One BIG SPOOKY Halloween Post!

Here it is ONE BIG HALLOWEEN POST!  I thought it would be fun to give you all my Halloween Decor in one big post.  In need of some ideas for how to make your house a little spooky this October?  I’ve got you covered.  I’m not someone that loves being scared but I like spooky things.  My kids will tell you that I startle very easily, it really is something that I only discovered about myself recently and it makes my family laugh.  It can be the smallest unexpected thing and I’ll jump a mile.  I would never survive in a haunted house!   I do like to make our home a little spooky, with a side of cute.  So here is what I’ve done this year!


Halloween Decor

I like to focus on just a few spooky areas in my home.  I don’t go crazy doing every inch.  I will usually do the front door, side porch, kitchen and living room or the kids playroom.  Usually The kitchen, Halloween should be a time to just have fun with decor.  Take old things you don’t use and spray paint them black.  Hang paper spiders on the walls.  Hey, even hang witch hats from the ceilings ( I did this year 😉 ).  I really look for non-tacky, non-scary halloween decor and that is usually the elements that look old like worn books, the mesh fabric that gives the effect of lots of cob webs (love this stuff). I drape it over areas in my house in October to make it looked aged and haunted-ish.  Last week we adopted Mr. Bones into the family and he has been making himself right at home with coffee in the mornings.  He really likes the ambience of the Spiders.

Skeleton Decor

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Moving into the living-room… A couple weeks ago I found this beautiful arched black mirror at an estate sale in our neighborhood for like $20.  I placed it above our catalog style side table and it felt instantly a little spooky.  I’m hoping it’s not actually haunted, so fingers crossed!   I found these witch hats at the Target dollar section and knew I wanted to try hanging them from the ceilings.  I’ve seen this idea pop up on Instagram and Pinterest and it looks so cool, I had to try it!  I used white thread and a sewing needle and went through the tip of the witch hat with the needle then tied the thread to a 3m hook so they hung from the ceiling.

Spooky Decor
Thank you to Ali B Photography For capturing a lot of these amazing photos

I also added a fun Salem Witch Co. sign also from Target, a little broom, my favorite spooky fabric and gave this corner a spooky look.  I like just choosing a couple areas to decorate for a holiday so that I’m not feeling overwhelmed by it.  I love how this just adds some whimsical to our living-room.  My kids are obsessed with these witch hats that appear to be floating!

Doesn’t this make you want to have a fire, some snacks and put on Hocus Pocus?!? Yes, me too!  Please excuse the craft paper in our wood log holder, I’ve been meaning to add that to one of our fires and completely forgot it was in the photo!

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If you’re hosting a dinner party or gathering for Halloween here is a simple and inexpensive spooky idea to serve and display wine bottles.  I found a set of pre-made spooky bottle labels and downloaded them to my computer.  Next, I printed and trimmed the labels.  Using clear modge-podge I simply glued the haunted wine labels over the original labels.  I made sure to put the Pinot Noir over a bottle of Pinot Noir so at least you know the bottle type.  

halloween party

To make it even more fun decant your wine into a set of beakers or use the beakers to put out mixers/ or juices for cocktails! How cute would a festive cocktail be served in a science beaker like this??? I think that is next up on my to do list.

There you have it one BIG HALLOWEEN POST! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the ways I’m getting my house spooky this October! I feel like Halloween is one of the best holiday’s to decorate for! It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Have fun and enjoy!!

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