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Festive Exterior Lighting

*This post is sponsored by Everstar and as always, all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own.

One thing I find challenging about this time of year is adjusting to the shorter days.  Losing precious day light in the evening is very hard to get used to at first.  When the sun goes down earlier how does your house stand out?   What is your exterior lighting situation?  I love to add fun illumination, especially this time of year and guess what, you don’t have to wait until Christmas to break out a little twinkle!  Let me show you how I illuminate our exterior this time of year! In this post I partnered with EZ-Illuminations to add twinkle to our house with their EZ-Illuminations Super Sparkle Lights and their EZ-Illuminations Flame Bulbs products (no actual flame used) sold at your local Walmart. 
I’m so excited to try out these EZ-Illuminations LED Flame Light Bulbs!! They are so cool and look like an actual flame lit lantern, with out the flame of course!  They give an old New England vibe, but completely safe and energy friendly.   I decided to add some to my parent’s beach house exterior lights.  These bulbs simulate a natural flame with flickering LED lights. No actual flame – just a safe and energy-saving LED light source.  Perfect for atmosphere lighting, holiday and family gatherings and everyday household use.  I knew that these would create a soft welcoming glow outside our the beach house.  Since it’s getting darker earlier and earlier it’s fun to add warm cozy lighting to the exterior of your home.   

The Flame Bulb These light bulbs will create a warm flickering glow to the front of your home, the bulbs give the look of a real flame which is so pretty this time of year. I love them for fall, halloween and winter months when you’re trying to give off that inviting luminescent appearance to your home. I next added them to our outdoor light to create that same warm cozy glow to our front door. I added some holiday decor too, so that you could get a sense of how it all ties together in varying seasons. 

The other product I was excited to try was the EZ-Illuminations Super Sparkle Lights which all sparkle independently and are perfect for the holidays for your columns, roof lines, trees and bushes. I love how they twinkle and add such a fun element to the front of the home. I decided to add my twinkle lights to the two front bushes. These lights are so versatile for every holiday or even kids party! 

Try also adding EZ-Illuminations Super Sparkle Lights to lanterns on your porch for a fun way to illuminate your front walk way or entrance to your home. I especially love adding some color for my kids to enjoy and get excited for the holidays! 

 I want you to see how versatile these lights are- I added them to a Halloween lantern and the kids thought it was so cool to see the letters “trick or treat” illuminated in EZ Illuminations Super Sparkle lights. Mixed with two other lanterns in different sizes it creates a beautiful and festive corner on our farmer’s porch. 

 As you can see these lights work with many different holidays. This time of year when day light fades and it gets dark earlier I love illuminating our home with EZ-Illuminations LED products. Our home always looks so welcoming and inviting to our guests even in the dark. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I used these products to give our home a festive twinkle and glow. Have you ever thought of ways to make your home stand out this time of year? Thanks for stopping by! 


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