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Since returning from Haven Conference 2019 I’ve been soaking in all the knowledge and just goodness from my weekend with some of the nicest and most creative women I’ve ever met.  If you’re not sure, Haven conference is a conference for Home Decor Bloggers and DIY’ers that takes place in Atlanta.  I started blogging about two years ago however I’ve been a home decor blog reader for over a decade.  When I was an Art Teacher in between classes or when I had time, I’d read blogs like Young House Love, Bower Power and Making it Lovely, amongst others of course too (these are some of the OG’s of home blogging).  They gave me ideas and inspiration for home decor projects, as we were just getting ready to buy our first home.

I really can’t believe that now I’m on the other side, as a blogger!  I have my home decorating business that I’ve mainly built on Instagram.  However, I wanted to connect to a platform I have ownership of, because if Instagram ever tanked you guys know where to find me.  This year when they released tickets to Haven I knew I had to go! I’ve been working so hard and wanted to take another step towards investing in myself and learning the ropes of blogging.  Haven is where you do that.  Today I wanted to share 5 highlights of my Haven Experience.  If you are thinking about blogging and not sure where to start this is the place to go and learn.   Here are my highlights of the trip!

The Accommodations

Staying at a luxury Air B & B was for sure a highlight, yes being at the hotel would have been convenient, but for a girl that loves gorgeous design- staying at this beautiful Air B & B was such a treat.  Typically, attendees stay at the hotel where the conference is being held.  However, myself and a few other girls; Andrea from 31 Girl at Home, Merichelle from We’re the Joneses Brendt from She Gave it a Go, Kelly from The Tattered Pew and Jennie from The Little Bird , had the opportunity to stay here!  We were hosted by owner Pam Sesssions and were less than a 10 minute drive to the conference.  THIS is the listing to the Air B & B we stayed in if you want to see more photos.  Each room was jaw dropping-ly beautiful.  Plus these ladies were some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met!  If you have a moment go check out all of their beautiful blogs.

The Classes

The workshops/classes range from  photography, to upholstery classes, SEO, Making a Blog, Instagram Growth, Working with Brands and SO much more.  Experts in the field lead the classes and offer a wealth of information and personal experience.  I did a little of everything and I have to say, one of my favorites was learning how to work with local news stations to increase your brand presence on TV.  As well as creating a cool display board with simple easy to use materials such as plywood, muslin, a staple gun and ribbon. 

The Brands

Some of the leading companies in the home category attend and sponsor Haven Conference.  Everything from cleaning, to carpentry, to sinks, to paint and cement!  Brands that attend go all out with their booth setups.  I was so impressed with the level of creativity and eye catching-ness.  I mean it is a conference for creatives after all.  The Home Depot is the big sponsor of the whole event and shared their new line of home decor products from bedding to towels, which they were personalizing on the spot!  Also, companies like Hoover, Rust-O-luem, Hunter Fan Co., Wagner and so many more were all in attendance to meet with us.  It was so great to chat with reps from these companies and get inspired by their products for my own home projects and idea, essentially you pitch yourself to them for collaborations. 

The Inspiration

Being at an event full of creative individuals is nothing short of inspiring and motivating.  It reminded me back to my art school days where everyone has a talent, and everyone is trying to hone in on that talent to share it with the world.  At Haven Conference it’s the gift of home decorating, building, photography, design and more… talent is overflowing and it would be easy to feel competitive but it’s not it is a community and everyone is there to help each other improve. 

The Connection

I saved the best for last because connecting with others is something that can’t be topped.  I’ve spent years building my Instagram account, not to intentionally become an “influencer” (I hate that word) but to share my love of decorating/crafting and to give people ideas on how to make their house a home and to make connections while I was home with two little babies.  I have made so many friends these last couple of years on Instagram with people from all around the country, sharing this same passion.  To meet these online friends in person and grow that connection… was the best feeling!  To know I have a network of friends “colleagues” I can go to when I need advice or help is priceless.



  • Pack a tote bag for carrying around all day and an extra duffle bag to bring home lots of swag
  • Prepare to be on the GO a lot wear Comfy shoes
  • Some dressy outfits for night and business casual for the day
  • Notebook and Folder for all the brand hand outs
  • Battery Pack charger for your phone
  • Business cards and business card holder

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Welcome to Jordecor! I’m thrilled to have you here today. Let’s create a home you’ll love!

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  1. Patti says:

    So much talent in one room…I’m jealous,

  2. Jordan I loved meeting with you,staying with you and learning from you! I can’t wait to do it again and to watch you grow this year!

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