Boden’s Birth Story

A week ago today on the morning of September 20, 2021 ( 8:13 am to be exact) we welcomed our son Boden Nicholas to the family!  I’ve never written a birth story before, with my other two kids I didn’t even have a blog!  Leading up to Boden’s birth I found myself googling and reading other bloggers’ birth stories.  I really enjoyed reading other peoples stories to get into that mindset.  I also love how each birth story is unique and truly so special.  Bringing life into the world is one of the most exhilarating experiences.   I’m so blessed to have had a healthy baby and successful birth story. I thought I’d write up the story of Bo’s birth while it is fresh on my oh-so- blissfully-sleep-deprived-mind.  I hope you enjoy reading how our little baby came into the world.  Also I wanted to share some of the things I tried to jump start labor that weekend prior to Monday Morning.   

The Weekend Before Birth

The weekend before he was born I was feeling really uncomfortable.  I had a lot of pressure and knew the baby was very low.  I was dilated 1cm and was 75% effaced according to my check the week prior.  I knew things were starting to happen as I was also having some contractions on and off but nothing consistent.  I was trying ALL THE THINGS that weekend because I was a little grumpy that I was still pregnant.  He was due 9/25 so I still had a week to go but I just felt SO ready.  If you know, you know.  I tried everything from spicy food, long walks, bouncing on a ball, foot massage, pressure points, and then I had my acupuncture appointment booked on Monday because if nothing else worked over the weekend I knew that acupuncture would be a great last attempt to get things going on their own.  I never made it to that appointment!  On SUNDAY afternoon I was visiting my cousin and she offered me some raspberry leaf tea to drink.  I had HEARD that this tea was another old wives tale but it was one I hadn’t tried yet.  I got home from her house and drank a cup and then before bed I drank another cup.   If you are wondering about red raspberry leaf tea here is an article you can read, I would definitely say check with your doctor always before trying anything.  This is just my experience!  I honestly didn’t think it would do anything and maybe it was a coincidence. 

Contractions Begin

 At 2:00 am I woke to feelings of strong cramps.  These were different then the Braxton Hicks or even other ones I’ve had, they wrapped around my back and felt stronger.  I timed them in bed on my contraction app and they continued for an hour before I woke Ben.  When I told him that I’d been having contractions for an hour and they were about 5 minutes apart he jumped into the shower and into complete “it’s go time mode” I was still unsure.  I was so nervous that it would be false labor and that we would be sent home from the hospital.  So I stayed in bed and kept timing them.  Finally by 3:45/4  Ben begged me to call the doctor and ask if I should go in.  So I did.  They recommended my Mom come over for the older kids and since it was my third to probably make my way into the hospital.  My Mom came over around 4:45am and I was still timing them on the sofa.  They weren’t getting longer or closer together, still very consistent.  As Ben, my Mom and myself chatted in between contractions deciding when I should leave I suddenly felt a pop and a gush.  

My water never broke with my other two pregnancies so I’d never experienced that sensation before.  But I knew exactly what it was!  My mom did too!  We all just looked at each other and knew it was time to go NOW.  Ben rushed up to get the bags and I got myself together.  I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening, there weren’t any more doubts or questions.  I was about to have a baby today!!  My other two labors were very long and I expected to be in the hospital most of the day with maybe an afternoon baby.  Oh was I wrong.  This little guy was ready to make his debut!

As we drove to the hospital around 5:15am in the dark, the largest harvest moon lit up the night sky.  Yet another potential helper in this labor happening so quickly?  Maybe?   We arrived around 5:45 and I was admitted. They checked me and I was fully effaced and at 4.  Contractions were getting really intense, much longer and closer together.  They got me right into labor and delivery around 6:15. I was just trying to breathe and stay calm.  I had Been pull up pictures of the Griffin and Autumn on his phone so I could look at their beautiful faces and focus on them.  By this point I was begging for an epidural.  The contractions were so intense and happening so quickly.   Thankfully I was able to get an epidural but I was still experiencing intense contractions.  It wasn’t kicking in.  The nurse checked me and said that his head was right there it was time to push.  The doctor came in and by 7:50 we were getting ready to deliver our baby. 

A Few Pushes Later!

My other two kids’ deliveries took hours… I expected the third to maybe be a little faster but nothing like this.  I couldn’t believe that it was time to push already.  The doctors and nurses were like “he will be here in a couple pushes” and I just couldn’t believe what they were telling me.   How could this be happening so fast?!  The epidural was just starting to kick in which meant I was losing feeling of those contractions and knowing when to push.  Thankfully I could still focus and feel a subtle sensation of when it was time, that with the cue of the nurses I gave it my best. 

I can’t tell you exactly how many times I pushed but it wasn’t many.  He made his way earth side at 8:13 am which was such a short amount of time from when I initially started.  They placed him on my chest and it was such an incredible feeling.  I looked up at Ben and saw the tears in his eyes as he looked at his son.  I felt the warmth of our baby on my chest and relief through my entire body that he was here and healthy.  I was so proud of myself in this moment for bringing him into the world.  He sucked his tiny thumb instead of crying and looked around.  Boden weighed 6lbs and was 19″ long, he was a little guy and perfect in ever way!  Since he was so small they monitored him pretty closely those first 24 hours checking his blood sugar levels and he passed every test.  

Our First Day with Boden

After his birth we were able to spend the day taking in his every feature.  We noticed he has the tiniest little dimple on one cheek.  We analyzed everything about him and if he looks like our other two kids.  It was so magical and amazing to just take him in on that first day. Visitors aren’t allowed at our hospital right now due to the pandemic so we did a lot of facetime calls with family and friends.  The most special moment was having our kids pulled into the nurses office at school to facetime them so we could tell them all went well and they had a new brother!!

We really can’t believe we are parents to three now!  Bringing him home that Wednesday was the most exciting day.  Have the kids meet him for the first time literally brought tears to my eyes.  I’ve been full of so many emotions!

Thank you for stopping by to read about Boden’s birth.  I so appreciate all your love and well wishes on the birth of our son.  I truly loved reading each and every comment/message.  You have all been with our family over the years as I’ve shared my love of family and of course home decor.   I’m so excited to share yet another chapter with you!  If you are expecting I’m thinking of you and wishing you the best!!  Each and every birth story is unique and such a miracle.  I’m so happy I was able to share ours with you today.



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  1. Monica says:

    Such a beautiful story and thank God everything went smoothly for you and your whole family and also for the baby. Hope to see more stories of this beautiful baby and your lovely family. Sending you lot´s of love and a big hug.

  2. Rachel Beal says:

    Birthing stories never get old! I just love everything about it, praise God for a healthy boy! Enjoy, you know how fast it goes! Congratulations again!

  3. Darcie Sanchez says:

    What a beautiful story!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Loved reading your birth story and praying my second baby comes as quickly and safely as your sweet baby did ❤️ Thanks for sharing

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