How To Select a Stair Runner?

Have you been considering a stair runner for your home?  A stair runner is a great way to add style and comfort to your staircase.  Also, for families with young children a stair runner creates a softer surface for wobbley little ones that are just starting to walk or bigger kids that sometimes forget how quickly they can move.  In this post I’m partnering with The Carpet Workoom to share some tips on how to select a stair runner.  All ideas and reviews are my own.  Below you will find a special discount code for my followers only!  Thank you to The Carpet Workroom!

 I’m so excited for this post today!  Our stair runner was in desperate need of a refresh after 8 years + two kids + one dog, we were ready to freshen up our staircase.  Could we just leave it hardwood?  Yes, but we know our kids and they’ve been known to run too fast up or down the stairs and wipe out.  While they are young a carpeted stair gives us peace of mind against any trips to the E.R.   A stair runner also gives you a chance to dress up and add style to your stairway.  I’d never miss a chance to infuse some style to any space.  This partnership truly came at the right time!


Stair Runner BEFORE:

Here you can see what we are working with. Very straight forward, nothing glamorous. Definitely showing signs of some age and overall worn out look. We purchased this about 8 years ago and while it held up ok and definitely kept our kids protected from a couple slips, we were ready for a new look. So let’s get started on the process!

Samples, Samples and MORE Samples!

When selecting your runner you’ll want to grab a bunch of samples to bring home. I browsed The Carpet Workroom’s Instagram to get inspired with fabric choices. You can also book an appointment to browse in person. Either way you’ll be so impressed by the variety of fabrics and patterns they have. Start by selecting your fabric type. You’ll want to select something durable and long lasting (especially if you have a young family/pets). Wool is the best option here as it’s fibers will hold up against constant use. Next, is pile height. Selecting a low pile runner is going to hold up better over time. Plush fabrics with longer pile height will show wear a lot quicker.

Next, consider the color scheme as well as the pattern you want. Below you’ll see some of my favorite designs and colors. I wanted subtle pattern and really loved the grays and blues as I have a lot of gray and blue in my home already. After spending time looking at these samples and struggling with selecting one as they were all so beautiful. Based on how active our home is I decided on one that would hide s much as possible. So the darker blue won and I’m excited to switch up from gray.

Binding + Install Style

Once you select your fabric you’ll need to select a binding. The Carpet Workroom has many different bindings that you can finish off your runner with. A fun options is adding a nail head detail (which costs additional) to really add a “wow” moment. I wanted to keep things simple so I selected a binding that would bring out the woven blue in the fabric design. Below is the exact fabric we selected.

Installers will also want to know your preference for how the runner will be installed, Hollywood vs. Waterfall style. Click HERE to see the two different options. Since we previously had the Hollywood style, I chose to keep that look. I like the way it wraps around the stairs and shows off the stair shape. It has a more classic and traditional vibe.

Last but not least- What to Budget?!

Ok, the BIG question. You are wondering what do you need to budget for a stair runner? The Carpet Workroom has low priced runner packs that can be installed in the local area for under $1,000, for straight runners and $1,500 for more custom items. Stairs with landings typically price out $1,500- $2,000. Your fabric selection will also dictate cost. Be sure to use my code JORDECOR10 or mention me for a discount.

Stair Runner After:

So before we get to the pretty afterphotos first here is in process shot of the removal. I won’t name names but according to the installer Pete our old runner was one of the worst carpet removals he’s ever done. He also said everything about it was done incorrectly. Our old runner was from a local big box store, that’s all I’m saying! 😉

Ok so let’s see what our stair runner looks like now!!

As you can tell I love it! I love the richness it adds and a little pop of color to our staircase. It is so plush and soft to walk on, keeps the old house squeaks to a minimum as well (added bonus!). I love the dark binding and the subtle stripe. It will also hide so much dirt. Look at me, already breaking my own rules of no shoes in the house. Whoops! Thank you so much to my friends at The Carpet Workroom for a fabulous collaboration and I’m so excited they are offering you guys a code; mention JORDECOR10 and they will apply to your order!

I truly hope you found this post helpful and informative. I also love getting to work with local companies that do such beautiful work. I appreciate you supporting these businesses I get the pleasure of working with.

Let me know if you have any questions and if you work with them please send me some photos via Instagram @Jordecor

Happy Decorating!


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Considering aa stair runner for your home?  Let me share some tips that helped me in our search for a new runner.  Things to keep in mind while your looking and the cost for material + installation.  Thanks to The Carpet Workroom for partnering with me for this post!

Welcome to Jordecor! I’m thrilled to have you here today. Let’s create a home you’ll love!

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