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For me the holidays are all about creating special moments with loved ones, especially our children.  The precious moments we create during family traditions is one of my favorite things about this time of year.   Traditions help keep those special moments in the forefront of our minds year after year.  Decorating can be a part of those traditions as well.  For those that celebrate Christmas, how many of you either in your youth and/or with your own children gather ’round the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music and lovingly trimmed the tree?   Like most, this is one of our favorite traditions too.  Some years new traditions are born, like as our children get older, an advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas is something they really enjoy.

Those are just a couple examples of how decorating can be part of holiday tradition.    Incorporating collections can also be a part of  Christmas decorating as well.  As each year passes, I love to find little ways to incorporate new traditions for the kids.   This year as I was shopping at my local Tuesday Morning, getting inspired for Christmas decorating. their beautiful European Holiday Decor collections caught me eye.   I had no idea that Tuesday Morning sold handmade items from Europe.  After our trip to Europe a few weeks back I loved the idea of incorporating some classic pieces from other parts of the world into our holiday decor.

During my shopping trip I noticed these beautiful wooden handmade nutcrackers from Germany, each one with distinct personality and character, got me thinking of my kids and what great collectibles they would be for them.  A collection would be a meaningful gift, one they may not appreciate now but as they get older.  There is something about a collection that makes me happy, especially during the holidays.   Treasures that have been carefully gathered over time, hold so much more meaning and love behind them.   Long story short I decided to get the kids each a nutcracker.   My idea is I’ll continue adding to their nutcracker collections over the upcoming years.  Someday when they have houses of their own I’ll pass on their childhood Christmas decorations (ornaments & nutcracker collection) so all those traditions and treasured moments we shared, will be remembered in their new homes.



The other handmade collectible items I found at Tuesday Morning was Polish pottery.  For those of you that host family for the holidays, another great collection idea would be your dinnerware.  If you don’t want to add a whole new set of dinnerware to your kitchen, simply purchase a bowl or a dessert plate, to layer into your table-scape, it’s a nice way to add in a fun color or pattern to you table-setting.  I love the blues and reds in the Polish pottery, as well as the simple designs that just feel very old world and festive.  They also carry Polish Pottery ornaments as well.   I grabbed these two.



Here I used the Polish pottery bowls in a little drink station set up.  These festive bowls also work in a bar or snack set up.  I’m going to be sharing a festive drink recipe very soon so stay tuned for that!


I was so excited to also find some unique pieces like this buffalo check runner with snowflakes on the edges.  I put it as a base layer on our sofa table, then layered over some white ceramic houses.  I love using runners on side tables and not just on kitchen tables, it can really add a pop of color and tie in the current season.  Also the beautiful mercury glass mitten garland, was one of the unique holiday pieces I’ve ever found!  I also bought these stunning metal houses with snow around the edges.  That I love to use on the side of my mantle to create height.



I really love going into my local Tuesday Morning because I know I’m going to find unique pieces at great prices.  It’s always a treasure hunt for me!  Now, I know they also carry special collectable options as well.   Do you and your loved ones have any special holiday traditions that you hold dear?   Do you have any meaningful collections that bring you joy?  I’d love to hear below.   Thank you for stopping by and supporting the brands I love.   I hope I’ve inspired you in some way this holiday season.






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