How to Decorate a New Year’s Eve Tree and Countdown Festively to 2021!

The New Year is fast approaching and just because we can’t go out to a party, bar or fancy dinner to celebrate doesn’t mean we can’t welcome 2021 in BIG at home.  In this post I’ll show you how I’m teaming up with Christmas Tree Shops and That! to transform our Christmas tree into a NYE tree with just a few easy and inexpensive changes.  This will be a fun way to switch up your Christmas decor to make your NYE celebration at home feel a little more special.

Since becoming parents our NYE party plans have been few and far between.  However, I think it’s safe to say that this pandemic has put a damper on most peoples plans, parents or not.   I’d welcome a NYE Party now, we are all soooo overdue!  In years prior we’ve enjoyed low key celebrations with our two little ones.  Simply getting together with friends, cooking a nice dinner and mixing up some speciality cocktails is our ideal NYE celebration.  This year kids or not it will be a more low key celebration for all.  Even more reason to have fun with your decor and set up something magical for ringing in the New Year.

My trip to Christmas Tree Shops and That! never disappoints, they have a great selection of NYE party supplies, props and decor to work around a New Year’s Eve at home theme perfectly!  I grabbed a box full of noise makers, hats, headbands and other accessories. I also found party poppers that are fun for each person to pop open for a surprise.  I also splurged (and by splurge I mean they were $1.99 each) on some super beautiful “coupe” style glasses for champagne at midnight.  I couldn’t resist this cute tea towel with the “drink happy thoughts” saying,  We all need to think happy thoughts for 2021 and on NYE a couple cocktails will help with that.  In the ornament section I found a cute disco ball ornaments, oh and lots of awesome paper goods!  I grabbed clock paper plates to use in the tree as large ornaments (and in true 2020 fashion I put them all in the tree upside down). I tried to stick with a white, gold, black theme and looked for other items that would tie in with that.

New Years Eve Tree Styling

When you arrive home with your NYE party supplies from Christmas Tree Shops and that! set them up on your tree.   It might seem strange to use paper plates or noise makers as decor on a tree but trust me!  The clock paper plates look so festive on a NYE tree (I just put mine in the wrong direction)! I love using items for more than one use, and this is a fun way to display your party props and then that night your family can just take their celebration gear right off the tree!  Easy peasy. 

I love how the gold, black white and silver give this tree such a festive and magical vibe.  You can add some twinkle lights (my tree is a non pre-lit flocked tree) I’ve had it for years.  Can you even really tell those are paper plates? They look like clocks right?!  If you want them more secure just add a little hole punch and a ribbon at the top and tie onto a branch.  

Festive NYE Cocktail or Champagne Station

To accompany the New Year’s Eve tree I thought it would be fun to grab a tray I already had and set up the pretty “coupe” glasses with some party streamers, garnish and the pretty gold candles holders that I also found at Christmas Tree Shops and That!  I added some battery operated tea lights and they give the perfect twinkle to the champagne set up. 

I couldn’t believe Christmas Tree Shops and that! had these gorgeous “coupe” style glasses, they are my absolute favorite style right now.  I love the vintage Parisian flair they add, plus make your glass of bubbly look even more fancy.   I added some rosemary sprigs and cranberries to give that extra special garnish to the glass, I’ll add a splash of pomegranate, cranberry juice or kombucha to give the prosecco a touch of color.  Some fortune cookies make an fun little touch to the cocktail display. 

Let’s all hope for health and good fortune in 2021.  I hope this post inspires you to create something beautiful in your home to ring in the New Year! Cheers to you all!

Happy Decorating!



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