How to Organize Large Kitchen Cabinets

Are you stuck with organization in your kitchen?  Are you finding it challenging to store all your pantry items and unable to see everything you have.  I was constantly purchasing duplicate cleaning items and pantry food items because our organization was so haphazard.  All of my best efforts to try keep our cabinets organized would fail after a couple weeks.   In this post I’m going to share how ShelfGenie came to our rescue and transformed several of our kitchen cabinets.  Now, our kitchen organization game has never been better and several weeks later it is still going strong.

*this post is sponsored by ShelfGenie as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you are wondering what is ShelfGenie?  Shelf Genie implements custom home storage solutions aka organizing wizards.   If you’re struggling with storage in your kitchen (bathroom or closet) than you will appreciate the transformation that Shelf Genie provided for us.  It’s not that we were with out the storage space, it’s that the space we had wasn’t being utilized efficiently for us.   The gliding storage system that Shelf Genie provides allows you to see and reach every item in your cabinets with out having to bend down or push and shove things to the side.  The whole process from start to finish took 3-4 weeks and begins with the home consultation.

The Consultation/Design

The first step in the process is booking your free consultation.  If you are interested in learning more and having a space quoted you can do so by clicking HERE.  I have to be honest the consult was almost as fun as the install day.  I wasn’t expecting to get so much out of the consult, I felt like a sponge soaking up all the designer’s organizing knowledge. Our design consultant went through every cabinet in our kitchen and offered ideas plus helpful tips for where items should be stored.  I had never thought about pots and pans being in a smaller but wider space and cups dishes being in another cabinet.  However, having someone with lots of expertise in kitchen organization, advise me on our storage situation made so much more sense through their perspective.  I had a lot of “ah- ha” moments.  Needless to say when she left I organized ALL the things she gave me tips on! 

Next the designer walked me through the various wood color, sizing of drawer units and what would work best for our needs.  Once I shared my specific struggles with particular spaces and cabinets, lay-out etc… our designer got to work creating the perfect personalized storage solution for our kitchen.  Lots of measuring and looking at what type/size items fit in the problematic cabinets, helped guide our designer to create an amazing visual on her ipad which gave me an idea of how it would all look finished.  Once we discussed the design and dream scenario was of course pricing… to stay with in budget I edited down the dream plan to only the most crucial areas for our kitchen.  I love that we have our design saved to revisit if when we decide to add more down the road. Plus the products are also under a lifetime warranty if anything should happen to them, which made me feel confident in this investment to our home.

Now I want to show you the situation we had in our cabinets, be warned this is not a pretty site to see and this is a couple weeks after I had our cabinets all organized for back to school. All my attempts to stay organized in these cabinets failed….

The bottom is semi organized thanks to the baskets (baskets are always my go to for organizing any closet or cabinet). But when you have spaces that are this large and items that are this small there is a lot of wasted space. ShelfGenie took into account every item that would go into these, wall to wall cabinets and created a design that would completely use every inch of space.

Install day

Before install day the installer scheduled a time to come in and do a final measure before the cabinets would be officially on order. It goes to show how meticulous ShelfGenie is about creating a customized design for your space. This middle meeting for the installer to go over the space and design was super quick. In addition just meant that the next time he visits, with our gliding storage system, he would know exactly where the shelves would go.

As you can see the installer is using items I already have existing in my pantry to help determine the spacing of the gliding storage systems. It was helpful to be here, on the official install day just to double check and confirm where I wanted everything to go. Also, in the top left corner we chose a fixed vs. gliding vertical system. This is perfect for storing serving dishes, baking sheets, cutting boards and items that are flat and were just leaning on the sides of our interior cabinetry.

Under the sink was such a disaster. I could never find nor fit my cleaning products. I always ended up with duplicates because it was so cluttered. This is how it looked the day the installer arrived.

This is how it looks after ShelfGenie installed the gliding shelf below the sink. Now I simply glide my ShelfGenie storage system out and can easily access and see every cleaning product we have… it’s like a miracle!

This is my favorite spot, our new pantry area! Located on the right side of our fridge. It was a disaster before and I hardly could see what food items/ canned goods we had. Now everything is perfectly in reach. I even have a drawer specifically for canned goods!

I still find the baskets helpful for small items, as I do like to take things out of boxes when I can. Now snacks are easily in reach for the kids. I used the baskets at the front of some of the gliding shelves as it looks pretty to see them when they are all closed. On the opposite side of our fridge is where we have a lot of our serving dishes, mixing bowls and bulky kitchen appliances. Having our mixer on a pull out shelf is so amazing!! I never wanted to use our mixer because it was so heavy and cumbersome for me to get in and out of the cabinets.

I can’t begin to express how much these shelves have made our kitchen function so much better! It’s truly made such a huge difference to our organization and weeks later it still looks just like this! Everything has a place and I can easily access everything we have/ need when we need it! Thanks so much to ShelfGenie for providing us with these high quality storage system! My kitchen finally feels complete and the best it has ever looked ( + functioned)!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my ShelfGenie collaboration it’s so fun to get to work with companies and test out products that improve the way we live in our home. As always I appreciate your support!


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  1. Using different-sized shelves to determine where each item will go in your kitchen was a really helpful idea. That’s something that I can really see working out for us well, especially since cooking is a great hobby that all of us enjoy. Staying organized will doing that will help us enjoy it more, so I’ll look for a remodeling contractor that can help us out with installing cabinets like these.

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