My Parent’s Bedroom Refresh + Design Board

Today I’m sharing a little preview of a bedroom refresh I’m helping my parents with at their new condo.  They wanted to use a couple items they had from their beach house they sold back last fall and mix it in with a couple newer items to create a not as “coastal-y” look.   I think this is the most common scenario people face when moving from one place to another; finding a way to create a fresh new look with mixing previously owned pieces and new ones.  I like that challenge!  First let’s take a look at the before photos:

Bedroom Before:

My biggest issue with this layout, when you walk into the bedroom there isn’t a “wow” moment.  You are also walking into the side of the bed which is just awkward and doesn’t open up the space.  I like to walk into a bedroom and see a focal point.  First, they will be moving the headboard on to the window wall with the windows.  They will also painting that wall with a soothing accent color called Rushing River by Benjamin Moore to make the headboard pop and the room feel cozy.  Adding curtains to those windows that they had from the beach house will also add some fun pattern!  The headboard will layer over the curtains but with space so they aren’t squished behind.

The Design Plan:

Here is the design!  All sourced from one of my favorite and affordable online retailer’s All Modern.  You know I’m a sucker for all things navy and brass, so this design plan came together perfectly!  Combining the new navy headboard, with the old rug and curtains they plan to re-use, I wanted to bring in some brass touches and warmth in the lamps to add a little character.  However I found similar items from All Modern to help you if you want to create the same look in your home.

We ordered these two night stands and I love the brass accents (the price is amazing too!)  We also need to find two fun lamps for either side of the bed I love these orange ones.  Top of our priority list was finding a statement light fixture that would really make for a statement when you enter their bedroom.  The Whightman Chandlier is stunning and the price is great as well, we will add a dimmer and it will be the wow moment this room needs!


Here is a little preview of how the accent wall, curtains and headboard are looking so far.  Now we just need our other elements to com in for a full REVEAL!

So what do you think? Can you visualize the space and how it will all come together?  I’m so excited to give them a much more refined and beautiful bedroom to kick their feet up at night.

I can’t wait to show you once we finish putting everything together!

Happy Decorating,


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