In Full Bloom; Spring Decor and…Baby News!

Like many of you I’ve spent the last few weeks anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring.  Finally those bare trees are starting to form their first buds and empty spots of garden beds are sprouting purple crocus.  Watching winter fade and the renewal of spring, is one of the most amazing things to watch.  While nature is having its own rebirth, we’ve got our own little one blooming!!  In early January I found out I was unexpectedly expecting #3!  We weren’t planning for another child.  However, this surprise blessing gave me a whole new appreciation for what my body is capable of and a reminder that the ability to create life is so miraculous.   Keeping this little secret from my friends and Insta community was tough.  I had the usual early pregnancy sickness which is now starting to go away.   It’s the only time in life that feeling sick is for a good reason.  Ben took over a lot of my household duties so I could rest.   He is such a great Dad and Husband.  We are really looking forward to this next chapter about to unfold.

I shared our pregnancy news over on Instagram with a little video, I still cry when I watch it.  I just can’t believe we will have another member of our family this September.  Our kids are so excited for another sibling!  We told them on Valentine’s Day with cookie announcement boxes from Lindsay’s Cookie Jar.  The kids were a little confused and it took them a few seconds of reading all the cookies before it started to click.  Griffin finally said “Are you having a baby or something!?”  It was so cute and they just had so many questions (as you can imagine!). haha

With Easter approaching this weekend and spring in full swing (we have 5 yards of mulch getting delivered today!) I’ve been slowly starting to get my energy back and I thought I’d share some little pops of spring decor I’ve been adding around our home.  I haven’t been up to tackling any big projects but doing small crafts and table settings has helped my creative itch.  I hope some of these images give you ideas for decorating for spring even in small ways.  I love bringing the outside in with seasonal branches and florals either real or faux! Let’s start outside with our front door!  (I’ll link a bunch of items at the end).

Spring Front Door:

A spring front door is so fun!  I usually start by selecting a bright and cheerful accent color.  Yellow seemed to be my first ideas!  Adding some fun pops of yellow to our new green (Yorkshire Green by Ben Moore) door worked so well for a spring accent color.  I love how the yellow branches look so effortless in this woven basket.  I decided to add a little welcome sign and move our house numbers above our door.  I still need to find something for that pot to the left.  A fun stripe gray door mat adds a fun pattern under the “hello” mat.

Easter/Spring Tablescape:

I decided to keep the pops of yellow in our dining room.  Let’s start with this DIY centerpiece with faux florals and greens from Michaels.  I cut some twigs from outside and also added those into the tulip/floral mix.   The base is a simple wood crate that I filled with floral foam.  It was so fun and easy to make.  It was also inexpensive $25 compared to some retailers selling similar for over $100!   

I found these yellow chargers and this yellow runner and I love how they just had such a fun pop and cheery vibe to the table.   Plus tie in with the front door as well!

In The Details:

Woven chargers at a great foundation layer for the yellow plates.  I kept it simple so you could get the idea of a non cluttered table.  I imagine I’ll be keeping things very simple this year as not burn out too quickly.  I threw the silver ware into this cute watering can.  I love using unconventional items on a tablescape.  The bunny ear napkin ring holders are just the perfect finishing touch!

Spring Decor Tip:

My best tip for spring decor in a pinch is Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods floral section, grab some spring branches and fresh flowers and place them around your home and let all that natural light in.  Nothing will make your space feel more fresh than fresh simple florals and natural light!! 

After a long winter and even a longer year… there is just so much hope on the horizon.  So many wonderful things to look forward too, celebrate and appreciate once again.  I feel like we are about to step into the life we once knew, albeit perhaps in a new form.  But after a long isolating pandemic, seeing light at the end of the tunnel is like watching winter fade to spring.  An uplifting feeling for sure.  One I can’t wait to watch fully blossom.


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  1. Mel says:

    I’m so excited for your family! Also still can’t get over your dinning room 😍

    • Jordan says:

      Thank you so so much!!! It really is such a dramatic change but we are still loving it! Just makes it feel more like it’s own space in an open lay out.

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