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As many of you probably know I recently was chosen as one of ten winners for Pier 1 share the love contest.  I submitted a photo by adding a hashtag at the bottom during their specified contest timeframe.

I love taking photographs, I’m always looking for that magical photo that is somewhat styled and then a little bit candid.  During Easter and one of the rare occasions my daughter agreed to wear a dress (there may have been some bribery  going on guys) I noticed she was sitting cheerfully on our front steps sticking her dirty feet up in the air.  This is why I love my iPhone camera, it’s usually there at a momements notice unlike my nicer DSLR camera that I use much less these days.

This is the photo that I took and that got me selected as a winner.  All on my iPhone camera.  Here is a little tip about using the filters on IG, well I don’t.  I never use filters!  My favorite way to edit photos is to alter the brightness, lighting, shadows, contrast and/or saturation.  By simply manipulating those things I never need a filter and t helps me create beautiful photos.

Okay now onto the fun stuff.  What I bought!  I’m going to share with you some of the fun stuff I got with my Pier 1 winnings!

First up this new chair for our Master Bedroom corner.  It is so cozy, a little larger then most arm chairs but I liked that about it since we only have one.

I tried to fit a side table next to it but because of the width of the chair it wouldn’t fit in our corner.  Instead, I anchored the sides with a tall vase and set of pillar candles.  Under the chair felt dark and boring so I stacked books to fill the space and add interest.

The other item I got for our bedroom is a beautiful floor mirror, which doesn’t sound exciting but it actually has built in jewelry storage! ​ 

​ You must put this on your wish list it is perfect to organize all your jewels and baubles! And when you close it looks like a beautiful vintage style mirror, much better than that one we had hooked over the back of our closet door, you know circa college dorm. 😉


In our downstairs living room I have this beautiful side table that I love so much.  It looks like a card catalog but with beachy vibes.   I wanted a piece of art that I loved equally as much.  I found this huge painting on sale the colors are a beautiful pop, not to mention the rustic wooden frame, gives me all the Farmhouse feels.  It fills this vertical space perfectly and adds my favorite pop of color.

Lastly, I found some summery kitchen accessories, too cute to leave with out.

First this drink caddy set which is perfect for serving guests drinks on the patio.  Second, I grabbed these tropical palm leaf placemats because well they are so fun and summery on our outdoor dining table!

Do you see that adorable little galvanized wheel barrel? It’s actually a salad bowl with matching fork and shovel.  Seriously?! I can’t handle the cuteness.  Pier 1 has such fabulous stuff right now guys!  I  linked as much as I could for you to check out.  A lot of these items were on sale when I got them.  Or I found them in store and they are sold out online.

What do you think about all my items?! Any favorites?  Huge thanks to Pier 1!


Welcome to Jordecor! I’m thrilled to have you here today. Let’s create a home you’ll love!

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