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I started my own Decor business two-three years ago and I’ve learned it’s the small details that make a business great!  Over time I’ve been working more with client services like E-Designs and Home Consults (click here for more info), which is why I want to be able to send a quick and easy “thank you” at the completion of a project.  I’ll admit that I haven’t been as detail oriented as I’d like, when it comes to sending out small gestures of gratitude.   Are you like me and don’t always have time to sit down, write and mail a “thank you” card?  I’m either juggling the kids or trying to squeeze in working time among other things.

Since I’m usually at my computer doing work, I’m way more likely to send a “thank you” via a website service.  I know you might be thinking  “where is the personal touch in a website service?”.   Well if you are,  you probably haven’t heard of Greetabl!   Greetabl is a modern way to send someone happy mail.  Sending a  Greetabl is way more fun than just mailing a card.  Greetabl is a combination of both card & gift in one.   Over at Greetabl they make it so easy to mail a personalized “hello”, “miss you”, “thank you”, “thinking of you”, or “love you” sentiment and is a go-to gift for clients, family or friends!

Look how cute the packaging details are!  The beautiful colors and cheerful text make this such a fun little surprise to receive!

To start, simply head over to then choose a pretty patterned box, uploaded three photos for a client or a friend.  I included my logo and some photos of a client project.  Next choose a special gift, they all fit perfectly inside the box.  I thought the face mask would be a nice treat for my client to use when she wants to relax.  Lastly, the most important part, write a little message!   So easy and under $30.  Greetabl will now be my go-to gift for client “thank you’s”!  Greetabl is also offering you guys a PROMO CODE, add JORDECOR at check out for 15% off your order!  Let me know how you like it.  I’m excited to include a special detail like this for my clients that choose to hire me.

Friends, thank you for stopping by the blog today!  I hope this gives you a new source for sending out beautiful one of a kind gifts to your own clients, family or friends!  I appreciate you guys.  Especially for supporting the brands that help me support my family and keep this little blog running 🙂




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