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I have some exciting news!  Many of you loved my series on Starting your own Craft Night Business.  If you didn’t have a chance to read them yet I’ve linked them for you here Part 1 and Part 2.   If you are a maker, artist or crafter or someone that would like to earn some extra money, I’ve written a step by step guide that will walk you through adding an Event section to your creative business!  For the last few years I’ve been bringing in extra money hosting craft events.   Think of a craft event as a twist on a Paint Night experience but creating a wider range of projects, all related to home decorating.

(My Guide)


When I first started hosting events my background as an Art Teacher made this new pursuit pretty straight forward for me.  However, I learned a lot along the way, specifically on the business side of things.  Now I want to offer my knowledge to all of my creative friends wanting to make extra money and GROW their businesses.  So If you already own a creative business where you make and sell a product you might want to consider adding on an “Event” section.  In which case you’ll definitely want to purchase my Crafting a Side Business A How to Guide to get you started!

With an investment of $99 you will receive:

  • Step by step’s to get started
  • Details on all my methods
  • Specific supply list
  • My go to shopping spots
  • Pricing and ticket sales
  • 6 Go to Crafts to keep you busy all year round
  • Day of event- best practices
  • PLUS access to my invite only Facebook Community



Guess what, even if you’re NOT already a crafter, maker or artist, and want to earn some extra cash with my step-by-step Crafting a Side Business A How to Guide you can learn to0!  All you need is a love of crafting, DIY’s and being around/leading groups of people.  If this sounds like you than I would highly recommend starting your own craft event business in your community.

I want to help you succeed in growing a successful craft event business.   With two or three craft events a month you can make between $500-1,000 all for encouraging people to create and have fun!  Don’t get me wrong it is work but it doesn’t feel like work.

If you still aren’t sure about purchasing my guide feel free to read Part 1 and Part 2 to start,  I look forward to hearing from you and if this was helpful in answering any of your questions about how I run my events, promote them and SO much more!



If you decide it’s time to start earning extra money or grow your already existing craft business I’m here to help you!   If you are someone that wants to meet new friends and connect with your community this is also for you.  I hope to chat in more depth over on the private FB group community.  There myself and all the future CEB’rs (Craft Event Business owner’s) can meet for support, encouragement, information, guidance and inspiration.  It’s time to unlock your creative side and see where your passion for crafting can take you!




You can purchase my guide here:



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Hey Friends!!   I’m here to share all the beach house lighting I’ve selected for our beach house on Cape Cod.  I want to personally tell you to move away from the darkness a.k.a your old dated dark light fixtures and into the LIGHT, aka bright, modern, coastal, lighting that is!  My goal for our soon-to-be family beach house (if summer would ever get here) is to have the lighting be a focal point.  Not to out shine the pretty harbor view of course.  I want each room, bathroom, entry etc.. to have its own style of lighting.  I’m bringing in cool textures like blown glass, woven, metal, rope, brass…call me over excited!  Mixing these various elements will add character and coastal farmhouse vibes to this new home.



         (Click the numbers listed below images for direct links to items.  Some items may contain affiliate links.)





Phew if choosing lighting was an olympic sport I feel like I would have won a medal? But would it be brass or chrome?  Do you believe in mixing metals?   So there you have it!  A mix of textures, finishes, and colors.  It’s going to be so fun to see them all in their new home.  I would love to know what you think of the lights I’ve selected so far.

Thanks for stopping by!



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Right on time for Valentine’s Day!  I wanted to share my Crush with you guys, remember high school days or even middle school having crushes?  How sweet and innocent were those days?  Although torturous and awkward at times too, haha!  But no this isn’t the middle school kind of crush this is the decor/fashion obsessed kind.  Is anyone  else LOVING on the soft, feminine and sophisticated shade of pink also known as Blush?  It’s been popping up in all the stores lately from clothing, to home decor and accessories.   Even though the color of the year is Ultra Violet,  Blush is speaking my love language.  The subtle color is much easier to incorporate into home decor and fashion than ultra violet, in my opinion.  It also works with neutrals like beige, black and denim shades.  But I’ve also been noticing it looks great with pops of teal and aqua around my house!

Via Anthropologie

Via homeyohmy.com

Via Sheerluxe.com

I LOVE how blush looks with warm gold accents and at the same time with cool soft grays or even blues.  It is such an easy color to incorporate either into your wardrobe or your home.  Below are some ways I’m incorporating Blush into my life.   What do you think? Have you been bitten by blush?

In Home Decor

In Clothes  & Accessories

(Disclosure: This post contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. Of course these are all products I use or would put in my home and I am happy to inspire you. Clicking any links will not cost you any extra money but it does help me keep this site up)

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Hearth and Hand Collection- what I bought and what I’m doing with it.

Unless you live under a rock you probably heard the the new line Hearth and Hand by Joanna and Chip Gaines hit Target over the weekend.   I’m going to share what I got and what I did with it!  So by now some of  you may be tired of Home decor blogger’s writing about it but I’m here to show you what I did with my new Magnolia accessories.   If you are like me; a huge fan of Farmhouse and all things Joanna and Chip, then you’re probably still salivating over this new collaboration.  For those of you that lean towards that modern farmhouse aesthetic this line will fit in your home beautifully.

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’ve incorporated farmhouse style in my home for several years.   Even before I knew “Farmhouse” was a thing I gravitated towards industrial, vintage, repurposed etc… I guess that is one of there reasons I really look up to Joanna, she put a name to this style that so many of us love and have used in their homes for years.  So when this accessible farmhouse line launched Sunday at Target you betta believe I was there bright and early with coffee in hand to check it out in person!  There was a lot of wood, white, black, leather and metallic tones which is more or less their signature look.  Also a ton of Green.  I typically don’t do a lot with dark green in my home other than in natural elements, however usually paler shades of green work best for me.  I was really looking for some new pieces to freshen up my mantel for upcoming seasons. I wanted  accessories that could carry me through many a season and not be too Christmas-y.  I’ve had these white pitchers from target on either end for awhile and was ready to switch it up.   

So here is what I got:

I knew I wanted these galvanized house lanterns for my living room.  I have a lot of galvanized and wood tones in there and I never grow tired of that vibe.

I also grabbed the vase fillers and garland for my mantle.

Here is how I styled I:

So what do you think? I put in some cheap candles and the vase fillers, what I lovenis thay I can totally use this garland through the spring as well.  Same with the lanterns I like that I can get crateice with that to ou inside other than candles.

Next up these two kitchen items.  A large white ceramic bowl and dip tray.  I know you might be thinking “boring” but the older I get and the more I entertain the more I love simple white serving fishes and platters.

So here is what I got:

With the holiday’s coming up I want to be ready to entrain with simple pretty pieces that look great on my coffee table or dining table and these will do the trick.  These would also be a beautiful Christmas gift for a new homeowner.

How beautiful do these pieces look together? If you’re a Rae Dunn collector (the pottery with the lettering on them sold at Homegoods, Marshall’s and Tjmaxx) this white line looks so pretty with it!

Here are some affiliate links if you’d like to shop my pieces;

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Part 1 of my “Starting a Craft Night Business” series I explained the first 4 steps to help you start your own Craft Night business in your city. Go here if you would like to read it.

Today in Part II I will cover how to Plan, Price and Promote your Craft Nights.

Just to recap; you have given yourself or at minimum though of a business name, and/or designed a logo.  You determined your “THING” which is your craft speciality.  You found a place to host you and your attendants, if you can’t do it at your own place/studio.  Hopefully you also created a social media account; specifically IG and Facebook for your business name, because that is where you will promote your upcoming Craft Night schedule.   I’ll get more into that a bit later.


For my public craft nights I typically plan month to month.  Once I did give a whole year schedule of what the craft would be every month.  What happened was that 6 months down the road I felt very tied down to that.  If a project or idea pops into my head I want to be able to try it out.   Since my “THING” is seasonal decor and home decor craft nights I may find a pinterest idea that is better than the idea I chose 6 months prior.   My crafts vary quite a bit, I could be making a wreath one month, wine glasses the next, or sign another month.  However if you are a jewelry maker or glass blower your projects may start off small and build, or you may teach smaller techniques and lead to bigger projects.  Your specialty will dictate your planning a bit.


Typically I’ll find a craft idea online (why re-invent the wheel)  that catches my eye, usually on pinteres, often times I’ll put my own spin on it.  I’ll look online or go into the local craft stores to see how much the cost of the materials are.  Once I have a sense of how much the cost will be, to purchase the materials for each person, I’ll go onto pricing.   I typically to try to earn $20-$25 a person.   My craft nights range in ticket price $30-$45, depending on the craft.  For example buying burlap for each person to make a wreath is much more expensive than a sign which only requires paint/wood.  So if I’m going to spend $10 a person on supplies then I will add on $25 for my time shopping, prepping, set up and clean up.   However if your craft speciality requires more expensive materials than people will understand paying a bit more.  If you are a jewelry maker and want to offer public classes, I assume that materials for that may run more expensive.  So the class itself might cost a bit more than say a sign making class where you are just buying wood vs. glass/metal.

So this went from planning to pricing pretty quickly.  As I plan I’m also thinking of cost.  What will it cost to buy everything?   What will be affordable for people?  How will I be able to profit a little bit?  Early on I had to spend more up front to acquire extra sets of scissors, rulers, glue guns, hammers, wire cutting shears etc… but now I’m prepared with tools of all kinds.  Along the way I’ve also invested in a circuit machine which allows me to make/print my own stencils, giving me more types of crafts to offer.  Signing up for coupons at all the big craft stores is also really important.  I always try to buy things when they are having a 20% off everything, or 50% off one item (get something big that you can use over and over) etc..


The best way to promote I have found is through Facebook events on my business page.  At the first of every month I set up an event with a picture of the craft, the date, cost and info.  I then share that to my personal page and ask people to tag their friends that might like to join this gets others outside your circle to see what you have going on, which once they see what you are doing may even follow your page as well.  I’ve also done giveaways for two free tickets and the requirement is to share the event on their own personal page, it’s worth giving away something free to get the most views of your event which will eventually grow your business and spread the word.

All my past events are saved on my Facebook business site.  You can see all my future events too (don’t have many planned out too far ahead right now).  Here is an example of my last one.  I had about 40 people interested in it, and 15 ended up signing up.  This leads me to Part III








How do I collect payment?  When do I get paid before or after event? How do I track sign ups? Etc… I’ve done a few things and I’m still fine tuning my system.  I’ll share more about what I learned, what has worked and what has NOT on my next post.

So let me know…

Have you started with your business?  Are you on FB or IG yet?  What is your Craft?

Was this helpful?

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Part 1

Hi Guys!  I’m starting a new series for anyone interested in starting their own little side business hosting craft nights in their town/city.  I’ve been successful for the last several years running mine. If you go here you will see how I describe what I offer on my website.   I hope to give you a little insight into WHY I started doing them and HOW I run them in the next several posts.

For those of you that follow me over on IG you may or may not know that for the last two-three years I’ve offered craft nights to my local friends/family/followers.   Also, you may or may not know that I went to school for Art.  I have my Bachelor Degree in Fine arts and a Master’s Degree in Education specifically in Art.  I’m a certified Art Teacher and taught at the elementary school level for almost a decade.   I stopped teaching after my second child was born and I’m blessed to be able to be home with my children as a stay at home mom.  After I stopped working I missed the creative outlet and the social aspect of going to work.   Since I was home ALL the time with my littles, I began decorating and making crafts for my home.  I’ve always loved everything home decor and was constantly making things for my house.  It dawned on me that my background as an Art Teacher combined with my love for decorating would be an interesting little side business.  Hence, Jordecor was born.

Now let me say that personally I don’t think you need a degree or background in fine art to hold these craft nights and earn money.  However you do need to be knowledgable in YOUR craft.  Know your speciality whether it be; knitting, macrame, jewelry making, sewing, stained glass, metal work, glass blowing, caligraphy, sign making etc.  Whatever your THING is, you can translate it into a big component and money earning part of your business.   The more you know your craft and share that passion with others, they will want to learn it from you.

Thanks to businesses like Paint nights, Paint Bar, etc.. group “making” is quite popular right now and there is room for crafter’s too!   My speciality is “Home Decor Craft Nights”.  Every craft I organize for my attendants is a decor item that my guests can immediately use in their home.  My goal is that they will leave and be excited to display it!  In hopes it never see’s the trash can and I’m confident it won’t because I search for projects that are on trend, “pinterest worthy” and always fit into the current seasonal or up coming season for decor.

Step 1.  Create a name for your business.  Pick something that suits your craft, your name and/or personality.

Step 2.  Make a logo.

Sketch it out, hire someone or use your craft to make it.  However you want to do it.  Anything that you can do to put imagery to your business name will help people remember you on social channels.  Eventually you could use this for business cards, posters etc…

Step 3.  Set up a Facebook and Instagram account.

Social media is hands down the best way to promote your new business. As well as to show what you can do!  Instagram is the modern take on an artist portfolio.  Share your craft, take photos of your different projects.  Facebook allows you to spread the message to everyone you know which really gets the ball rolling.

*****If you are a crafter/maker visiting from my Instagram account chances are you already have all the above going for you, which is awesome.  The big component in starting is most likely number 4.******

Step 4. Find a location.  

I call these my “Public Craft Nights” as they are open to all that purchase tickets before hand.  When I first started I hosted a couple of these in my dining room.  My house is small guys and my first group I had about 8 women.  Some of them were local and lived closed by and some were friends of friends I had never met.  I loved opening my home but at the same time it was challenging with little kids who just wanted to be involved.  My Craft Nights are a little escape from the Mom Life if you know what I mean.  So finding a spot outside the home was crucial for me.

When I decided to move it outside he home I called local shops and restaurants.  I ultimately made it work with a local coffee shop close to my house (less travel for me) that was big enough to hold up to 20 or so people.  Plus, I like supporting local and they are open in the evening, they serve soup/salad and beer/wine so I knew it would be a great atmosphere for hosting craft nights.  You could also consider a room in a church, or inside a store, if it fit with your craft.  Explore all possibilities.

The big thing that I’m fortunate for in this part of my decorating business is that I don’t pay to rent the space as I’m bringing in business that they wouldn’t usually have otherwise.  I secured a re-occuring date with them to keep it easy and consistent for them as well as for myself and my attendants.  We settled on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  I bring everything and I clean everything up before i go.  So far it has worked really well.

In my next post I’ll share how I Plan, Price and Promote my craft nights.

The joy/therapy of creating something is so rewarding and those who have the skill and are willing to share it with others, will gain that same reward x10 while also making a litlte extra money (who doesn’t like that?!)  I’ve reached so many more people through my craft nights than just making and selling it.  I’ve met people from not just my town, surrounding towns as well, they’ve actually traveled to make with me.  It is such a cool thing!

Please let me know if this was helpful.  Would you like to see more content like this? What specific questions do you have moving forward?  I’d also love to hear what your craft is!


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Hey guys! I’m so excited for cooler weather here in New England, because it means I can bust out all things plaid through buffalo check.  In my closet and in home textiles.   In my opinion the perfect accessory and compliment for plaid everything is wood tones.  I use wood accents in my home a lot, not that dark dated shiny stuff from back in the day.  But the rustic warm, unfinished goodness that is all the rage in farmhouse decor.  So when Jord Watch, the leader in wood watches asked me to partner with them, I was like um YES!

The good thing about this partnership is it means I get to offer you all a chance at $100 off gift card (perfect timing for purchasing holiday gifts)  and everyone who enters will get $25 off.  Isn’t that awesome?! Follow this link to enter: Jord Watch Giveaway   They deliver it in the most beautiful wooden case as well.   I’m so excited I choose this one below with a pop of color and a square face as I don’t own anything like it.  I can already envision it with a cozy sweater and blanket scarf.  Time to cuddle. (HA, get it!? ok I’ll stop)

Shop my Watch here

It looks SO good with plaid.  I wore it to our family photo session (Christmas Cards in the making, hence the red and green).  I loved how the emerald green accented my Plaid Vest perfectly.

Let’s be honest most days I’m running errands and dropping the kids off at all their various activities.  So my go to shirt is this buffalo check buttton down and jeans.  I love how the green and navy look so good together.  Comfy as yoga pants and sneakers but a bit more pulled together, incase I have to meet with a client.

My JordWatch Giveaway ends on 11/19 so just in time to get the code for Christmas shopping.  Remember $25 off for everyone who enters and for one lucky winner a $100 off gift card.

Best of Luck! Let me know what style you would choose in the comments below.

Shop Women’s Watches

Shop Men’s Watches

Luxury Wooden Watch

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Fall on the Farmer’s Porch


Hi Friends! It’s been awhile.  How is summer treating yah?  Our’s has been busy but in the best way.  I spent everyday with my kids, from beach trips to picnics at the playground, play dates and just some nice lounge days around the house.  Oh, if you’re following me over on IG you probably know that we got a puppy!  A sweet and lovable little yellow lab we named Levi.   Between training him and keeping the kids from smothering him, we’ve had our hands full but our hearts are pretty full too.

As summer winds down, I’ve been thinking about fall decor and getting the itch to switch things up on our farmers porch.  I really wanted to update our two red chairs that you can see below with a bench style set up.

I didn’t want to have red chairs out here but I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money replacing them either.  So after doing some online browsing I came across this.


Isn’t that industrial worn look so cool and somewhat unexpected for a front porch?  This would also look so  fun in a mudroom, or at a dining table on one side.  So many different possibilities.   Once the bench arrived and replaced those two red chairs, which we’ve had here for awhile.  It totally inspired me to bring out some fall decor.  I know, I know we aren’t even into September.  I’m not saying everyone go decorate for fall, I’m just giving you some ideas and inspiration for your own home.

I brought up a few of my seasonal pillows, I got these from Kohls a couple years back but I’ll link some similar.  The wreath which i hung from an old window frame, is from T.J. maxx. I purchased it last year and a couple other cute accessories to dress it up.


The “home” pillow is from the target dollar spot (last year) as well as the crate.  The “Let’s Fall Together” sign is by this Etsy maker named Ames and Emes it’s one of my favorites.  Usually I don’t decorate with orange but on my Farmer’s porch I like the traditional fall colors.  It feels classic and cozy to me.


It’s been cool at night here in New England, enough for a flannel shirt and fire in the fire pit.  If that’s not a sign of the season beginning to change I don’t know what is.  I’m not really ready to let Summer go.  But with each season brings exciting new possibilities and beginnings.

The bench totally transformed the look and feel of our front porch.  I’m so happy that we purchased it.  It wasn’t a huge dent in the ol’wallet either.  Under $150!   I’ll link it below.

Of course my little model Levi (whom is now 10 weeks and we’ve had him for 2) just had to get in the photo shoot.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you like my little intro into fall decorating.  Easing into it friends… Summer fun isn’t over yet. However, I’m excited for some pumpkin spice everything.   I can’t wait to share a lot more fun decor ideas in the upcoming weeks.  Cheers to a new season approaching!

Shop any of my post here:

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As many of you probably know I recently was chosen as one of ten winners for Pier 1 share the love contest.  I submitted a photo by adding a hashtag at the bottom during their specified contest timeframe.

I love taking photographs, I’m always looking for that magical photo that is somewhat styled and then a little bit candid.  During Easter and one of the rare occasions my daughter agreed to wear a dress (there may have been some bribery  going on guys) I noticed she was sitting cheerfully on our front steps sticking her dirty feet up in the air.  This is why I love my iPhone camera, it’s usually there at a momements notice unlike my nicer DSLR camera that I use much less these days.

This is the photo that I took and that got me selected as a winner.  All on my iPhone camera.  Here is a little tip about using the filters on IG, well I don’t.  I never use filters!  My favorite way to edit photos is to alter the brightness, lighting, shadows, contrast and/or saturation.  By simply manipulating those things I never need a filter and t helps me create beautiful photos.

Okay now onto the fun stuff.  What I bought!  I’m going to share with you some of the fun stuff I got with my Pier 1 winnings!

First up this new chair for our Master Bedroom corner.  It is so cozy, a little larger then most arm chairs but I liked that about it since we only have one.

I tried to fit a side table next to it but because of the width of the chair it wouldn’t fit in our corner.  Instead, I anchored the sides with a tall vase and set of pillar candles.  Under the chair felt dark and boring so I stacked books to fill the space and add interest.

The other item I got for our bedroom is a beautiful floor mirror, which doesn’t sound exciting but it actually has built in jewelry storage! ​ 

​ You must put this on your wish list it is perfect to organize all your jewels and baubles! And when you close it looks like a beautiful vintage style mirror, much better than that one we had hooked over the back of our closet door, you know circa college dorm. 😉


In our downstairs living room I have this beautiful side table that I love so much.  It looks like a card catalog but with beachy vibes.   I wanted a piece of art that I loved equally as much.  I found this huge painting on sale the colors are a beautiful pop, not to mention the rustic wooden frame, gives me all the Farmhouse feels.  It fills this vertical space perfectly and adds my favorite pop of color.

Lastly, I found some summery kitchen accessories, too cute to leave with out.

First this drink caddy set which is perfect for serving guests drinks on the patio.  Second, I grabbed these tropical palm leaf placemats because well they are so fun and summery on our outdoor dining table!

Do you see that adorable little galvanized wheel barrel? It’s actually a salad bowl with matching fork and shovel.  Seriously?! I can’t handle the cuteness.  Pier 1 has such fabulous stuff right now guys!  I  linked as much as I could for you to check out.  A lot of these items were on sale when I got them.  Or I found them in store and they are sold out online.

What do you think about all my items?! Any favorites?  Huge thanks to Pier 1!


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Goodbye to a House, Not to a Dream... 

This time last year our family, especially our kids, were getting excited to spend our second summer at our family beach house on Cape Cod.  Growing up south of Boston, summer was and still is all about spending time on the Cape with cousins and family.   When you only have a solid three-four months a year of warm weather you make Every. Sunny. Warm. Day. Count.  It's no joke.

When I was younger my paternal grandparents had a summer house on the Cape that myself, siblings and oh, just, twenty plus first cousins would cram in to it.  Yes you read that right, over 20 first cousins on one side of the family.  It was a beautiful weathered shingled cottage, nothing crazy big or overtly fancy which meant all of us kids would squish into it.   Some of the most happy, fun and poignant childhood memories go back to these summers with cousins on the Cape.    I can relive them in my mind as if they were yesterday.  Nights catching fire flies, staying up late watching movies, acting out plays, swinging on the hammock or tree swing, slip and slides, and boating.  My Grandpa had an older model boat that we would all pile in to.  I guess we have a reputation for needing to squeeze a lot of people into smaller spaces.   It's probably that there are just so many of us.  To this day if I hear Rod Stewart "Rhythm Of My Heart" on the radio, I'm instantly transported back to my Grandfather's boat with all my cousins, pounding over waves, sea salt and wind blowing through our hair and praying that the boat would make it back to the yacht club.   "When the ocean meets the sky I'll be sailing... "

Sadly my Grandpa passed on years ago but our family traditions live on.   Those twenty plus cousins are now grown and have families of their own.  Time for a new generation to experience summer living on Cape Cod.  It's where quintessential childhood dreams are made.

Three years ago my Dad found buildable land on the Cape and it was his (and my mom's) opportunity to carve a little spot of New England heaven out for themselves.   My parents decided to sell their modest house outside Boston and build their DREAM HOUSE on the Cape.  Imagine my excitement, the stay at home mom with two young kids and many futures summers with them in tow, I was PUMPED!!! And also  completely on board with their game plan! Obviously.  Not to mention the thought of getting to help in the process of building a home and choosing all the decor, etc.  I was pumped X2.

Griffin supervising.

This was our beach house being built in 2014.  We spent our first summer here in 2015.

This was our house last summer... our second year.  In a short time we had quite a bit of parties, laughs and crazy nights here.  The kids were in their glory!  Even though it's a bigger house, much bigger than that little cottage I went to as a kid, we still managed to cram so many people in here one weekend that some peeps had to sleep in the basement on blow up mattresses.  The basement wasn't even finished!

As much as I love decorating and beautiful interiors there is so much more to a house than those four walls. It's about the people that coexist within those walls even if for only 3 months out of the year.  The adventures, laughs, probably even arguments and compromises they make.  It is those childhood moments that evolve into the memories that weave into our adult lives.  Being surrounded by family under one roof is where a house turns into a home.

So all is good right, we sail off into the sunset?  Well, brace yourself for an unexpected turn.  My parents decided to sell this house this past winter!  Cue the sad background music.  We couldn't believe it either.  It was a little hard to let go of this beautiful spot.  Turns out my parents have a new lot of land to build on.  YAY! The adventure begins again.  We will start construction in the next few weeks and I'm so excited to help even more this go around.

We may not have our family beach house this summer (I know poor us, well kind of) but next year!   After all it is a place to gather as a family, for our kids and someday god willing their kids...   From the new lot of land, to the the walls going up, fixture choices, wall colors, furniture and more...I'm going to share it all here on the blog.  I'll be sharing some sneak peeks of the new house design next, plus photos of the land all cleared.   I hope you'll stay tuned, as I share with you our Dream House Part II

Thanks for stopping by!


I've already started finding lots of coastal farmhouse inspiration.  Follow me over on Pinterest to see!

Cape Cod House

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Welcome to our Joyful Summer Home Tour!  If you are stopping by from Lemons To Lovelys, Meaningful Spaces or Belle Amour Blog are those ladies talented or what?  I’m so inspired by all the women in our blog tour.  I hope you go and check out all the different styles and homes they have.

When summer finally rolls around we are ALL about spending as much time outside as possible! Especially those of use that live in the North East.  Over the past three years and with a bit of hard work, my husband and myself have created an outdoor space that feels like an extension of our home and acts as a bonus living area for us to enjoy.

Please join me as I take you for a walk around the outside of our home, all of the gardening/planting you will see we’ve done ourselves.  A lot of focus went into our front gardens.  We purchase perennials from a local garden club plant sale.  So all of these have come from other peoples gardens.  Each spring we add more perennials  and it’s so rewarding to see them fill in so beautifully. I love that each month a different flower/color pops to life!  I have to say I think we are finally running out of room and may have to start sharing from our own gardens.



I enjoyed decorating our front door with a patriotic theme as I plan to keep this up most of the summer.  It celebrates Memorial Day, Flag Day and 4th of July!   I couldn’t resist adding some vintage baseballs to the top ledge, and a Target dollar spot banner always looks so cute hanging from the top ledge as well.



Around the back of the house we added a swing set for the kids.  They were so excited and it will be so fun to watch them play on it all summer long. I rescued these chairs from the curb (with out any cushions) and set up a cozy little sitting area for my husband and myself to hang while we watch them play.  Can you believe someone was throwing them away?



They needed a good cleaning.  I used the product old English on a cloth to mousiturize the dry shocker and also sprayed them with a clear poly to help protect them.  For the most part they’re in really good condition.  And I have to say I LOVE them.  I also love free too.  I mean who doesn’t?



These cushions I bought at Target and they fit pretty well.  If you look above, in the tree I hung these cute little lanterns I found on the cheap at a yard sale last year.



Moving around to the side yard, you can see the patio my husband installed a couple years back.   It is right off our farmer’s porch and allows easy access into our kitchen and dining room which is perfect for outdoor entertaining.   Summer evening’s on our patio include cocktails, BBQ’s, and country music pouring out of the speakers.  If it gets cool at night we love having a fire in the fire pit with smores.




I purchased this  “Welcome to our Patio” metal sign and I absolutely love it.   The chairs are from Pier1.

Our patio is our summer hang out spot.  If we’re not on Cape Cod, we are here, lounging playing with the kids and enjoying family time.



A tray with handles is perfect for bringing drinks and snacks in and out of the house. I use one out here to hold our coconut citronella candle from Flash Point Candle Co. which comes in this beautiful oversized ceramic pot and this cute little glass watering sprayer from Target.



We absolutely love our patio set and have had it for over 5 years, it has held up so well! (shop it at the end of this post)

For those of you with kids know, summer is about really all about them!  This summer I’m so looking forward to spending special time with our six year old son and 3 year old daughter.  They are at great ages for going on adventures and simply just enjoying crafts, games etc.. One of their favorite treats on a warm day is ice cream.  Isn’t it everyone’s?! I set up this little ice cream table scape to surprise them after school.   I can’t wait to let them invite some friends over to celebrate the last day of school with an ice cream party!

I set up a bunch of yummy toppings.  I used these adorable cake stands from Target to hold even more toppings.   A family friend gave me these Ice Cream Cone Dishes awhile ago and they’re the cutest!  I rolled up a cloth napkin and placed it inside to look like whip cream. I put a faux paper plate I found at Michaels, to catch all the dripping and extra toppings.  I love that everything is reusable and cute (of course!).



Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a beautiful summer.

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Here are some fun accessories I pulled together for your next summer ice cream gathering! Shop them here:

Shop any of our patio set up here:

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You all know the old saying, another persons trash is someone else’s treasure.  Well it is true.   Yes, we are officially those people.  Yup, the trash picker kind.  Also the kind that lets the said “trash” sit in their front yard for 8 months because they can’t believe they’ve taken on the project to begin with. Ha! I’m sure our neighbors loved seeing the old fencing pile from October-May.  Anyways I digress.  Let’s start at the beginning.

When Ben put in our patio three years ago, we decided to do it in our front yard for many reasons.  First, easier to access the kitchen and bring out food for entertaining.  Second, our backyard wasn’t as accessible from the house and was much smaller size wise than our front yard.
Once the patio was finished we felt a bit exposed to our neighbors (I promise that’s not as creepy as it sounds.)  We live on a dead end street and we are in a private area, however having some definition of our outdoor living space would give us that “private” feeling we sought after.

Hence where this ol’ saying comes into play… We always thought it would be nice to have a little picket fence in front of the patio and when we saw that a beautiful cape home a few streets down was getting rid.  We politely asked if we could take some of their better pieces.

First, We took the best pieces and placed them in front of the patio so we would know where the fence posts would need to go. Next we sanded those pieces down to get off any chipping wood.

We bought a post digger from lowes, for $20

We bought cedar 8 foot 4×4’s that Ben cut to size, which were $30/each we only needed three.

We also needed a couple bags of quickcrete to pour into the post holes.

Once the posts were in and cured, Brn drilled in the sections of fence.   After that it was my turn to paint. I used an exterior white paint from Benjamin Moore.

See how it defines the space? Gives use a nice border.  Not complete privacy but a starting point.

The following week I edged out the front of the fence and planted some hydrangea and greenery that will eventually  get a little higher than the fence. 

Here is what it looked like when we moved in…

And before we had the fence.   We are really happy with the updates so far!

I would love to know what you think!  Thanks for stopping by!

If you’d like to shop the look of our patio start here:



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Can you believe that this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend? It really is the unofficial start of summer, which means tons of time outside soaking up the sunshine.  It also means a bunch of good sales going on too!  I thought I would help give you guys some tips on getting your outdoor space ready for another season of Grillin’ and chillin’ on your patio or deck.   Ever since we completed our outdoor patio, we spend so much family time out there.  It really is like another living room.  I’d love to help you achieve the same atmosphere with your deck or patio.   So today I’m going to share 5 quick and easy ways to help you enhance your patio/deck area to get you ready for outdoor entertaining!   Assuming you already have some kind of seating on your deck or patio, here are 5 things to help you build upon that to take your outdoor space to the next level.

1. Outdoor Rug-

An outdoor rug doesn’t have to be a big investment.  Many outdoor rugs at Target and even Pottery Barn are under $200, some even under $100 and are on sale right now.  They give your outdoor space a foundation and make it a cozier sitting area.   Rugs also help create zones, think sitting/lounging area vs. dining area, etc.. They are also very easy to hose off and re-use year after year if taken care of (brought inside in the winter months).

I just got this one and LOVE it! (it’s on sale now)

Blue Green Target Rug

2. Outdoor Throw Pillows-

Outdoor throw pillows to add to your sitting area.  As long as they are labeled outdoor, the fabric will hold up to rain, sun etc… Look for pillows with colors that tie into rug.  It’s ok to mix pattern but look for color to connect the two.  For example,  if you have a blue strip rug find a different type of pattern for the pillows, but keep blues as the theme.  I like to look for throw pillows with 2-3 colors in them.  I do this so I can pull from those colors in other decor and accessories.

I love a good stripe:

Or a pretty medallion pattern:

3. Lanterns-

I love lanterns, fill them with twinkle lights, candles, sand and sea shells, anything that ties in with the season.  Place them at the base of your outdoor furniture or at the corner of your rugs.  Hang them from your umbrella.  They add sophistication to an outdoor space.  So many different styles out there, I have these:

4. Accessories –

*Look for a pretty tray to serve drinks or food.  A galvanized metal or whicker tray is perfect for summer.

I love galvanized trays likes this

*Pretty pots for plants, (keep your pillow covers in mind and look for colors that will tie in) Anthropologie has beautiful pots right now.  I thought this one was adorable!

Last but not least… drum roll please…

5. Fire Pit-

Nothing sets the mood for fun like smore’s roasting and stories told around the fire.  There are so many cool options for fire pits now.  I do love wood burning but I’ve seen many gas burning ones as well.  This is one similar to what we have called a Chiminea.  I like this style because the smoke is less likely to blow directly in your face.  Instead, up and over head.

I hope this helps you pull together your outdoor living space so you can enjoy many beautiful sunny days and twinkling starry nights on your patio or deck.  Take advantage of some of the good sales going on too!

Here are a few of my other outdoor favorites…

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