Decorating for Fall with Christmas Tree Shops!

 I’m so excited to be partnering up with Christmas Tree Shop’s today to share some of my favorite fall items from their Petal and Stone Collection as well as their new Jewel Tone Collection.   Getting a head start on adding some fall pieces to our living room will make cuddling a sweet new baby that much cozier.   For those of you that don’t know we are expecting #3 any day now which means I have a serious case of nesting.  I’m prepping our home by getting it clean, organized and maybe a little styled for fall too!  Each passing week I start to feel a little less energy.  Thankfully I was able to get a few new items to style from Christmas Tree Shops that I can’t wait to share with you.  

My favorite decor to change out for the seasons are:

  • Wreaths
  • Pillows
  • Centerpiece accents 
  • Florals/Natural elements that tie in with the season
  • Candles
  • Blankets


Let’s Go Shopping!

 I love taking you along as I peruse the aisles of Christmas Tree Shops’ seasonal decor to get inspired and find pieces that I think will work with my existing decor like sofa, rug, wall color, accent furniture etc.  While you shop keep in mind your existing color schemes and home style when selecting seasonal decor.  The seasonal decor you select should enhance and compliment your existing decor not fight with it.   

So when shopping for our living room at Christmas Tree Shops I was keeping in mind the pale greens/blues and touches of deeper pinks already at work in our living space.  As I shopped, I instantly fell in love with the darker burgundies, burnt oranges as well as hunter greens like in these pillows below.  For seasonal decor I don’t like to spend a lot and Christmas Tree Shops always has the best deals!

Fall Pillows

I love this rattan wreath for a transitional piece from summer to fall.  I love it for an interior door!  You can also add a few little white pumpkins as well. 

As you can see their Jewel Tone collection is full of deep rich colors like burnt orange, navy and burgundies.  I just couldn’t help including a bump picture during my shopping trip!  


Let’s Decorate!

Here you can see how I used some of the existing colors in our rug to pull the sage green and pink tones from their Petal and Stone collection which has a little more of a boho vibe. I grabbed some pumpkins in golds and grays to balance some of the blush and burgundies, then the pale greens soften it.  I love how the wreath and sign from the Jewel Tone collection tie in with the deep green of our front door.  

I added the burgundy “thankful” pillow to this ottoman bench area and filled a low wood container under the tv (hides an electrical outlet perfectly) with a couple bags of their velvet “filler” pumpkins in beige and hunter greens for $4.99 each is perfect to add a little fall to an existing bowl or vase.  Switching our Frame TV to fall art also helps set the seasonal vibe. 

I love these gold textural metal pumpkins they are so classy and a touch vintage/boho.  I placed one on a book next to this wood container with blush florals, also from Christmas Tree Shops.  I like that I won’t have to think about keeping these alive while I’m taking care of a newborn.  I like to add groupings of three or four when I decorate a table corner it adds interest.  The woven wall basket on the interior front door also adds a nice focal point and I may even add my own little faux white pumpkins too it as well.  For only $26.99 it looks like it was made for this room!  

I fell in love with this pink embroidered pumpkin pillow for $19.99 and my biggest regret is not getting a second one for the other corner!  I’ll have to go back. I can’t believe how well the colors all tie into the existing decor.  It is much easier on the eyes than throwing a bunch of orange into this room.  The fall touches are subtle and add coziness but don’t steal the focus or dominate the space. 


As you can see our front door is fall ready!  The burnt oranges of this wreath and sign combination from the Jewel Tone collection pop perfectly!  Christmas Tree Shops has an amazing selection of seasonal wreaths at great prices and I love to add/layer a cute sign on top of a wreath for an extra layer of interest!   I simply nestled the sign into the faux branches but I’ll also use some floral wire to secure it in place.  


So what is your guess for baby’s arrival? He is due 9/25 think we will make it that far?! Have you started decorating for fall? I sure hope this gives you some inspiration. Be sure to check out your local Christmas Tree Shops for super cute pieces to add to your home this season!

Happy Decorating!


Welcome to Jordecor! I’m thrilled to have you here today. Let’s create a home you’ll love!

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