Kids (unisex) Bathroom Reveal

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I’m so excited to finally share the reveal of our kids bathroom renovation that was just completed!  After almost 8 weeks and a full summer of showering at family’s houses, our gym, escaping to my parents beach house and other little getaways we made it work without a tub/shower in our house for the entire summer.  And let me just say it wasn’t always easy or fun but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.  (I will link as many products as I can that we used in this bathroom at the bottom of this post).

Before I get to the after photos, let’s go back down memory lane and see what the bathroom looked like when we first bought the home over 5 years ago.  Keep in mind this was the original bathroom of the home! We did a couple small updates like refinishing the tub white, tiling over those classic pink tiles with aqua penny rounds and adding a pedestal sink.  We also took down the rails and never got around to replacing the crumbling tile that was removed when the rails came out.  Yes, I showered in a bathroom with missing tiles from the 30’s for almost 5 years.  Overall our updates made the bathroom tolerable for me for awhile.   After living with it that way we knew we wanted to completely gut the bathroom and start from scratch.  We also realized we all wouldn’t be able to survive with just one bathroom, we were running out of space.  So with this decision I knew I could make this bathroom a little playful and fun for the kids.  Another important feature I wanted to add was a small vanity for the kids to store their toiletries and I just wanted it to feel brighter, fresh and cool!




The statement and focal point of the kids new and improved bathroom is the beautiful star tile from Merola Tile, it has a stunning deep blue pattern that creates a dramatic point of interest on the floor.  I chose a dark navy grout to compliment the star color and to help prevent lots of stains and dirt from showing.

The board and batten is a beautiful balance to the deep pop of color on the wall.  The color I chose is called Comet by Benjamin Moore and absolutely love the contrast with the white and how it picks up the star color on the floor.  Coincidently the name just works so well with the tile too.  Love when that happens.  The white is all Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore because I wanted something clean and crisp.

I had our contractor build out a little ledge over the toilet to act as a mini shelf for a piece of art to lean or to add a little plant/vase.  It’s very sweet and subtle.  I love this for now, however I like switching things up so down the road I may hang art over the hooks and play around with the ledge maybe a set of little succulents?  But for now this looks good to me and I love my art from local artist Carolyn Mackin it really ties all the color of the room.

Since this bathroom is for our son and daughter I wanted some masculine and feminine touches but I wanted to keep this bathroom with out themes, and with out the match- matchy that you may say in stores.  I really mixed a lot of purchases from a lot of different places.  You’ll see many shades of blues/greens and peach/pinks. 

The metals you’ll see, I mixed in this bathroom are chrome and flat black.  I think keeping only one metal in a room can be a little boring.  I like to mix things up and I think these fun black hooks just add a modern flare to the space instead of a traditional towel bar.

The light fixture was so fun and different and I loved that it brought in the flat black and chrome together.  It’s such a nice juxstaposition with the wood too.  I may still look for a mirror that is a little longer to fill that space more but this works for now and it adds a really cool and rustic touch.

Little details like this “Brush your teeth” toothbrush holder was too cute and colorful to pass up.  I like adding kid items in small doses so that as they do grow I can easily swap that out.  I ordered all the faucets and shower nozzles from and I love that you can purchase something from a whole line there, I made a last minute change to the style of the kids faucets and it was so easy to return and get refunded via mail (head to the bottom of the post to see the line of faucets/shower head I went with).

The vanity was an affordable option that I’m going to really see how it holds up.  I like the look of it and the fact that both bottom drawers pull out and have storage for the kids toiletries but I’m a little worried with the quality. So I will keep you posted and update you on that.  I will still link it at the bottom. I thought about doing a colored vanity or gray vanity but with a small bathroom I think it’s best to keep things bright with lighter colors.  However the bold top half is just enough contrast that it doesn’t feel too subdued.

I’m still trying out towels I have some turkish hand towels that I love, but grabbed these kids towels for under $10 each at Walmart they are part of the Better Homes and Garden Collection, they may just be temporary until I figure out a longer term towel- I’d rather invest in our towels at this point vs. the kids, they don’t even know the difference!  I will see how they hold up in the wash for sure. 

The niche is everything.  I absolutely love the little hex tiles, and I love the simplicity of the bath bodywash/shampoo and conditioner from Honest in their new scent which smells so good.  Perfect for kids!  My kids are sensitive and don’t like getting harsh stuff in their eyes.  The salts are for me!  I can’t wait to test them out, they smell so good! 

Let’s chat about the subway tiles from Merola Tile they are just gorgeous and each one has a little un-eveness to the surface that makes it feel special and handmade.   I knew that I wanted something classic and simple on the walls and these tiles are perfect.  I want with a soft light gray grout and it defines them just enough with out being too dark or bold. 

I kept the textiles simple and the patterns to a minimum in the shower curtain and towels.  However this bathmat was such a fun pop of all the blues and super soft that I figured it would be fun to try and it really just livens up the room even more!  Found the bathmat recently At Home stores.

There you have it! Our kids bathroom is complete!  We are so thrilled with the beautiful tile, the amazing fixtures and the wall color that ties it all together!  Thanks to Mike at Chaiss Construction and all the amazing sub contractors that came in and did their hard work to make our bathroom look so wonderful. 

What do you all think of this space?! Thanks for stopping by!


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