Baby #3’s Nursery Nook

I’m so excited to share this teeny tiny space for our teeny tiny new person (baby boy) coming this September.  I really wanted to get a head start on this because the summer is so busy.  Plus the further along I get the more tired!  If you are expecting or trying to figure out how to make a small space/home work for a new addition I hope this inspires you.   We have a home with three bedrooms currently all occupied, because our two older kids are exactly willing to give up their bedrooms or share with a newborn (I don’t blame them!).  I wanted to get creative with our master bedroom and make a little nursery nook for this baby.  Since we usually keep our babies in our room for the first few months anyways this will give us time to evaluate sleeping arrangements and if we decide to add on to our house (aka another bedroom) or maybe move.  We don’t want to rush our decision right now. 

Nursery Nook Design Inspiration:



As you can see my initial design was very neutral with white and wood tones.  Once we found out it was a boy however, I decided to go with the greens and grays since they flow so well in our bedroom.  We still don’t have the bassinet or crib set up, that will be next!  I decided to add a peel and stick wallpaper that I found HERE to accentuate the recessed dormer in our master.  I wanted it to flow with the rest of our master bedroom which I like to think is a soothing spa atmosphere. 

Our master bedroom walls are Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, the peel and stick pattern I selected brings out those sea-foam gray/green tones and adds some pattern into the baby’s nursery nook.   Let me show you how it looked before with just an antique trunk that stored our extra bed linens and pillows.  Now it will serve as a place to change baby as well as keep his tiny clothes tucked away.  I’m sure he will end up with a lidded storage basket under our bed too!   

Nursery Nook Before:

Nursery Nook After:

For the nursery nook makeover we ordered a new dresser, changing pad and an adorable felt baby mobile with colors to tie into the organic fern wallpaper.  I made sure to find a dresser that fit this spot perfectly and wanted something simple in design.  I measured five times just to be sure I had the exact measurements then looked for something a couple inches less.  I was looking for a dresser with specific size requirements which narrowed things down.  I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on something.  I was able to find a great deal on this one and I love the sleek lines and three big drawers.  I’ll share how I organize them with bins in another post soon.  You can see how the peel and stick paper picks up the colors in our bedroom wall color really nicely.  The pattern is understated yet gives this area its own personality.  I love the softness the curtain adds which we already had here.  I don’t move it as we have a black-out blind.

I decided to splurge on the Keekaroo peanut changing pad because I loved the sleek modern design plus the idea of not having to change or do extra laundry with the changing pad covers was so appealing.  This wasn’t an option my last pregnancy and it just seemed so cool.  We have the strap that we will attach on to it and if its cold for the new baby at first I’ll throw down a swaddle blanket it.  I really just love the look of it as well as the convenience of easy clean ups.  Since it takes  up majority of the space on top I put all the changing supplies inside the drawer which I actually prefer not looking at all that stuff anyhow.

Nursery Nook Details:


Two wooden shelves on the inside wall are just perfect for adding little books, pictures and accessories to display and makes me feel like this nursery nook is it’s own little nursery!  I used these years ago in Griffin’s bedroom to hold all his books and I still love them.  I went with the raw wood to break up the white and bring in the natural tones.  The custom baby mobile is the perfect little accessory to finish off this tiny space.  I worked with Wooly Sheep Dots to choose custom colors that would match the peel and stick wall paper.   I love that I was able to incorporate two etsy shops into this design.  Once we know baby’s name I have a few more shops I want to order from as well!



I decided to hang a little pegboard set of hooks to hang some baskets for more storage.  The trick is to find ways to add storage wherever we can in a smalls pace.  I can use it to hang up some clothes for the week, little jackets of his or changing/feeding supplies. I’m sure things will move around a little bit.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing how our nursery nook turned out!  I’m really happy we have this ready for September.  The next couple months are so busy with kids out of school for summer that I feel good knowing it’s all set.  I still need to figure out the bassinet/crib situation.  My sister has a Snoo that I’m thinking I might borrow.  She had amazing luck with hers.   I’ll share how the rest of the little area looks once we finish it up.  I can’t believe in just a couple months we will be sharing this room with our sweet baby boy.  We are so excited to meet him.  Thanks for reading!



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