the Month of October. It’s fun to celebrate these holidays while my kids are little, I know it goes fast and they will soon be so big! I manage it by just choosing a couple areas and focusing on them with Halloween decor. So tell me are your kids sensitive (aka scared-y cats) at Halloween? I hope this gives you some ideas of ways to layer items, and adding simple decorations in layers to create a cute spooky Halloween display!


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