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We made it to September and with that I can check another project off the summer to do list!  Over the past couple months I was slowly helping my parents decorate their new bedroom.  They moved into a new condo back in May and the bedroom was lacking any sense of style.  The challenge for me was to find a way to repurpose two items they loved from their old beach house.  The first, a set of custom fabric drapes that were in the dining-room and a large rug from the living-room.  Luckily, both items had blue tones in them and I knew I could make them work together in a new space.  With those two items in mind, I created a mood board (similar to my e-design service) with items from All Modern one of my favorite online retailers with a great selection of home furnishings.  Once I got approval of the mood board, I sent them links with the items to order to bring the room together.  

The Bedroom Before:

The real focal point would be relocating the bed in front of the windows and painting an accent wall.  Next, an eye catching focal point in the over head lighting!  If you have tall ceilings use them to your advantage with show stopping light fixtures.  Let’s have one more moment of silence for that HIDEOUS boob light, the blah wall color, the not so great furniture layout.. nothing really working here.  Keep scrolling to see the after!

The Mood Board:

The Reveal:

The accent wall color is called Rushing River by Benjamin Moore it is so soothing and earthy I love it.  Let’s talk about the stunner in here from All Modern, that LIGHTING FIXTURE!  Wow, it makes a huge difference in this space.  Don’t you love it?!   I’m so excited that my parents have this new oasis to enjoy after a busy day.  My parents work very hard, my Dad’s own’s a waterproofing supply company in Boston and wakes up at the crack of dawn to sell construction supplies to all the jobs happening in the city.  My Mom is a school nurse and I know that she is going to have a pretty intense year.  The fact that I’ve helped them achieve a peaceful place to relax after a long day makes me really happy.

I love how the color on the wall instantly draws your eye Into the space and makes those fun graphic curtains pop!  The curtains are custom so unfortunately I can’t link them but I’ll try to find similar to include below.  Let me tell you a secret about the curtains… mmmmm, kay?  Just between us.  They are too short for the this room! But they are hidden behind the headboard AND I carefully placed a plant on the other side so you don’t even notice.  Another option would be to add a panel of fabric at the bottom to make up for the difference,  this is something we will probably do down the road with just some fabric glue! But for now, no one needs to know 😉

These new side tables also from All Modern fit the room perfectly and I love that they also bring in those touches of brass to the room. Large framed photography (from our trip to Outer Banks this summer) fill the wall to the left but also keeps it simple and graphic to compliment the other patterns in the space. 

What do you think guys?! So much better right?  I love the soothing colors but fun patterns at play.  The lighting and side tables from All Modern really bring it together as well as that navy headboard.  All that is left in here is a dresser for underneath the framed art and a couple throw pillows for the bed.  We were taking our time with finding items that we loved so once we get those in place I’ll update this post.  Thank you so much for reading today!

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