Boy’s Modern Sports Bedroom

Are you considering a bedroom refresh for your little guy (or girl?)  I’m going to share my son’s recent bedroom refresh he is 8 years old.  He already had some existing baseball elements but now wanted more of a football theme.  Since I didn’t want to eliminate the existing baseball decor I decided to mix in some football elements with out making it an overly “themed” sports space.  How do you do that?  Keep the look classic and add a few modern touches with lighting, rugs and bedding.  Keep reading below to see more!

His Room Before the Bunkbeds:

His space wasn’t bad it just needed a refresh, a new lay out and bigger bed.  So it all started a few weeks ago when I arrived home from a girls weekend to find my son’s twin bed was disassembled and replaced with bunkbeds.   This was somewhat of a surprise because we had the bunkbed in our garage for a little while given to us by a family member that no longer needed it.  We promised Griffin that we would change his bed to bunk beds because he’s in the sleepover stage.  I wasn’t expecting it to be set up the weekend I was gone! 

In my OCD mind I was planning to repaint his room, maybe order some new bedding and get everything in order AND THEN set up his bunkbed.  So when I came home from the girls trip to the bunkbed plopped in the middle of the room with complete chaos surrounding it I was a bit surprised and the decorator in me needed to take action ASAP.  I thought it was sweet, of course that my boys were busy building while I was away.  So I quickly put together a design board of my inspiration for his new space.

Boys Modern Sports Bedroom E-Design:

The Plan: A Feature Wall and Different Wall color

For the new wall color we decided on Behr Green Agate (Griffin’s choice for the feature wall) and then Behr Blueprint for the rest of the walls.  These are darker color options but I wanted his room to feel cozy. Nervous about going dark?  A room that get’s a lot of natural light (like his does) and a room that you want to feel like a blanket wrapping you up, you can definitely go with a darker color in!  I think darker colors create a space that encourages coziness and sleepiness, which I love for a kids bedroom 😉 

For the feature wall we taped off 10inch marks and taped lines to act as yard lines.  It’s super easy!  We just first painted the wall white, then measured and taped off the lined being careful to use a level for straightness (not sure we got everyone perfect but that’s ok!) then we painted the green of our choice right over the lines.  I added the yard line numbers with stick on decals from a craft store.  

The Bedding:

For the bunkbeds I knew I wanted to try out Beddy’s Beds. Beddy’s Beds is a genius, all in one bedding sytem, it’s like a sleeping bag turned turned into a fitted sheet. If you’ve ever had a bunkbed and tried to make that bed up in the morning, you want to scream right? With Beddy’s you literally just zip up the sides and it’s made! I’m excited to share that Beddy’s is offering you guys a 20% off code just use JORDECOR at check out! I went with the Modern Gray line of bedding. So far Griffin loves it he says its super soft and comfortable plus so easy to wash and of course put on the bed!

The Room Accents and Details:

I wanted to bring in touches of black and gold to go against the green/blue and gray combination. My husband and son are big Green Bay Packer fans so there is a bit of a nod to that. I’m a Patriot girl myself but I wanted this to be a special room for them to bond and talk football! I do plan on sneaking in something patriots when I find it!

For another touch of modern black I brought in these cool inexpensive lights so that kids could enjoy reading in bed or if they needed to get up in the night they would have access to light close by. We haven’t put the wire covers over them yet but we plan to do that soon. What’s great about these is they don’t need to be hard wired in so no electrician needed.

I reused a lot of the wall decor we had from before just put it on a different wall and I love that it peaks through the bunkbed and adds interest to that far wall. The football pillow covers come in a set of four and are so inexpensive. I love that they have the black silhouettes of football players.

I had originally wanted a dark navy rug but after seeing the walls I knew the rug had to be light and balance the room. I found this awesome white and black stripe rug that just feels so preppy yet modern at the same time. I’m not too concerned about it getting dirty because the kids don’t eat in their rooms or where their shoes upstairs (99.9 percent of the time anyways). Plus for under $100 I can’t complain if it gets a little beat up!

To make all his existing metal furniture work with this new room, I spray painted it a mat black. The locker cabinet and the shelf unit were both blue before and the simple black made them a bit more modern and pop! I love how the rug just ties it all together and the golds play so nicely with the blue and green. I have to say this might be one of my favorite rooms in the house. The best part is seeing how HAPPY he is every time he walks in here. For one last accent wall… I decided to add a fun wallpaper decal to his little book alcove.

Want more Boy Bedroom Inspiration?! Check out Vintage Society Co.’s Forest Wallpaper boy’s bedroom makeover!

This is the brick removable wallpaper I used for his little alcove, I felt painting inside dark green or blue would have made the room too dark. I love that the faux brick brings in a bit of an urban vibe and adds another texture/ layer/ pop visually to his room. It really is just so fun! I think it’s safe to say many sleepovers are in our future now 😉

Three things left for his room; a new flush mount light fixture, big kid desk and some type of bean bag seating for his reading area. Definitely in that order too! His light fixture is a boob light and we ALL know how I feel about those! XXXX 😉 I’ll update you once his desk area is looking a little better. Notice I didn’t focus on that side much?! Because it’s a mess! 😉

Thank you all so much for stopping by and checking out his new and improved big kid room!! It definitely has some sports vibes with out being too cheesy or theme-y.


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