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I promised I was going to do some posts from the beach house this summer on little projects we do to get the house ready.  Well it’s only been less than a week of vacation and between taking the kids to the beach or the playground I’ve been able to get so many projects started I feel like I’m on a roll around here.  One project I’ve been wanting to get done is sprucing up our outdoor shower area.  With a long stretch of  90 degree days approaching we will be making many trips to the beach.   What’s better after a long beach day than rinsing off in an outdoor shower?   Where are my outdoor shower lover’s?   There is something so amazing about showering in the open air, right?! Maybe it is the the breeze? the birds?

Most outdoor showers on Cape Cod are built on either the side or the back of the house.  What’s unique about ours is the outdoor shower is in the front of the house tucked in between the garage and our house right on the front porch.  There are two ways to access the outdoor shower one is walk inside the garage and go through the door in the back to the front porch area.   The other way is to just follow the walk way to the front of the home and walk down the front porch.


Unless we pointed out the shower most people wouldn’t realize it was there.  The shower and the wood decking kind of blend together.  I wanted to bring attention to it so guests and family visiting would see there is a shower there for them to use.   We also needed a place for the sandy/wet towels to be hung.



I was inspired by these Pottery Barn letter hooks to spell a word along the side of our outdoor shower.  What I love about these letter hooks is that they make a space look clean AND cute.  Spell out your family name, spell a word, use initials… it’s a fun way to create organization in a cluttered space.   For the outdoor shower I wanted to spell out something everyone needs to do after a long beach day “RINSE”.  A nice little reminder to please rinse all that sand off your feet and your body before you walk through the house.  Subtle enough right? 😉  Plus this will also bring some focus to the shower so guests know it’s actually there.




If you live in a house with kids or lots of people visiting you know all the stuff that goes along with these warm active days.  The swims suits, baseball/beach hats, rain coats, camp bags, goggles, towels, list goes on… One of the easiest ways to make an entry look clean is to add hooks,  It get’s all the STUFF off the floor.

I’ve been holding off on purchasing these exact letters because I wanted to see if I could recreate the look of these for a fraction of the price.  Let me show you how I made my own version of these Pottery Barn alphabet hooks for a fraction the cost.  The letters were less than $5 and hooks around $1 each.

Materials (click below):


I used a black spray paint because we have black trim outside of the house, but you could do your letters galvanized (silver) or all white, or even a bright color!  I started by spraying everything down with a light first coat.  I waited an hour or two then went back and did another light coat which was just enough.  The store I went to didn’t have these hooks in black that would have been easier.

I measured equal distance between each letter spacing them out just a bit and hung them up!


Once I hung the letters/hooks it didn’t take long before I head to Marshalls and Homegoods for a few other accessories to finish off the area.  I wanted to add some cute towels, a new rug and a few other items to make this area feel more welcoming.  I used these stripe towels that look so cute hung out here.   I got really lucky with this black and white outdoor runner that looks like a mosiac tile.   A lantern and potted plant just frame the black door and bring the space together.



It didn’t take long for the kids to check out the new outdoor shower.  The letters and bright towels really draw the eye to this space.   I’m happy the kids will now willingly go take a RINSE after the beach.  Outdoor showers make life so much easier for us parents.  Don’t you agree?






What do you guys think?  Did I pull off the Pottery Barn look?  I love their letters but I’m happy I saved us some money and made our own.  I can’t wait to enjoy this area after the many beach days we have coming up this week.  I know this spot will get a ton of use!  How are you guys beating this heat wave? Pool, ocean, lake, boat, non-stop AC?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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