How To Style Bathroom Shelves

Hey Friends!  First Monday of 2020 and it feels great to get back to the blog.   Now that it is the New Year I’m excited to start refreshing some areas around the home and hopefully help you along the way too!  My word for 2020 is


I really need to be better about focusing.  On all things, my business, blog, family time, and my own creativity.  I almost chose the word CREATE and  thought that’s too easy.  I’m always creating in some way.  The part I struggle with is focus.  I can be a little all over the place sometimes.  My goal is to really stay focused on the tasks and ideas that I have, not get distracted.  In the same sense I want to apply this to when I’m with my family or on a date with Ben, stay focused in that moment too. 

Each month I’ll focus on at theme to share with you guys.  For the month of January I want to focus on sharing small space transformations as well as stylish storage.   I think this time of year everyone is looking to declutter, get organized and tidy up from the holiday season.   I think the little spaces in our home could use the most help right now. 

Starting with one room that get’s used a ton in our home, yet I rarely show is our downstairs half bathroom.  It’s a smaller bathroom that I’m hoping to make a little prettier this year with painting the floor tile. Before I get to that project I wanted to share my favorite way to make the most out of a small bathroom.  Utilizing wall space with shelves is a great way to bring more function and storage to a small room.  We made our shelves with some barn wood we got for free and wood shelf corbels from Home Depot that I spray painted white.  If you don’t have time to DIY your own as we did I’m sharing some of my favorite shelves below.

Favorite Bathroom Shelves:

Once you decide on your bathroom wall shelves styling them should consist of mixing a few pretty items that dual as storage too.  My favorite places to shop for these type of items are:

  • Target
  • Homegoods
  • World Market
  • Thrift Stores
  • West Elm

When you are purchasing decorative items for your bathroom shelves keep in mind the size of your wall space and the depth of your shelves so you purchase items that will fit the scale of the shelves.  Typically the items you will want to find are going to be small to medium size. 

Items to help you style your Bathroom Shelves:


For example a beautiful basket to hold an extra roll of TP


I’m a candle addict. I love the vibe it creates and I also love all the variety’s and the fact that they give a nice clean sent to the space is aways a plus!


I’ve had these clear glass canisters forever and they hold extra bathroom items like cotton balls, q-tips etc… they serve a dual purpose as storage and a pretty object.  However, I’m kind of ready for something a little different than glass.  A set of these canisters would also look cute and bring in some other textures.


A set of cute books always looks good on a shelf. They also can add height if you need to give a smaller object height. Books can be something silly for bathroom reading or just aesthetically pleasing to add interest to your shelf.


Real or faux plants are a always a go to in the bathroom.   Whether you have a potted planted or some clipped greenery in a vase, it will bring some life to the shelves. If you have a green thumb and great natural light by all means go real, maybe even add a hanging plant in the corner.


Art is always a nice sophisticated addition to shelves. Either lean it against the back or hang it centered in between two shelves or above. Art is such a personal selection, choose a piece that you love and that fits with your style.

Tricks for Styling Bathroom Shelves

You have your shelves and your decorating elements, now what? when you set up your shelves be sure to look at the space you are working with. Are the shelves long or are they short. Do you need to fill more in height or in length? I like to start by using my taller items first and then using smaller items as fillers because they fill in the gaps between the taller items. Grouping smaller and similar items together like canisters helps fill the shelf space as well as create a cohesive look. If you have ceramic, metal or glass canisters on one side use a different texture next to it to break up that material and add visual interest.

Don’t forget that the decorative items you are using can also be functional for storage. So grab the pretty baskets and fill them with rolled up face cloths or hand towels. Throw an extra role of toilet paper in one. Take your bathroom products like q-tips and cotton balls out of their boxes and put in your pretty canisters.

There you have it! A few of my favorite tips for decorating shelves and how to make your small bathroom have more storage while still looking beautiful! I hope you found this helpful.

Thanks for stopping by!


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