Cape Cod Beach House (Update)

Cape Cod Beach House (Update)

This post is a long time coming.  I’ve had it drafted for weeks.  So here it is our our family beach house on Cape Cod!  I’ve shared updates on Instagram stories but haven’t shared too many photos on the blog.  The exterior of the home is almost done and now we are finally getting to the fun stuff.  Choosing the tile, lighting and making interior design choices is obviously my favorite part.

I think I explained before, but incase you missed it, this is my parents future retirement home but in the meantime,  until they actually retire and move down there, we (myself, my family and my three siblings) get to enjoy it during the summer months.

So let me show you around!  I’ll take you through some of the main rooms in the house.  This first photo is looking into the dining room. It is right off the kitchen and can be accessed from the left side wall which is the mudroom/ first floor bathroom.

Below is the kitchen, imagine a farmer’s sink, a big island in the center in an accent color , open shelving flanking the windows and some b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l lighting.  I’m dying I can’t wait.    See that little window there to the right, that will have access to a little counter and stool area on the back back that we can pass meals out to the kids or frozen beverages for the adults.

Below you’ll see the hallway from the kitchen to the living room.  That door to the left will exit on to a big screened in deck overlooking a quintessential Cape Cod harbor with swaying sailboats and all.  The deck extends the full length of the back of the house so there will be many areas out there to entertain.

Here is the back of the house not completely finished in this photo.  Eventually there will be a finished walk out basement, too.

Below, the wall to the right will have a shiplap feature wall.  We are also having wall sconces on that wall.  We are planning on another shiplap wall going up the main stair case that will only go up about halfway and finish with a wide end cap for leaning family photos/artwork.

My kids are always super excited to see the house, for the first one minute, hence they’re bored expression after about five.

This is the upstairs as they were working on bedroom/closet layout. Nothing too exciting to show here but I can’t wait to show you the tile choices for the two bathrooms up stairs

A few more photos of the outside:

The garage has a huge bonus room above it.   No plans yet what we will do with it.  But down the road it has a lot of potential!

The breezeway from the garage to mudroom below will have an outdoor shower, to the right of that door (below).  OH, see that opening to the left where those four posts are? The contractor installed heavy duty beams so that we can have a big sofa/swing like this:

(via Ballard Design)

What do you all think?!  I can’t wait to show you the lighting and the tile, it’s going to be so fun to see my vision come together.

Welcome to Jordecor! I’m thrilled to have you here today. Let’s create a home you’ll love!

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  1. Rita Lombardi says:

    I love the tour! Looking forward to the progression.

  2. Colleen says:

    Think ???? your parents would maybe adopt me?!????

  3. Louise says:

    I can only imagine the fabulous end result. It looks great so far, and it’s huge!

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