Getting ready for Baby #3! Our New Rocking Chair…

A couple weeks ago I shared a round up of my favorite modern style rocking chairs from All Modern.  Thanks to All Modern for sponsoring this post!  We are expecting our third baby (a BOY) in September and we’re slowly getting our home ready for his arrival.   It’s been awhile since we had a baby in our home.  Also, we don’t have an extra bedroom to make into a nursery.  So I’m creating little baby zones around the house.  This corner of our living room area is one of those zones.  I’ve created a baby changing area and diaper/baby cart for easy access to supplies.  I love that the cart can be moved around as well and the changing basket looks more like decor than anything baby related.   I love that All Modern has rocking chairs that tie in with our living room decor and don’t scream baby.  I know we will enjoy countless snuggles, cuddles and reading to our new baby in this chair.   Continue reading below to see which one we selected!

My favorite modern rocking chairs from All Modern.

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Here is what we were working with before:

The chair we had prior is comfy but takes up a lot of space.  I knew I wanted something with a bit more contrast here.  We have a lot of light color furniture and adding something with a bit of a darker tone is a nice way to break things up and add balance to a space.  Since we can’t fit a rocking chair or glider into our bedroom, using this first floor corner for a rocker and changing area made sense for us.

After browsing the selection at All Modern I fell in love with the light wood tone base of this rocking chair, as well as the darker upholstered fabric. The clean lines gives it a more modern feel and it’s also great for a smaller corner as it isn’t super wide.

Our new living room rocking chair from all modern helps us get ready for baby #3!

I absolutely love how our new rocking chair fits in this corner.  I can just imagine all the snuggles and books we will read together here.   It feels like part of our living room and not overly baby-ish.  I added a simple start pillow made by my older son and a super soft Chappy blanket.  A modern shaped side table is also a perfect addition for those bottles, cups of water and to hold books.   I added this faux cow-hide rug for softness and we will probably get a little pouf or stool to put our feet up on too.

In these last photos I swapped the rug for a cozy shag sherpa rug.  I love the pop of white!  Either works but it is fun to play around with the decor here until it feels just right! What do you think of the round up of modern rocking chairs from All Modern?  Do you like this one here?  I think it really is a nice change from the super over-sized light colored chair we had here before.   Big thank you to All Modern for sponsoring this post and thank YOU for stopping by and checking out my first baby related decor post!

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