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I shared on my last post that we are in the process of purchasing a new home!  We’re so excited for this next chapter and for Boden to finally get his own room.  When we brought him home from the hospital he obviously slept in our bedroom in a bassinet, as he out grew the bassinet we set up his crib in the corner of our master bedroom.  With out space for him to have his own room in our current house, this set up worked…until about the last two weeks.  He started waking up a lot at night and nobody was getting any sleep.  I had a few nights on the sofa in the living room and Ben in Griffin’s bedroom.

Now that the weather is warming up, we moved him into a pack and play in our office/closet over the garage (it always stays a little cooler over there than the rest of the house).  Since we made the switch  of putting him in our office, everyone is sleeping so much better.   Now that he doesn’t hear us coming in and out of our bed room, he sleeps mostly through the night and is starting to self soothe himself back to sleep.

All this to say that having him in his own bedroom will be amazing.  Since he is napping and sleeping in the office/closet we aren’t really able to get in there for some stuff and Ben is working in the kitchen again.  It is a big game of musical rooms.  Moving to a new home in early May will give us the space we’ve been desperately needing.  Today I thought I’d share Bo’s nursery mood board.  First I started taking inventory of the items around the house we have that I’m going to merge into his nursery.  I’ve always been a lover of country music and all things country western.   So I decided it could be a fun inspiration for his new bedroom.  In a modern and cool way of course.

Here is a photo of Bo’s new room:

As you can see it is a great size bedroom for a nursery.   Bo’s room is a north facing room so it won’t get a lot of light through the day which means I’ll probably paint it a light color for now.  I’d love to do a board and batten treatment at some point but for now just painted and set up/decorated.  He has two corner windows and a slope ceiling will make furniture set up interesting.  I have some ideas for furniture layout.  I’m thinking the rocking chair will go in the corner and his crib on the right flat wall or in front of the slope wall on the left side.  He also has a small dresser changing area that I’m thinking will go on the right wall when you walk in but it isn’t in the photo.  I’m sure once we move in I’ll play around with the lay out a bit.  I do love to see the crib and rocking chair when you walk in as focal points of the room.

These are the items I already have that I wanted to incorporate together in his nursery.  As you can see it definitely gives a modern western vibe to his space.  To fill in the blanks I found some adorable wall art, another layer for beneath the faux cowhide, black out curtains.  I’ll most likely add cordless shades as well.  Anyways let me show you the decor I added to these foundational pieces to really give it a fun modern country boy feel.

Western Boy Nursery

Where to begin?!  I’m so obsessed with this modern western nursery for our sweet Bo!  I decided to do a jute rug under the cowhide for a layered look.  The windowpane black out curtains bring in that modern farmhouse feel.  The leather stool to kick up our feet when we read books together.  I’ll also add in some fun pops of color, most likely on a book shelves with toys for him to play with.  Of course his dresser with changing stuff, mirror and cute accessories will be in there too.  I just didn’t have enough space on the mood board for ALL the cute things I wanted to add.


Boy Nursery/Room Wall Decor:

Let me know what you think of Bo’s new room! I can’t wait to set up this adorable space and just start to settle into our new home.  Thanks for stopping by!


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