Cape Cod Winery

Since I’m spending the summer on beautiful Cape Cod I thought I would share some of my favorite spots with you!  As much as I love decorating, DIY and crafting these warm summer days won’t last forever, so it’s best to enjoy them while they’re here.   Right?  Once a week I’ll try to highlight some of my favorite spots on Cape Cod.  Places I go back to year after year, as well as some new- to- me spots!  First up this week is a new to me spot…

Cape Cod Winery

I’ve had on my bucket list for awhile to try some of the wineries on the Cape.  I love wine!  I especially love the atmosphere of a winery, so chill and relaxed, sipping the day away.  I also love learning about wine; how it is made, the grapes etc… Ben and I traveled to Sonoma several years ago and it was amazing!  Going into our visit I kept in mind not to compare the experience to our experience in CA because it would be like comparing apples to oranges.  Grapes grow so differently here, the climate and acidity it all goes into play with how the wine is made.  I’m by no means a Wine expert AT ALL.  However I thought I would share my experience visiting my first winery on Cape Cod.

Here is a little bit about the owners of the

“The Orlandella Family comes from the small village of San Sossio Baronia, Italy where it has long been known for its fertile soils, quality fruit production and where the people are known for their passion and craft of winemaking. To continue the tradition locally, the Orlandella’s purchased the Cape Cod Winery in 2013.

Our grapevines are planted on a splendid site with sandy gravel soil and gentle slops which are ideal for wine grape growing and parallel the great vineyards of southern France and Italy. The European wine grape varieties we have chosen are particularly suited to the special terroir of the Cape. The extraordinary wines produced from these fruits reflect the very special character of the Cape Cod sun, soil and climate that may be savored in each sip.”


We arrived at the Cape Cod Winery on a late Friday afternoon, it was a beautiful sunny day.  It wasn’t too busy however there were several small groups sitting out at tables… As you pull in you see the quintessential weathered shingle house, yet as you drive past it you see something a bit out of place for the area, rows and rows of grape vines!  Instantly you are transported, it feels like the Cape but at the same time it feels different.   We pulled in and walked up to  the greeting desk.  We decided to do a tasting which was $10, you get a free glass with Cape Cod Winery etched on it and you get to taste 7-8 of their wines.

They seat you under this beautiful large tent held up by tree trunks, that over look the house and the grape vines.   Chill beach-y music plays as they bring over a bowl of oyster crackers and start you with your first taste of the wine.   I recommend bringing a little cooler with some of your own snacks too if you like a little more to nibble on while you taste.  A cooler with some hummus, carrots or cheese and crackers/ grapes would be delightful with this tasting.  They also bring you bottled water as well.

As we go through all the different varieties of their wines, the server explains how they are made.   They start you off with the most dry and then you work up to the sweetest.  I didn’t know how wines made on the Cape would taste but I sipped with an open mind and pallet 😉

I have to say I had quite a few favorites!  Unfortunately they were out of their Sauvignon Blanc (that is usually a favorite of mine) however I loved the Chardonnay because it wasn’t overly oak-y in finish.  It was very smooth and subtle.  LOVED!   I also was a huge fan of their popular Rose, called Mermaid Water.  We ended the tasting with a choice of their Blueberry wine or their Cranberry wine.  Cape Cod is known for their cranberry bogs and there are many around our beach house.  So I went for the Cranberry, it was tart as you can imagine but a bit sweet in its finish.  I really enjoyed it!

Post wine tasting I knew I wanted to purchase a couple bottles so we went into their little store do some shopping!  you we went into their little store to shop!  If you purchase three bottles you get a discount and the more bottles you purchase the more of a discount you receive. Once we made our purchases it was approaching 5 o’clock and I didn’t want to leave!  The live music was arriving plus the food trucks.  Check on their website to find out more about their hours and the different music/ food vendors that frequent on Wednesday and Friday nights.  Tastings are primarily in the day time hours and then in the evening.   On a Friday night it’s by the glass only.  I recommend doing a tasting first so you know what your favorites are!  I hope to go back soon and experience the winery in an evening setting.  It was such a treat!!!

Have you ever been to a winery on Cape Cod or anywhere?   How did you feel about the experience?  Did you find it just as relaxing as I did?  I hope you get a chance to check out this cool spot if you’re ever visiting Cape Cod!


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