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My Favorite Kid Friendly Coffee Tables

Today I wanted to share my favorite coffee table/ottoman options for family’s.   As a Mom I’ve been in the baby proofing stage and then toddler proofing stage, where you are constantly having to move, hide and rearrange your home because literally everything is potentially dangerous.

Pretty early on after having kids we realized that the coffee tables we owned were accidents waiting to happen.  I also was never into those rubber bumper pads that go on the sides/corners of coffee tables either.  Thumbs up for making your coffee table safe but thumbs down for style.    We quickly moved from glass coffee tables and rectangular wood shape tables with corners, that would give me- baby-head-bump nightmares to ottomans.  Ever since having kids we’ve been team ottoman family. 

Ottomans are not only great for baby’s that are learning to stand and rowdy toddlers that climb on everything, they also look pretty and are super cozy!!  Our whole family cuddles up, throws our feet up on ours.  Let’s face it, resting feet on glass or wood just isn’t comfy.

I have a few favorites that I thought I would share with you today.  HUGE Bonus points if they have storage because we all know with kids comes stuff, stuff and more STUFF.  So if an ottoman can function as storage, a coffee table and a place for kicking feet up on at the end of the day it scores like a 1000000 in my book.

I recently just got this cute little ottoman because I wanted something that would hide stuff better (aka kids toys!) and wasn’t too big. Since this little media/playroom is off our main living-room and is open to it I like it to not look cluttered with toys all over the place. I love that this ottoman is under $150 and that the color is a bit of a bluish/gray I believe it comes in another color as well.

Look how it hides all their dress up stuff, nerfs and star wars light sabers. Plus they won’t get injured running around it. Autumn is rollerblading all the time around the house (accident waiting to happen I know) but at least majority of the furniture is soft! 😉

One last tip I want to give you before I share my roundup of my Favorite Kid Friendly Coffee Tables, is that if you decide to go the ottoman route because your kids are still little it makes sense to have some type of tray/hard surface to hold drinks, remote controls and other decorative items. Notice that all my favorites if rectangular are soft fabric and if they are a wood or hard material they are rounded so there are NO SHARP corners and NO NEED for those ugly bumper pads.

I hope you find this helpful!

If you are wondering the sofa in our playroom is from Homesense and sofa in our livingroom is a Rowes Furniture in the Townsend line





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