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This summer I’m starting a fun series called Board on a Budget.  I love creating design boards for myself and for clients.  Whenever I start a new project I create a design board to visualize how all various items will come together in a space.  Each week this summer I’ll create a design board for one room, from one retailer for a set budget that you will help me vote for on Instagram stories. I thought this series would be a fun challenge for me to source and select affordable home items from some of my favorite retailers.  I hope it will inspire you and give you ideas of what affordable products are out there.   I believe great style doesn’t have to come with a great BIG price tag.  However, the big challenge for most people is putting it all together.  I think these Boards on a Budget will help you visualize different looks for different spaces.

This week, based on your votes, I’ll be decorating a dining space from WALMART.  I set the budget for $500 dollars which for a dining space is tough!  Typically a dining table on its own costs more than that- nevermind the entire space!  I’m so excited to share how this budget friendly board turned out.  My preference is to not overly match your dining furniture.  I went with a smaller version of this table and two chairs to stay under the $500 but originally I had the larger version of this table and a bench on one side.  But in the end to keep it under $500 I had to keep things small.  This would be perfect for a small living situation, apartment, condo or city living.   Walmart has some really stylish dining chairs that you can buy in sets!  This is a great way to save. I love the classic look of these white chairs.  I could fit four (two sets) into the budget.   Finding an affordable rug that I actually liked was a little harder until I saw this one!  It’s neutral and very cozy in this round trellis pattern that could work with a few different styles from farmhouse to traditional or more transitional.  For the walls I’d add a pop of color with a  pretty blue – gray or even a subtle green.  To add a focal point in the room I went with this cool hexagon light fixture.  Add some greenery from your yard as a centerpiece in these super cool test tube vases for another pop of color.

LIGHT $106  RUG $89  CHAIRS set of 2 $85 (x 2)  TABLE $89 VASES $9 (x 3)

Cost Total- Under $500

Shop my Board on a Budget:

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I pulled together for a dining space all from Walmart for under $500 dollars!  If you have a little more to work with in the budget, I would get the bigger version of this table HERE and then maybe add a bench like THIS to one side to add more interest to you dining area.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know what you think of this affordable dining space and my new series.


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  1. Brooke says:

    I really like this board idea. It shows you don’t have to have a large budget to do a refresh. Wal mart has really stepped up their game lately. I never used to shop there but they have some great stuff now, it’s one of my weekly stops when I’m shopping. I can’t to see what other stores/spaces you do.

    • Web Web says:

      This is great feedback! Thanks so much! I agree- you can still have style on a small budget for sure!

  2. Anita Gilbert says:

    Thank you for doing this!!! I’m so excited to follow along and see your talented creations!!! ☺️

  3. Shannon Beveridge says:

    Super helpful concept Jordan. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more. In future posts, information about how you determine what size pieces work for a space would be helpful. Example: How do you know if a light fixture is too big or too small when planning your layout? Cheers!

    • Web Web says:

      Hey Shannon! This is great feedback. I’m always looking for balance. I always check the size of my table before buying a light or vice versa to be sure it will all be in proportion. I wouldn’t want a giant table with a tiny chandelier. So it needs to have some substance to it if the table is bigger and the room is bigger. I’d say it’s something you can definitely eye-ball or use a tape measure to get a visual of.

  4. Nely says:

    I love this! Love that lamp and the rug, I didn’t even know Walmart had all this stuff. Great ideas!

    • Web Web says:

      Hi! Thanks so much fore your feedback, I was surprised as well with how much Walmart is stepping up in the home decor category. Appreciate your comment

  5. Amy says:

    Great job looks great. Would love to see what you can do with more of a refresh too. I have my big pieces of furniture so won’t be buying new but always looking for updates. Keep up the great ideas!

    • Web Web says:

      Yes!! Refreshes are so fun because its all the little accessories that can change up the space so drastically and don’t cost as much as a giant overhaul. Thanks so much for following!

  6. Whitney says:

    Love this dinning room on a budget board!! I bought the rug and light fixture and they are going to go perfect in my new dinning room. I can’t wait for more posts like these!!!

    • Web Web says:

      Great! I’m so happy you are loving these ideas. Thanks for commenting and following along!

    • Web Web says:

      Thank you so much Whitney! I’m so happy it helped you find some great affordable items for your dining room!

  7. Claudia says:

    Loved the finds. I don’t normally look at Walmart as a style place but I do love what you found. The light fixture and rug are totally items I am snapping up for myself. You have such a good eye for pulling stuff together.

  8. Kirsten says:

    LOVE this!! So fresh, simple & pretty! WalMart is stepping their game up!

  9. Erin Rowley says:

    This series is the best idea ever! I was traveling a bunch for work and was way behind in my stories so I completely missed this would be happening so I’m glad I caught your Instagram stories today that the post was live! I love the room and you were right – I totally cannot tell it’s all from Walmart!

    I can’t wait for more posts in this series! 🙂

    • Web Web says:

      Yay!!! I love hearing this and I’m so glad you are finding them helpful. You don’t have to substitute style because you’re on a budget. 😉

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