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Back again guys with my second Gift Guide the first you can find here this time all about my favorite gadgets for the home.  Most of these things I currently have and LOVE or are on my own wish list this year!

  1. Google Home– I don’t have it but would love it!  This little gadget is essentially a personal assistant for you at home.  You can talk to it and it will answer questions.  You can literally say “Google play this song” and it will play it.
  2. Bose speakers are so great. This is nothing new but this model in particular looks great. We’ve had one for years and love it.  This one is great because it’s cylindrical in shape.  Not only will it be easy to hide but it will also send sound out all around it and not just straight ahead.
  3. A Cricut machine.  Guy’s this is a crafters dream!  It hooks up to my computer and I can design stencils for wooden signs, paper crafts, and so much more.  There are so many different things you can do with these and I obviously love the color of this one.
  4. Every mother/ pet owner needs one of these.  My new BFF meet our irobot, we have the 890 series, as it is ideal for pets and has super strong suction.  I would look and see what will work best for you and your family.  Not having to clean the floors on a daily basis has been so helpful.  It really does get so much pet hair off the ground.  I’m always amazed by how much it collects in an hour (and also somewhat grossed out).
  5. The Bullet.  I love making smoothies and protein shakes.  We use our bullet almost every day.  We’ve had it for years and it’s still going strong.  I like that it doesn’t take up much counter space and that you can do so many different recipes with it.
  6. Ok I splurged on this last Black Friday and it is one of my favorite home gadgets ever.  This is an all clad 7qt crock pot. It allows me to make huge batches of soups and chili’s.  The best part though, is that you can take out the insert and start by sautéing directly on the stove top.  You know what that means right? Less dishes to clean!

So there you have it my top 6 gadget items for the home that I either want or that I have and LOVE.   Do you have any of these? Or are they already on your list?


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Jordecor Holiday Gift Guide 2017

This holiday season I’ll be sharing my favorite’s– all things HOME of course.  I hope this will inspire you for gift ideas, either for yourself or for someone you know that might also be a total homebody.

First up- comfort at home, otherwise known as lounge wear. Guys, whenever I’m home, I’m almost always in lounge clothes.  It’s a nice change from all those years wearing yoga pants (I still do sometimes). Basically lounge clothes are a step up from PJ’s. Lounge clothes feels like pajamas but look like you could actually leave the house and run a quick errand.   I rounded up some items that will help you feel comfortable, yet put together while hanging at home this holiday season.  Totally appropriate if a friend surprised you with a visit or when that all too familiar amazon delivery person shows up.

  1. Joggers are LIFE for stay at home Mom’s guys.  I can wear these to bed or run a few errands with my sneaks and a cozy sweat shirt.  I love these gray ones.
  2. Slippers that are so soft you’ll never  want to take them off.  I have been known to wear these out of the house.  They have a stronge sole on the bottom so they are a little more sturdy then regular slippers.
  3. Embroidery Sweatshirt.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a feminine and pretty sweat shirt.  This would look great with leggings or the joggers.
  4. Great Indoors” as much as I want to think I’m an outdoor girl, let’s face it I like being inside, warm and cozy.  This shirt is adorable.
  5. These are so cozy looking
  6.  A couple cute pairs of pajamas /leggings.  Super warm and comfortable.
  7. Everyone should have a pom pom hat, it’s just a winter essential.  I like that this one has a color blocking going on if two neutrals.  I’m always cold so sometimes I even keep mine on while I’m the house. Also helps to disguise day old unwashed hair ????????
  8. This past year I’ve recently become obsessed with bralettes.  They are so comfortable, look pretty and are a little more low key then the underwire style. Plus they look adorable under a sweatshirt that falls off shoulder a bit.  They also come in so many colors and styles too.
  9. Sweater/Sweatshirt from LL Bean this is a New England staple.  It is such a warm outside layer, you can wear a button down underneath to make it look more polished or throw it on with the joggers as I usually do.  It’s warm enough to wear with out a coat on days that aren’t too cold.  It’s a great piece to have and comes in many colors.

There you have it my first gift guide all about comfort at home!!! My fave’s in lounge wear.


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