Getting Beach Ready with Christmas Tree Shops

Now that the warm weather is officially here in New England I’m marking the calendar and planning all the days/weekends we are free for trips to Cape Cod.  I can’t wait to pack up the car and hit the beach!   I’m excited to be partnering up with Christmas Tree Shops and That! to share my favorite beach items with you.  A successful beach day comes from great organization and preparation, especially with kids!  So I like to start the season off by refreshing items that are broken or missing.  This way I’m not running around the night before trying to find all our favorite beach items.  Now that I’m further along in my third pregnancy (and very tired) I’m hoping this momma can relax at the beach and watch the kids from a comfy beach chair as they play.  A mom can dream right?!  I love that Christmas Tree Shops and That! has everything I need to get ready for a beach trip and is also super affordable.

Let’s go shopping!

Christmas Tree Shops and That! had everything on my list and more!  I knew the kids needed new kick boards,  they seem to break or go missing at the end of each summer.  For $12.99 and under you can find many sizes and designs for your kiddos.   I also grabbed a couple new beach towels, I love their quick dry ones for $9.99.  However they have a ton of different beach towels to select from, some are even under $5.00.  I also remembered the kids outgrew their beach chairs and last summer they were stealing ours!  For only $16.99 each, I grabbed two chairs that sit lower to the sand and are on the smaller side, so it would be easier for them to carry.  

I’m always on the look out for smaller bags that I can use to keep items like sunblock, sunglasses, books, playing cards, and goggles inside.  I noticed they have these adorable wet bags for bathing suits in fun shapes like sharks and ice cream cones (only $5.99), I plan to also use them to organize those smaller beach essentials that I mentioned for each kid.  This way I’m not always digging through my own bag for their small itemsI

The Beach + Organization:

I always seem to gravitate towards a color scheme when I’m shopping.  This time happened to be pink and green for the kids! I got them each new goggles, pale and shovel, I also grabbed some little books and word searches to add into these cute wet bags.  I found Autumn cute jelly shoes(4.99) and a new sun hat ($6.99).  I love that I can organize smaller beach essentials into their little wet bags, then throw them in my bigger bag so their stuff is easy to grab.


We usually leave for the beach first thing in the morning to beat traffic.  So packing up the trunk the night before saves time and makes me feel a little less crazy in the morning!   We are so excited for our first beach day and thanks to Christmas Tree Shops and That! we are ready to go.  My daughter even enjoyed helping!  I think she is just ready for the beach and to use her new boogie board!

I hope it gives you some ideas of what Christmas Tree Shops and That! have in store, as well as how get ready for your first beach day plus organize some smaller items for your kids.

Happy Shopping!


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