My New Home Planner is LIVE!

I’m so excited to announce the PRE-ORDER for my new home planner is LIVE!  You can officially grab a copy!  Planner’s are scheduled to ship in 2-3 weeks.  I appreciate you ordering ahead of time, as it gives me an idea of how many to order from the printing press this round!

What is my new HOME PLANNER all about?  

Are you the type of person that strives to be organized in  all aspects of your life?  If so, you most likely have a some kind of planner.  Maybe it’s for school, work, teaching, your budget or your upcoming wedding plans?  The important and sometimes chaotic areas of your life benefit from some type of organizational system.  Right?

But what about those four walls in which you live?  How do you manage your aspirations for your dwelling?  You know those ideas, projects, budgets, receipts, maintenance checks, trades and shopping to do lists, that are all jumbled around your head.  All of these areas can get really overwhelming to remember.  Where you dwell is a major area in your life!  Your dwelling might be a city apartment, condo/townhouse, fixer upper or new build. 

Wherever YOU call home… big house or small apartment, big or small budget; your space is calling out to be your canvas!

I created Dream Design Decorate to help you stay motivated, inspired and organized in creating a dwelling you love.   In this planner you will receive contents that go beyond just blank workbook pages (you’ll get those too, for each room!).  Inside you’ll find DIY tips, decorating “how- to” pages to take with you on the go and on the journey of making a house a home.  When you are stumped refer to it, if you get off track on your projects refer to it again!  I get asked all the time where I get my motivation and energy.  I gain it from the satisfaction of seeing an idea or design plan come to life.   By making your space a beautiful reflection of yourself and family you will continue to boost your confidence and stay motivated in tackling your projects.

Highlights of my planner include:

  • Style Quiz:what type of design aesthetic are you most drawn to?
  • Ratios to Remember:  Important ratios to remember in design.
  • Fixtures Figured Out: How to select light fixtures for your home!
  • Decorator’s Shopping Guide:  My favorite places to shop!
  • Home Paint Color Palette Log: To jot down all those wall colors.
  • Blank Planner Pages: Will help you plan out your ideas, to do lists and budget for each room.  

And SO MUCH MORE!  All written by yours truly.  Dream Design Decorate is an 8 x 10 wire bound planner, filled with tips and ideas for you to take action on creating beautiful spaces.   Planner is $35 which includes shipping.  If you’d like to purchase more than one copy use code BuyMore to save!

Let’s get started creating a dwelling you’ll love, together!  Grab my planner and meet your new decorating bestie.

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Welcome to Jordecor! I’m thrilled to have you here today. Let’s create a home you’ll love!

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