5 Tips for Decorating your Front Door for Fall

I’m so excited to share my front door with you all for the fall season! Our front door is one my favorite thing about our home. I love that the color which is St. Lucia Teal by Benjamin Moore, adds so much character and a pop of color to the front of our house. I’m going to show you how I decorate our front door for fall as well as what fall produce to add if you have planter boxes. Let me help you make your front door beautiful and ready for fall!

Tip 1: Choose your flower planters wisely!

Look at the space on either side of your door. Be sure to keep that sizing in mind when selecting a flower pot or planter box that will flank your door on either side. You really want to fill that space. Our front stoop is wide so it’s important to find something that fills the space on either side of the door vs. just a tiny little pot with mums. Here I filled our planter boxes with fall produce which Ben built in this post .

Fall Planter Box:

  • Medium Size Mums
  • Cabbage
  • Birch Logs
  • Pumpkins to fill other areas

I love making my own fall planter box. However you can find these pre-made at big box hardware stores as well as local nurseries. If you don’t want to deal with planting them all yourself this is a faster more convenient option. Also when purchasing mums I like to purchase ones that haven’t fully bloomed yet. Look for flowers still in their buds and you will get a longer use out of them

Tip 2: Pumpkins

Nothing says fall more on your front porch like Pumpkins. If you purchase them a little early and are nervous about animals getting them, spray them with a little clear Polycrylic spray to keep the insects away. When purchasing your pumpkins for your front door look for a variety of sizes, colors and textures of your pumpkins. Cinderella pumpkins are my favorite for this. Selecting pumpkins for your front door area that are distinct will add so much more interest and style to your set up.

Don’t be afraid to mix real and faux. Its more cost effective to purchase a few faux pumpkins that you love and put those out with a few real ones. I love reusing and that I don’t have to buy as many real ones which does add up.

Tip 3: Welcome guests with a fun door mat!

There are so many fun door mat options out there! I love finding one with a cute or funny seasonal saying. Using a base layer underneath the door mat also makes your front door look more inviting and pulled together! I went with a black and white buffalo check theme so I love a base layer that pulls that thematic color.

Tip 4: Step it up a notch!

If you have steps leading up to your front door they are screaming for some fall decor and produce! Use your steps to lead your eye up to the front door. They are built in raisers for seasonal decor. I don’t like putting decor on my steps that are perfectly symmetrical. So if the bottom left step has a large lantern the bottom right step will have a large mum and pumpkin. I’ll then reverse it for the next step up. Take advantage of your beautiful steps and get extra mums and pumpkins for them! You’ll thank me later 😉 Just be sure people can still walk up the steps. Our front door gets very minimal use. The only person that really walks up here is our mailman.

Tip 5: Adorn the door and beyond!

Last but not least is leading the eye up to the door and above. I actually love putting pumpkins above my door but just haven’t found mini pumpkins yet. A beautiful wreath or a little hanging basket with fall florals. Makes the perfect finishing touch for your fall front door. I take it a step further and hanging a sign above the door because we have the open moulding space for it. It just brings more curb appeal and interest to your front door. As you can see we also have our house number on our door with a decal.

It’s all these extra details that make your home stand out and add interest to your door. I love sharing these details and ideas with you and I hope you find them useful this fall season! We are living in a time where it might not be safe to welcome guests inside our homes. Let’s let the exterior of our home shine this fall season and give those passing by a glimpse into our love for our home and those inside.

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