Levi’s Birthday Paw-ty and our Favorite Dog Supplies!

Levi is our English Yellow Lab he is the sweetest pup.  He really is like our third child.  We recently just celebrated his third birthday.  Today, I wanted to share some photos from his party and how the decor turned out, I whipped it together in like two hours.   I shared a bunch from the party in real time over on Instagram.  Be sure to follow the fun at @jordecor to see more of our family life and my decor ideas!

We invited several dogs over (my sister’s each have a dog and my brother in law and his family just got a dog so there was 4 total!) it was so cute to see them all play together and hang with their people on our patio too.

As you can imagine it was really hard getting all four of them in a photo so this is as good as we got!! Levi is clearly smiling here!  So cute.

I couldn’t resist myself with the toilet bowl water sign!  It just made me giggle!

The Food was simple some snacks for the pups and for the people.  I did a platter of fruit which didn’t make it into the photos because it was so hot this day that I kept refrigerating it.   Each dog got to take a bag of treats home as their “favor”.

I used left over turf as a runner, for the food and centerpieces.  It just made it look so puppy friendly.  You could also fill a large hurricane vase with tennis bowls as a centerpiece but we were fresh out of new ones and I didn’t think chewed up tennis balls would look as cute 😉

Our kids also set up a super cute obstacle course for the pups which I didn’t end up getting a lot of photos of but it was just so cute to watch the dogs and the kids have so much fun together!  This was the first “pet” party I ever threw and it was so so adorable!

Since I literally whipped this party together somewhat last minute, I also whipped together some cupcakes for dessert!  I melted chocolate and poured it into a bag, then created chocolate dog bones for the top of the cupcakes.  After putting them in the fridge I popped them off and added them on top of the frosting and added some mini chocolate chips too. 

The Pups had homemade dog popsicles that Autumn made with yogurt and fresh fruit puree but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of them because the pups ate them so fast!!!!  The popsicles were perfect because it was 90!  I hope you enjoyed seeing some photos from Levi’s Birthday Paw-ty!

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