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Looking to spoil that Dad in your life?  I’ve got you covered!  I rounded up some of my favorite items for Dad.  Some of these items I’ve gifted before and some are new that I think Ben or my own Dad/Father in law would like!

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Today I’m sharing a round up of stocking stuffer ideas that I’ve found for my kiddos.  My daughter is in first grade and my son is in 4th grade.  So here are some ideas ranging from little of everything; treats, books, to toys and things they need.  I think the perfect mix of stocking stuffers is a little something unexpected mixed with necessities like chapstick and new toothbrushes!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas




Book Ideas:

 More Ideas:

Hope these ideas are helpful for filling those stockings up this year!  


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Here are my favorite gift ideas for the TEEN in your life.

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It’s that time of year again!  The holiday season is here and it’s time to take advantage of all those great Black Friday sales!  With just a couple weeks to go until Christmas, I need to get my Christmas Shopping started!  I’ve worked on a bunch of gift guides and will continue to add to them in the next week or two.  Creating gift guides actually helps me get ideas on what new products are out there that I think my family and friends will love.   Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved on I hope that rounding up some of my favorite stores and my their sales helps you get a head start and a good deal this Black Friday!

Here are some of the sales that I will be shopping!

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Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays,

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More Ideas:

I hope these guides are helpful for you!


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Gifts for Her:

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Thank you for stopping by to check out my Gift Guide for “Her”  these are also things that I’m personally loving and on my list.   It’s a mix of cozy items, tech, luxury and beautiful home decor pieces.  I’ve literally had THIS silk pillowcase on my Christmas list for years and I think I may just have to buy it for myself!  From what I’ve read and heard from other bloggers is that it helps with keeping wrinkles away (tummy sleeper here!) and helps your hair look a little less CRAY in the morning.

Animal print is having a huge moment right now and it’s just so fun!  I love this make up bag set and slippers.  I also use my slippers so much that they need replacing every couple years.  The ones above are my fave I currently have them in gold!

I could totally use some new headphones as I lost my set and I’ve heard amazing things about the air pods.  I’m also working on replacing some old baking sheets and love how pretty the ones above are!  Also these winter pom- pom hats have interchangeable pom pom, how cool is that?!?

The turtleneck sweater also comes in many many colors I personally love this shade of burgundy.  If you are needing a new winter coat but don’t want to spend a lot this affordable puffer jacket has so many positive reviews and is getting a lot of attention from the blogger world!

I hope these help give you some ideas for the lovely ladies in your life (or even yourself!)


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Boy Gift Ideas:


Girl Gift Ideas:


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It feels like an eternity ago that I was a Teacher.   I always wanted to become either an Interior Designer or an Art Teacher.  I taught art for almost 10 years before staying home with my own two littles.  It’s crazy to me that now, in my own JorDecor way, I’m pursuing my other passion and sharing that pursuit with all of you.  Art and creativity will always be at my core, creating and helping others create whether it be something you hang on your walls or the cozy look of a space itself.   Creation comes in many forms, it is about releasing an expression, emotion, idea or vision.  Teaching elementary art was one of the most fun jobs.  I loved the amazement on kids faces when I taught them a new technique or introduced them to an artist or material they never heard of before.

As my own kids school year is now coming to an end I’m feeling nostalgic to all those end of year feels on the other end of it, as a a teacher.  I can related to how much those teachers are SOOOO ready for a break.  I also recall how exhausting it was, how the children become like your own.   You care for them, help them not only in subject matter but teach them about social skills, manners, kindness, acceptance and so many other valuable things on a daily.  I recall by the end of the year being drained; mentally, physically and emotionally.  Summer is the time when teachers restore themselves, renew their spark for education and regain the energy to do it all again the next year.

So this is why I have such an appreciation for my kids teachers and all teachers.  At the end of the year I try to make a little something special as a “Thank You” and as a “go enjoy your time off” because let’s face it, they’ve earned it.    This year I wanted to create a little pampering kind of gift. One of my favorite gifts from a student was a simple manicure gift card (and the inspiration for this years) I remember using it right after school on that last day of classes and treating myself.   It was the perfect start to summer.  Back in my Art Teachers days I never got my nails done because they were always covered in paint, sharpie or clay.  It was such a thoughtful and kind gift to receive.

The second gift idea is for the male teachers but it also doubles as a Father’s Day Gift too!  I’m also going to include the cards that I made so you can print your own if you’d like.  *read the end to get my tips on printing



Click to download and print my cards to attach to your gift.

Mani Thanks Pink

Mani Thanks Yellow

I created these adorable “Mani Thanks” gift cards. For a Teacher Assistant or specialist if you wanted to do a little something and add the tags to a clear mini gift bag with a color polish and a clear top coat and then a little facial treatment- it’s the perfect little thank you.  For the Teacher if you wanted to also add a gift card to a local spa that would be amazing any teacher would love a little end of year pampering session.  I also found these adorable beach hats that say “Vacay all Day” and then tied the gift card around with the cute “Mani Thanks” around it with ribbon.




Click to download and print my cards to attach to your gift.

Thankful FORE You!

For the guys how fun is this Golf themed gift card idea.  Find a local golf place and grab a gift card to hit balls and add it to this cute little bucket of balls.  I grabbed a bag of recycle balls that were a bit more affordable and some t’s.

I used the shredded paper to lift the balls up so I didn’t need to use as many. Then put the T’s in the center to hold the gift card in place.  But play around with the presentation to create something that works for you.

Recommendation for printing- cardstock paper works best.  When you go to print, select 6 copies to a page and it will shrink the photos down to the size you need.  If you use these I’d love for you to tag me so I can see how they turned out.

Thank you guys for stopping by and happy almost SUMMER!


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Back again guys with my second Gift Guide the first you can find here this time all about my favorite gadgets for the home.  Most of these things I currently have and LOVE or are on my own wish list this year!

  1. Google Home– I don’t have it but would love it!  This little gadget is essentially a personal assistant for you at home.  You can talk to it and it will answer questions.  You can literally say “Google play this song” and it will play it.
  2. Bose speakers are so great. This is nothing new but this model in particular looks great. We’ve had one for years and love it.  This one is great because it’s cylindrical in shape.  Not only will it be easy to hide but it will also send sound out all around it and not just straight ahead.
  3. A Cricut machine.  Guy’s this is a crafters dream!  It hooks up to my computer and I can design stencils for wooden signs, paper crafts, and so much more.  There are so many different things you can do with these and I obviously love the color of this one.
  4. Every mother/ pet owner needs one of these.  My new BFF meet our irobot, we have the 890 series, as it is ideal for pets and has super strong suction.  I would look and see what will work best for you and your family.  Not having to clean the floors on a daily basis has been so helpful.  It really does get so much pet hair off the ground.  I’m always amazed by how much it collects in an hour (and also somewhat grossed out).
  5. The Bullet.  I love making smoothies and protein shakes.  We use our bullet almost every day.  We’ve had it for years and it’s still going strong.  I like that it doesn’t take up much counter space and that you can do so many different recipes with it.
  6. Ok I splurged on this last Black Friday and it is one of my favorite home gadgets ever.  This is an all clad 7qt crock pot. It allows me to make huge batches of soups and chili’s.  The best part though, is that you can take out the insert and start by sautéing directly on the stove top.  You know what that means right? Less dishes to clean!

So there you have it my top 6 gadget items for the home that I either want or that I have and LOVE.   Do you have any of these? Or are they already on your list?


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