My Sister’s Bedroom Refresh and Using Pinterest to Guide a Room Makeover

For the last year I’ve been working on a Home Planner which will hopefully launch this spring!  This planner will include three sections that will help guide you through the process and steps of identifying your style, designing a space and pulling it all together with decor.  Sounds straight forward, right?  Yes, it is but in a lot more detail than that.  I also share lots of tips to help you with all these aspects in creating a home you love.  The great thing is this planner isn’t just for a home it could be for your first apartment, a town house, fixer upper or a new build.  The end of this book/planner includes blank pages with prompts to help you stay organized in planning out each space.  From goals, to- do lists, ideas, budget, purchase lists, measurements and grids for sketching.  I’m even excited to get my hands on one, because I’m looking forward to using it for our future vacation home (I’ll share more about this another day!)

What does this all have to do with my Sister’s Bedroom refresh?   I wanted to use her space as an example how Pinterest is a great tool for a non-designer/decorator  (even we use them, t00!) in gathering ideas and bringing a space to life based off inspiration found on Pinterest.  My Sister didn’t love her bedroom.  They had a hand-me-down bed and some hodge-podge decor.  She didn’t feel confident enough to get started.  However, she had a wonderful Bedroom Pinterest board!! Ah-ha we had a jumping off point to get started!   When she sent me the board I could instantly see: a) her style and b) her goals for the end result of her space.   Creating Pinterest boards for the various rooms in your casa is super helpful in taking a step towards giving a room a makeover or refresh.

With her budget in mind I started making goals, “to-do’s”, purchase lists and so on using the planner pages… it was a great way to test my own product.  I walked her through everything and showed her the planner page so she could also start taking steps towards bringing her Pinterest board to life.  Since this isn’t my Sister and her Fiance’s forever home, they didn’t want to do any wood treatment feature walls or wallpaper.  We decided to add impact with a painted feature wall.  I’ve done this before for my parents bedroom too.  It’s an easy way to add some character and experiment with bold color with out committing to a full room of color.  Let’s take a look at my Sister’s bedroom BEFORE photos as well as her Pinterest board inspiration.

Bedroom Before:

(this was after she updated the bed to a black sleek frame)

Inspiration Board:

You can see the bedroom lacked any kind of style, it was just thrown together when they moved.  Bedrooms are typically the last room you think about but really I think they should be a respite for you and more focused on sooner in the design/decorating process.  From the inspiration board I was able to identify her style/vibe for the space, which was very neutral and definitely a minimal/boho feel.  Play close attention to some of the details in these photos.  The colors, the patterns and textures… with these images I really honed into her vision.  You can do this as well.. pay close attention to the details in each imagine you pin.  What can you pin point that you love about them?  Use that information to help guide your product sourcing/selection online or in store.

I created a purchase/ to-do list to help her get organized which looked like this:

Once we made our above, list than sourced the items we liked with in her budget we ordered everything and were ready to implement the makeover!  We started by changing the layout so her bed would go against the largest wall that needed “something” we painted it a dark black to bring out that neutral but modern vibe like in her Pinterest board.  The windows now feel more open and airy.  Her bed is the focal point on the dark grayish-black wall.  We added lots of textures with the bedding, pillows and blankets.  Bringing in textures and graphic prints is important when keeping a room really neutral.

This makeover was over the course of about two-three weeks.  We painted the wall, updated the lighting, changed the bedding and added the rug.

Bedroom After:

I love how the dark accent wall makes all the brass pop!  If you are wondering about the cool graphic art… our cousin has an Etsy shop and creates cool digital art prints!!  She actually custom designed these prints for my sisters bedroom.  If you are interested in her shop or ordering a custom piece for your home reach out to her on Instagram her handle is Studio_OG.

I think her pup Ragnar matches her bedroom perfectly and that wasn’t even planned!  He really did steal the show in these photos.  Ben helped them out by installing this really cool light fixture that almost looks like a half-moon.  She plans to add more pops of greenery or shelving for added storage and a place to put more decorative items.

The black and gold benches she already owned and were previously in her dining-room.  I moved them in here because they fit the vibe so much better.  She purchased them at At Home stores a couple years ago.  I love how the rug adds a ton of interest with patterns.   If you are ever feeling stuck with a space and really with design/decorating in general.  Join Pinterest (FOLLOW ME HERE I’m always pinning inspiration) and create a board for every room in your house! It will keep your ideas organized and don’t just let it live in Pinterest, bring it to life by creating lists or better yet, purcahse my planner when it is available to stay even more organized in creating your beautiful dwelling!

Happy Decorating!


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