How to Decorate for Spring!

Happy First day of SPRING!!  Today on the Blog I’m sharing some simple ideas for adding spring to your home.  I’ll be sharing two specific areas with you my mantel and our art ledges.  I hope you find it inspiring for your own spring decorating!

I thought I would welcome Spring with a little tour of our living room.  Before I do that, a lot has changed in the world since my last post.   I know this isn’t going to be our usual spring season.  We have a lot of uncertainty ahead of us.  One thing that isn’t changing is that our home is our sanctuary, it’s our safe place.   Literally now more than ever, it is time to look at your home as the refuge it is.  I don’t want to spend too much time talking about Covid-19, yet it’s our current reality.  I know you are constantly being bombarded with information and don’t need more here.  So I’ll just simply say that I hope this post finds you well, healthy and staying home so the first responders and medical care professionals can do their work.  Let’s remember that we are all in this together and I know we will emerge with an even better sense of compassion and appreciation for each other.

Bringing Spring into your home:

You’ll notice a few common threads in my living room – florals and greenery.  I honestly feel like spring might be the easiest season to decorate.  It’s as easy as adding extra florals and greens into your space for an instant boost of color and freshness. 

For our Spring mantel I hung these two lattice boards on either side of this beautiful new sign from Jenny at The Little Bird she is offering my followers a discount code JORDECOR10  if you’d like to browse her shop, times like this it is important to support small shops.  Spring reminds me of all things pretty in nature so I thought this sign was perfect.  She has many others as well that would be perfect in your home!

I also incorporate items to my mantel that move your eye from the corners and then back up. You don’t have to create a perfectly symmetrical design. I actually like mixing up the items on the sides so they aren’t exactly even. The candle sticks add height, the books and watering can balance the other corner.

The trick with adding florals to your space in the Spring is not to be scared to mix fresh and faux. This is the season to embrace an abundance of florals in your home. Plus it’s totally fun and OH SO PRETTY, so experiment with it. On my ottoman a simple glass vase of fresh tulips and on my mantel a grouping of faux floral bunches layered inside a wood planter. Using a variety of flower types and vessel types for example wood vs glass adds interest. The color adds continuity.

Greenery can come in the form of faux plants, real plants if you are so inclined ( I can’t seem to keep any alive) and simple green wreaths. Place them around the room on side tables and even on your mantel to bring that freshness into your space! If you do real plants please teach me a thing or two… 😉


As you can see Art is also a large contributor to the spring vibes in this space. The large floral arrangement art piece is quite the focal point on the wall. This exact painting I purchased many years ago from Pier 1 and I don’t think it’s available but this is similar. A large piece of art always adds quite an impact in a room. I love this one especially in the spring/summer. Fall and Winter I tend to switch this specific piece out because it just doesn’t fit the season as well.

We recently got a new sofa which we are loving! It’s so much lighter in the space and the bench cushions are just so clean looking. I decided to go with this rug because I love the warmer tones and patterns. On this side of the room I’m mixing smaller pieces of artwork on our gallery ledges. I love these ledges so much. I have so much fun mixing different art pieces, family photos and even my own art/kids art.

Tips For Styling Art Ledges

I’m excited to feature Abstract Artist Megan Carty and her beautiful prints to our gallery art ledges. Top right and bottom middle are two of her paintings printed on canvas and they are beautiful!! I love mixing things up each season and incorporating new artists to our walls. *An affordable way to add art into your home is to purchase prints from local artists OR GO ON ETSY and pop them into frames with large mattes. I like to group together a mix of different styles and mediums to make a more interesting focal point on the wall. As you can see I tried to keep the colors consistent with pinks!

If you like this Bunny Print I painted it last year and its for sale HERE

My final tip for bringing spring into your home is PILLOWS! A few new pillows or pillow covers can freshen up your sofa or bedding and add a new color/design to your space. I updated the lighter pink pillows which are from Home Goods and brought up this cute bunny pillow from storage that I purchased several years ago. I linked a few that I thought were similar and cute.

Thank you friends for stopping by, please stay safe and healthy! Also, share with me your home decor by following me on Instagram and tagging me in your photos! I love connecting with you there.


*this post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission off of any product I recommend here.  Please know this helps support my business and blog.  As always all opinions are my own

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