Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips and Printables

Christmas is a WEEK away!  Not sure how that is possible.  Literally was just eating turkey!  Are you finishing up your shopping and getting ready to wrap all your Christmas gifts this week?  Or are you a superhuman and already finished with shopping and wrapping?  I definitely fall in the first category.  I just started getting all my wrapping supplies together and I’m going to wrap all the gifts for our family and secret santa’s/grabs first so I can start placing them under the tree.  I love when the gifts look beautiful like extra decor in the room, vs. a heap of clutter.  Keep reading for some free printable gift tags and my secret recipe for perfectly coordinated christmas gifts under your tree.  They will look too pretty to open!

If you follow my tips for Christmas wrapping below; the gifts under your tree will blend in as beautiful (however temporary) holiday decor for your home.  The key is to choose wrapping paper that ties in with the color schemes in the room.  If your holiday decor is more traditional red and green or maybe feminine pinks and golds, or beach-y blues, look for wrapping paper that is going to fit in with the scheme you already have going on.  If you want to keep it really simple you could do a simple solid paper like black, red, or brown craft paper and a simple ribbon for all.  Always an option to go super simple.

I use this 3,2,1 method when it comes to selecting Christmas gift wrapping. It’s helpful because you don’t buy a ton of everything in random colors, patterns and designs.  It will help you stay focused and give you a theme to follow.

3: Select three wrapping papers that coordinate with each other but that are all different.

Choosing three different wrapping papers that coordinate in some way.  Color is the easiest way to select paper that matches, then from there mix the pattern and designs this will give you variety under your tree.  *TIP:  you can use the three different patterns to signify different groups (families) for who the gifts are for.  Use one style wrapping paper for the in-laws, one for your family and one for spouse or immediate family (etc) and it’s a quick way to find the gift for someone when you need it.  This year I had luck at T.J. Maxx for my wrapping paper and I always feel like there and Homegoods has a beautiful good quality selection.  I’ve also bought at Target and Walmart but they quality isn’t always as nice. 

2: Select two types of ribbon (or bows) that coordinate with a color in the wrapping paper that will match any of the wrapping paper

Depending on the type of ribbon and bows you like, big/small, thin/thick, simple/frilly, whatever it may be, I would suggest buying two and using them alternating on the three different styles of paper.  Could you by many many more styles of ribbon yes, will it start to look busier? Yes.  That is fine if you don’t mind that.  This 3,2,1 guide is just a way to simplify the wrapping process so you get a cohesive look under your Christmas tree.


1: Select one gift tag that works with all the wrapping and ribbon

The gift tag should be the special finishing touch on the gift.  Look for something that defines your style and that’s going to pop against your paper.

Shop Gift Tag Ideas:

Shop Ribbon Ideas:

What if my gift is too large to wrap?

I have just the thing for you! Over the past few Christmas’ we have purchased larger size gifts that the kids can share and play with together. One year it was a play kitchen, another a teepee, another a puppet show theatre. We love to have it all set up for them when they come down stairs. Usually I’ll throw a bow on it. This year I thought it would be fun to design a JUMBO size Gift Tag (a full 8×10 printer paper size) to add to the larger gift that’s too big to wrap once assembled.

This year we got them THIS game table that converts into multiple different games like ping-pong, pool, air hockey and more! I want the tag to indicate the gift is for BOTH kids because our son could easily think it is all “his”. A small tag or bow wouldn’t be enough so I designed this large tag from the “North Pole”.

Below is the JUMBO Gift Tag I designed to share with you guys. All you need to do is click on the link, save to computer and print. I recommend printing on cardstock paper so it has a nice thickness to it. Once you print simply cut it out along the edge of the black line, hole punch at the top and add your ribbon. Use the ribbon to tie the tag to the large size gift.

Free Printable:

Free Printable:

I hope these ideas are helpful! Of course there is no right or wrong way to approach this, use as much or as little as you’d like. I just found that when I was consistent with color, ribbon design and the tags the gifts looked much more like beautiful decor all styled under the tree!

If you use my tags please take a photo and tag me on Instagram so I can see!! Thanks so much and have a great Christmas!



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