Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover

When we moved into our home three years ago one of the biggest perks was it had a working fireplace in the living room.  We LOVE building fires in the cold New England winters.  Nothing is more relaxing than getting cozy on the sofa with a glass of wine and staring into a blazing fire.  Our fireplace has a lot of charm and character but the red brick and maroon floor tile wasn’t the look I was going for.  I wanted something a bit more modern and light.
The good news, is that the fireplace has great bones!  The wood mantel surround is chunky and frames the fire beautifully.  I knew at some point down the road we would update this into a beautiful focal point.   But before that could happen we had more immediate concerns like re-painting this kermit the fog green wall color (no offense to anyone who likes green I’m just more of a blue/gray girl).
This winter we knew it would be the perfect time of year to update the brick.  With measurements and inspiration in hand, we hit up our local tile shop.   I highly recommend going to a local shop because they sometimes have a clearance room where you can find great deals.  You should have seen my face when the clearance room had exactly what I was looking for at half the price (jaw on floor).   We chose a herringbone White Statuary Calacatta, Polished Marble Mosaic for the surround, and a Residence Ash Lappet Porcelain floor tile (it picked up the gray tones in the marble beautifully).   Both of these were super marked down!
We considered DIYing the tile but decided to hire a professional because we found such a great deal on the tile and didn’t want to waste any material with with our learning curve.  However, we did all the prep work ourselves.  By ripping up the old floor tile, sanding down my white wash effect and removing the black insert we were ready to go!
Tile in process…
 Once the grout was finished we were ready to put back our grate that covered the fire and as we have little kids we really like using this as it’s an extra precaution.  Instead of putting on the black crate I decided to use a high heat spray paint in silver to freshen up the metal and give it a nice sleek modern look.   This is what we used here.
 I felt the black would be too strong a contrast and would take away from the chevron pattern and airy white/gray look.
I hope you liked our fireplace transformation!  It was a great investment for our home as we spend a lot of time in this space, especially in the winter months.  Thanks for stopping by!
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