Hospital Packing List: Momma + Baby

Happy Friday!  I’m 34 weeks tomorrow so I thought I’d share and start to organize what I want to pack for myself and baby for the hospital.  While it’s been almost 8 years since we last I was rolled up to Labor + Delivery, I do remember some things from the last time that really helped me and I want to have again.   Now that I’m on my third, I feel much more relaxed this time around.   I know what to expect and just feel a sense of excitement bringing our little boy into the world vs. the first time with Griffin, it was more an anxious anticipation of the unknown. 

 If it is your first go around or third, trust in your body it will know what to do and that you were made to do this!   I’m always so curious what people pack for different things, whether it is a trip to Mexico (always fun) or even to the hospital to have a baby!  Trust me when I say that usually I’m an over packer for everything but when it comes to the hospital bag less is more.



My Hospital Bag Must Have’s:

Small Carry On Suitcase:  A duffle bag, weekender bag or large tote also works.  I just love the ease of wheeling my small suitcase.  Especially when we leave with baby and carseat.  I also like how I can easily unzip and see everything I have vs. digging through a weekend bag.  I already have this small carryon suitcase so I’ll probably just use it.

Robe and Nightgown:  I have several of these maternity night gowns right now that I love and I plan to bring one or two for sleeping, they are so light and comfy.  For warmth and an additional layer I love bringing a robe it makes me feel a bit more pulled together as well.  A zip up sweatshirt or button down layer is great too if your nursing and get cool easily. 

Toiletries:  This is my travel toiletry case that I’ll throw in as well.  I love my own hair and facial products, lotions, eye creams etc… yes I could go a couple days with out them but if possible I like to have the items that make me feel refreshed.  I’ll also bring some make up remover wipes too!  I had both my other kids in the midnight hour so getting washed up after was not what I really felt like doing after hours and hours of labor.  So having just some make up wipes to freshen up after delivery is so helpful.  As for makeup I’ll be minimal; concealer, tinted moisturizer, mascara and some lip gloss/chapstick is a must (my lips are always dry!).

Flip Flops/Slippers Since we are having baby #3 in September I think I’m going to skip the slippers and just bring my waterproof Birkenstocks for showering, wearing around.  I’ll also probably wear a pair of sneakers or my elastic converse to and home from hospital.  

Cozy Socks:  I love these socks with the fun sayings on the bottom, they are also slip proof.  I definitely ordered a pair!

Sound Machine:  Lots of noises in hospitals at night, nurses in and out all the time.   Our kids love white noise or sound machines when they sleep, myself and Ben included too .  This little portable sound machine will be used in the hospital when baby arrives and we are all trying to get some rest and block out the hospital noise. I like THIS one because its portable and clips on baby’s carseat. 

Postpartum Underwear: This is another item that I wanted, the hospital provides a lot of postpartum care/necessities but I wasn’t a fan of the underwear.  These are specifically made for after you deliver.  Same goes for having some comfortable nursing bras as well.  I really like these ones. 

Sleep Mask: For the same reason as the white noise machine, it can be hard to get rest in a hospital and having a sleep mask provides a little darkness.  I remember all the different lights and nursers coming in and out it was hard to get shut eye, which I guess is par for the course.

Water Bottle:  I love having a big ice cold water with crushed ice close by.  I remember being so thirsty with my other two and this would be a nice “extra” to have.

Speaker:  Another thing I remember from my last two births was having a relaxing playlist that Ben and I listened to while I was laboring, it kept me chill.  We love music and always have music going in the background at home.  We have this little Kove speaker.  Don’t worry we won’t be blasting it through out the hospital!

Long Charging Cord:  This is just a no brainer, having a longer cord is a must.  We take so many photos and videos with our phones and having a cord that can reach is so key!   I of course has to get the blue for baby boys arrival

Other items to consider:

For Baby:

Packing for baby boy goes below are some of the things I’ll be adding to our diaper bag. I’ve been back and forth and all over the place with diaper bags. As of now I’m using my MZ Wallace Bag (size Medium) and I’ll be keeping things simple with a Tote Savvy Insert for organization.

  • Car Seat
  • Burp cloth (or two)
  • Swaddles
  • Pack of onsies
  • Sleeper gown that ties on the bottom for easy changes
  • Going home outfit in two sizes
  • Hand mittens to protect from face scratches
  • Paci, paci clip
  • Blanket/hat incase it’s cool the day we leave hospital
  • Lotion, diaper cream, and a couple diapers (hospital usually supplies them while there)

Memory Makers: If we can decide the name before we head to hospital, I’m hoping to have a cute acrylic sign made for a cute hospital introduction photo. Otherwise I’ll order a couple stickers that say “Hello My Name Is…” and I’ll add a sharpie to this list so we can write in his name if we need more time to decide! I also like to bring a tiny mini canvas so that the nurses can get a tiny foot print for me. I may even bring one of our kids polaroid cameras so that we can take some cool vintage photos as well!

I hope you found my packing list helpful! I like to try to keep things as simple as possible and planning ahead always makes me feel a little more calm and stress free.


Almost momma of three… Jordan

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