Seasonal Decor

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling”

-Edna Ferber

Christmas truly is a feeling, a feeling that I want to spread through out our home each and every December (ok maybe a little earlier, late November? wink wink)…it’s a warmth, it’s a twinkle, it’s a comforting smell, within all of these feelings lies a sense of joy and a longing to give to those we love.  This time of year is always a time of reflection as well, to take a moment and look around to really be grateful for all we have.   We don’t NEED any more than the home over our head, food in our bellies and coats on our back.  Anything in addition to that is a luxury.  I look around at our home trimmed and styled, yes it is beautiful but the true feeling of Christmas is in the messes, it’s the wrapping paper all over the house, the flour scattered all on the kitchen floor from baking cookies together, its the cheerful music playing in the distance.    I hope you enjoy this home tour…. however please remember that the styled photos I create are here to inspire your Christmas decor ideas, yet are in no way reflective of how Christmas TRULY “looks” in our home 😉

I’m so excited to be participating in this fun blog hop today organized by my friend Marci over at Lemons To Lovely’s Blog.  I’m joining some other fabulous bloggers to offer you some Christmas decorating inspiration, from our homes to yours.  We will be sharing many different decorating styles and parts of our home.  At the bottom of my post I’ll link directly to all the other blogs in the blog hop.  I’m excited to share an outside area as well as a really cozy interior space with you!



I want to start by sharing our farmer’s porch.  It often gets over looked because we are usually traipsing through it with bags, the dog, sports gear, groceries etc… but at the change of each season, when decorating is finished, we really stop and enjoy this pretty little spot outside our home.  It greets us every time we return home and is the most welcoming little spot.  I really enjoy decorating this area!   What makes it so easy is having  a few foundational pieces.  Like this industrial looking bench that does well in all seasons.  I love adding seasonal pillows to it too!   I love using the old window frame as a base to give visual interest over the beige siding and above the bench.  I then use that as a back layer to adding wreaths, signs, words etc. on top of.  I usually add something underneath the bench as well.

First up is our farmer’s porch,  all set up for the holiday season.  I shared on Instagram how I made this Christmas planter with tree clippings, wood logs, branches and some ornaments.  It’s so easy and just adds such a nice pop of greenery out here.  I used floral styrofoam inside the planter, then layered in some different green clippings. I love going to Lowe’s, Home Depot or any garden center and using the clippings from the trees that would typically just go in the trash.  They are free and a great way to fill in your planter, just press the clippings into the styrofoam at various heights.  Let some pieces cascade out the bottom.  Next, add the birch logs and then tall branches for height and different textures.   Sprinkle in some ornaments or berries, then I tie a ribbon for an extra pop if you like!





I had to have a little photo session with my helper Levi.  He loves being by my side with whatever I’m doing.  So I grabbed a scarf and made him look handsome for the photos!  I have to say he is one dashing pup.



I have a flocked tree in the corner which i used wood ornaments and plaid scarves to decorate.  The scarfs were from Old Navy and TJmaxx.   The Merry sign I got at Michael’s craft store and spray painted red.  The pillows are a mix of Target dollar (old)  and TJmaxx as well.  One thing that really makes this porch feel cozy and like an extension of our home is having a jute rug out here.  It also helps cut down on tracking in dirt etc.. into the house. It will need to be rolled over when it snows to keep it from fading.





For our master bedroom I added a few holiday touches as well.  I decided this year to go with some deeper burgundies and greens for a more sophisticated look in our bedroom and I love how it turned out.  I added a garland over our headboard, as well as an “all is calm” sign from The American Farmhouse which really  just brought the whole look together.  It really helps to also bring in some blankets in the same color scheme, cozy pillows and a fur throw on the ground is the ultimate in a cozy bedroom.


I really do love how the deeper shades of red and green make for a totally different vibe- much more sophisticated and classy.  I love that the sign reminds us to just take a breath and be calm in the midst of a super busy time of year.  I think it’s a good lil’ reminder.  I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Home Tour 2018 (well my porch and bedroom!)  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you continue on to the other amazing bloggers tours in this blog hop.  You will be super inspired.


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Hello Friends!  October 1 is here!  I’m all about keeping it real with you guys and for this October I’m “Creepin’ it real”, so here it is… currently I just doesn’t have the time or energy to go all out decorating for Halloween.  I just put up all the fall/harvest decor and now I need to get all the spooky stuff out too?!  I need a nap already.  I love decorating don’t get me wrong, it’s my favorite but sometimes I’m human and just want to  take a breath and enjoy all my current hardwork.   My solution to not overwhelm myself this upcoming Halloween is to only decorate my kids playroom.  At some point I’ll probably add a few touches outside too, but for the interior I’m going to keep it concentrated on one room.  Phew, keeping it simple and real with you guys feels good!

So how many of you get super into Halloween?  Our family enjoy’s it and we think it’s fun of course, but we don’t go crazy by any means.  Probably because I’m not really into being scared, haha.  Many of you know, I barely survive when Ben travels for work overnight.  So I like my Halloween decor to be cute with minimal spook.   My kids are following in my scaredy-cat foot steps.  Have you seen those like 10 foot inflatable vampires at Home Depot? Yah, well they hated those!  I kinda don’t blame them, and I’m so thankful they aren’t begging for us to put one on our front yard.

If you’re like me and crave things a bit more simple this time of year, I recommend either choosing a room or a spot in your house (front door/porch/playroom/living room) to get in on the Halloween fun without a lot of added effort.  To make your home look a little spooky with out going over the top simply add some pillows, a centerpiece, a banner and maybe one or two spooky items.  Here is how I added some Halloween Decor to my kids playroom.




Welcome to the kids playroom/t.v. room/hangout room!  This is the only room in the house getting a touch o’spooky so far!  I told you guys I was keeping it simple this year.  This is my version of simple 😉



I recently purchased this new sofa from Homesense.  I’m obsessed.  It’s the perfect size for the room, I love that it has a little blue/green to it as it will hide the kids spills and adds a little color to the neutral room.  The wall color in here is Edgecomb Gray by Ben Moore.

I had this bench/ottoman up in our “cloffice” but moved it down here as a little ottoman/coffee table. I love how it fits and the black legs tie in with the pillows.  I also managed to fit two bins underneath for added storage, which is always a plus!



Now back to the Halloween decor… I found this skull bowl at Christmas Tree shops and decided to use it as a vase for a fall centerpiece.  It would be cute filled with popcorn or some other yummy snacks, too.  I also purchased the two spider pillows from Christmas Tree Shops as well.



The “creep it real” pillow I found at T.J. Maxx and couldn’t resist it!  My son got a good chuckle out of it..  I had this “boo” banner that I basically threw up there, haha it may even be a little off center (whoops! told yah I was keeping it real)  This room gets a ton of natural light, I think down the road I will add some more color to the curtains but I like how simple they are with the playful pompom detail.



Since this room is so neutral, with pops of black, adding Halloween decor is super easy!  My daughter decided to decorate her play kitchen (hers is nicer than mine) she put the little trick or treat sign there and the pumpkins up on top.  It was so cute to see her help too!



The black aztec pillows, wooden stools and metallic wall art are all from Homegoods.   I really love how this room adds a little touch of Halloween with out being too much, plus it is fun for the kids and get’s them in the spirit of tricks and treats.  Plus, I can leave all my fall decor up around the house and not feel overwhelmed to change it all up.  Win. Win.


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So there you have it!  I’m only human and run out of energy sometimes too.  As much as I love to decorate, I also have to set limits and know that it’s ok if I just put out a few things and not go crazy for every holiday.   Do you like to decorate for Halloween?    Do you go all out or keep it simple?  As always I appreciate you stopping by my blog to see what decorating adventures, I’m up to or only somewhat up to ;).



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(This post is sponsored by one of my favorite stores, Christmas Tree Shops and That!, as always all opinions are my own.)


Happy Fall!!!  The temps are cooling off and I’m so happy my favorite season has arrived.  Not only am I falling for all things pumpkin, but for all things fall decor!!  If you guys are like me, which I think you are because you follow along on my crazy love for decorating, you like to switch up your decor to welcome the changing seasons.  What help’s me afford my love for seasonal decorating?  Well, besides turning it into a job 😉 is shopping at places that sell affordable seasonal home decor, like Christmas Tree Shops and That!.  I know the name of the store suggests CHRISTMAS so it can be confusing, however most New Englanders like myself know, that this store is SO MUCH MORE than Christmas stuff, check out below to see for yourself.

I’ve been shopping here since I was a girl and now as an adult I can tell you that each year their seasonal decor gets better and better!  From table settings, throw pillows, faux florals, wreaths, candles and even food… if you want to prepare for an upcoming season in your home or for entertaining Christmas Tree Shops and That! has you covered!  I hit up my local store when the kids were at school (insert happy dance) so I could really take my time and find my favorite pieces.  I can’t wait to show you guys what I  found that helped inspire my fall decor this year!






After strolling the aisles of Christmas Tree Shops and That! for their Harvest Decor products, I left with so many great pieces!  I purchased a couple wreaths, some hay bales, lanterns, a wall art piece, cute cranberry colored “gather”door mat and a “fall” sign!  Let’s start with my front door.  I added with the wheat style wreath and then I hung the fall sign on the left side to balance the other items on the right.  I know we have a lot going on here, around the door itself but I love dressing up the wood work.  Summer I kept things so simple that I was ready to deck it out for fall.   I recommend using 3M hooks if nailing into wood work isn’t your thing.  I’m guilty of the latter 😉  I also layered my door mat because It’s my favorite trend in outdoor decorating right now.




I used the hay bales to give height to my mums and pumpkins, I also pulled some of the hay apart to create, like a bed for some of the other decor like the lanterns.   I love the texture it adds.  Plus it feels like a hayride, might just stop by at any minute ;).



As it gets closer to Halloween we will carve up some pumpkins but for now I love how these metal jack o’ lantern pumpkins give a festive look, with out all the yucky rotting.  I plan to add some little tea lights in here so they glow at night.



Grab a PSL and come on in!  Let me show you how the pretty wreath I chose for the inside, inspired the cozy color scheme…

See it there, front and center? I fell in love with the unexpected fall combo of soft greens, peaches and cranberry tones.  I had this script “thankful” on hand so I used some wire to attach it.   I like that it is a bit unique for this season, yet very fall at the same.  If you are trying out a new color scheme for fall, use some faux white pumpkins or spray paint orange ones to save you money from having to buy different colors.

See the buffalo check pumpkins below? Those were white and I just got out a straight edge brush some gray and black paint and painted on the pattern!   So paint and/or spray paint is always your friend for seasonal decorating.



The other bigger item I purchased is this “gather round” script sign which I decided to make the focal point of my gallery wall.  I love how it works with the other wood and galvanized items in the room. To make this gallery wall;  I simply shopped around our home for frames and other little signs that coordinated then built the gallery wall around the “gather round” sign.   Just to keep it real with you guys, cause we’re all friends right? I have quite a lot of nail holes behind those frames, haha!  It’s just par for the course when your a home decor blogger.



The “gather round’ is a simple sign that I love for our small house because it really gives a cozy welcoming feel to our living room.



I told you guys, I’m falling hard, real hard for all the amazing decor at Christmas Tree Shops and That! this season.  I hope you enjoyed seeing all my fun purchases and my home ready for fall!  We can’t wait to enjoy cozy fires on those cooler days/nights snuggled up together!  If you want your home to feel cozy for fall check out the beautiful Harvest Decor selection at Christmas Tree Shops and That! you will not be disappointed!  The prices are seriously SO good.   Thank you for stopping by!






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Happy September!  The summer FLEW by, didn’t it?  I’m a bit emotional today as I’m sending my oldest to start second grade. 🙁 I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he is now a big kid and that I have a child that old.  How did this happen?!  HA!   I’m thankful that I have this amazing blog Fall Home Tour with a bunch of REALLY talented ladies to distract me from dwelling on all the above.  Once you finish here, I hope you will skip over to the next home on the tour all of which are linked below.

Not only is decorating a creative outlet for me, it’s also therapeutic.  Anything that allows me to release my expressive side is a good thing, which is why I love sharing my seasonal decor with you guys.  I try to change things up year to year, to give you fresh content and ideas.  This year for my mantel I wanted to use a different color combo.   The weather has been insanely hot in Boston so the thought of intense orange just isn’t appealing to me yet. These colors are a bit different for fall decor but they remind me of it nonetheless.  If you’re like me and looking to start decorating but want to ease into it, the color combo of pale greens, cranberries and some peach tones will do just the trick.

Ever since we did our accent wall over our mantle with E-Z Wall stick on panels, decorating it is so much more fun.  I’ve had these silhouettes of my kids since they were 2.5 and a newborn.  We have a local bookstore that hosted a silhouette artist before Christmas, that did these cuttings live in the store while looking at my kids profiles.  I wouldn’t say they are the most accurate representations of my kids, they were very squirmy then, but they are close enough ;).  I love the old vintage touch they add.



The wreath is from Christmas Tree Shops and is definitely the inspiration for the mantel.  Once I saw these colors I knew I wanted to incorporate them in my living room.  My husband and I were married at the end of October and we used pale pinks, gold and cranberry for our wedding colors so they remind me of our special day.  It’s going to be 10 years this October guys!



The script word “thankful’  I bought from Michaels and was unfinished wood that I painted black to match the frames.  I attached it with some floral wire and it really added a pop.  I also found these pumpkins at Michaels and knew they were perfect.  However I also painted some white pumpkins with acrylic paint to match as well.   I placed some neutral leaves behind the pumpkins and draped a beautiful garland from my friend Lemons To Lovely’s.



To bring the color scheme together I ordered a scarf blanket as I didn’t have one in this color yet, I love how functional these are.  I use them in decor and also wear them when the weather cools down.



I found the cutest buffalo check pillows at the Target dollar spot and scooped up a couple.  I love how the black buffalo check looks for fall so I’m using that in my dining room.  However I brought some in here for fun!  I tried free hand painting some of these white pumpkins with the buffalo check and while they aren’t perfect they definitely get the idea across.  This metal basket is also from Christmas Tree shops and I love that farmhouse style it has, I thought it would be fun for pumpkins, or firewood, or to fold blankets in.   Baskets are something I love using in decor because they are so functional.



Lastly, the pièce de résistance, my new felt garland from Wooly Sheep Dots!  I can’t get over how adorable these little felt pumpkins are, which she makes by hand.  This garland brings the whole look together, and I love that it supports a small shop/artist as well.

I hope you all enjoy seeing my mantel all ready for fall!  This time of year when the weather is still so hot I like easing into it with muted fall colors.  I’m not ready for the orange yet!   How is your September going so far? Would you ever try a new color scheme in your fall decor?   Can’t wait to show you the rest of this room.  There were a few other tweaks I made in here for fall 🙂




Please be sure to stop by and see the rest of these talented ladies and their beautiful homes!

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*This post was sponsored by Tuesday Morning.  As always all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands I love. 


Hey Friends!   For those of you that follow along on my decor adventures over on Instagram you know that I’m a frequent shopper at my local Tuesday Morning.  They are a home decor store that sells unique items at 20-60% off department store prices.  I’m super excited to be teaming up with Tuesday Morning to bring you some ideas for wall decor using art prints. I recently discovered that Tuesday Morning also sells unframed art prints in a variety of sizes/subjects for as little as $2.99.  Yes, you read that right, under $3 and that is for all sizes!  Keep in mind that each store has a different variety of prints as well. So what I share with you from my store may be different from your own.  If you are looking for affordable wall decor I highly recommend checking out their art print selection.  Be sure to head to the Tuesday Morning website to find locations near you.

Part of the fun of using art prints is deciding how to frame them!  Instead of choosing standard frames I thought I would take this opportunity to show you some different ways of using prints to create wall decor for your home in a farmhouse style.   Tuesday Morning also has an amazing frame selection, however there may come a time when you can’t find a frame for a print you have.  So here are a few different ways you can hang art prints with out using a standard frame.  The only extra materials needed was modge podge, scissors, ruler and a foam brush.



Wood Framed Mirror 

I loved the colors in this large print however I couldn’t find any large scale frames in the store.  When I saw this large wooden mirror for only $29.99 I thought it would look beautiful.   I simply measured the size and cut the edge of the print to fit inside the mirror.  Using modge podge and a large foam brush I applied the glue to the mirror itself, then carefully placed the print on top of it, from center pressing out to the edges/sides.  I also used a credit card to gently smooth the bubbles out toward the edges.

So here is that big blank wall I wanted a colorful pretty piece of artwork for.  I love how the wood ties into those DIY shelves, the wood matches perfectly.  Our bathroom needed some rich color and now it has it, all for under $40!




Shadow Box

I love the depth a shadow box provides to a piece of artwork.  I was so excited to also find this beautiful sea shell print at Tuesday Morning.  So of course I brought it to the beach house last weekend, and added some shells we found this summer.  Your print doesn’t need to be part of a collection to use a shadow box.  I think shadow boxes make really fun frames.  Tuesday Morning had a bunch of different sizes and colors in stock as well.  I grabbed this white wash/wood one with a burlap insert.  I decided to trim down the print with out using scissors to give it a more natural edge.  To do this I made really strong folds, then slowly ripping the edges to give it that rough edge.



I love the look of a torn edge, it gives a more natural look which I think works so well with a print of natural objects.



What do you think?  Isn’t a shadow box a beautiful way to frame an art print?  I just had to add some shells inside.




Platter & Plates

I love simple white ceramic plates/platters hung in groupings or gallery walls.  I decided to take some of the smaller art prints and cut and paste them onto a set of three beautiful white dishes, which I also purchased at Tuesday Morning.  One of my favorite parts of the store is their kitchen section.  So many great dishes, pans and utensils at crazy good prices!

Using the plates as frames is as easy as going back to your elementary school art days… it’s basically collage (cut and paste)!  Just cut your prints and add glue to the surface of the plate, I used modge podge again, put the paper down on the plate then I go over the image with a coat of glue again.  Once it dries, it’s clear and makes the image look completely attached with the surface of the dish.



Once the print completely adhered to the plate I was ready to hang my new wall art!  I had these plate hangers on hand.  However I’m going to link my favorite ones HERE, that don’t show along the edge of the plate.



Don’t the plates make such a delicate and pretty statement on the wall?  There are so many possibilities for these art prints and how you could incorporate them into you home!


I hope the next time you have an art print or photo to hang/frame in your home you’ll look for some unique ways to display it.  Don’t feel stuck with traditional frames!  Keep your mind open to what you have on hand or what you can find.  If you have any empty walls in your home I would highly recommend checking out the selection of art prints at Tuesday Morning!  The prices are unbelievable.

Thanks for stopping by!



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Welcome to my Seasonal Style Series!

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Now that the blog is all refreshed, I’m excited to start giving you more fun content!   At the start of each season you can expect a Seasonal Style post from yours truly that inspires you in decorating your home and in your personal style.  I believe that style translates not only into what you wear but also into how you “dress” your home.  I often feel my decor style is a reflection of my personal style and overall aesthetic.




Today I’m sharing my favorite Red, White and Blue- Patriotic items with you because it’s finally that time of year again!  The time when the days are long and warm, drenched in sun and quenched by lemonade.  The dog days of summer are finally approaching!  You won’t hear my complain about the heat. It feels so good to feel warm for a change.  It was a long winter and I know if you’re like me (AKA not a fan of cold and snow) you’re just as excited to celebrate the start of summer!   When summer does finally roll around, I love to get in the spirit of all the Patriotic holidays from Memorial Day, Flag Day and July 4th!



In the summer I love adding a few navy & red touches through out my home and in my wardrobe as well.  I’m a huge fan of patterns like stripes, stars, plaids, gingham and all things classic preppy that come along with summer!

For my home I like to add a few flags of course.  I stick them in planters or vases on the table top.  A couple fun wreaths also add those patriotic vibes.  I have two entrance doors that I like using two different style wreaths so it isn’t overly match-y match-y.  I made this grapevine wreath with materials from Michaels.  They are so easy to make!  All you need is:

a white, red and blue hydrangea, a pretty patriotic ribbon, a flag, glue gun and floral wire.

I’m also a sucker for seasonal pillows!  You guys know I go crazy for the Target dollar spot ones.   Here is a seasonal decorating trick, sometimes you can re-use decor from different holidays.  For example pillows from other seasons can be repurposed as long as the colors tie in!  You may remember these grain sack stripe pillows from Christmas, yup they’re back!  The red ties in perfectly for this time of year with navy and white!



The Pillows in the above photo are all fro Target dollar spot.  However I’m going to link some that I’m loving this season.   The farmhouse jugs/planters are from Lowes in the garden section.  I planted some beautiful smelling lavender.  I move these around all over my patio.  Here I used them to add some green to the photo and bench.


Shop my Seasonal Style from my Farmer’s Porch:


You guys know I LOVE decorating my front door for every season.  This year I’m testing out a wood curl wreath (pictured behind me)  I love the texture it adds!  I’m going to link some similar ones below as I wasn’t able to find this exact one online. My ferns are so easy to take care of and do well in our climate.  I always have my black iron lanterns out because they tie in so nicely with my antique black door hardware and I just love the shape/scale of them.  Click here for my exact lanterns.

So maybe you are wondering more about the cute dress?  I found this perfect affordable summer dress I had to pass on to you.  I like that it’s super comfy and light weight for the hot summer days ahead.


I’m loving the layered door mat look as I shared with you on Instagram stories awhile back.  I haven’t got around to purchasing a “patriotic” version.  See friends I’m not always a step ahead, as hard as I try to be!  I really hope you liked this Seasonal Style post.  Let me know if it inspires you to get any red, white or blue going in your wardrobe or home decor this summer?  Keep in mind if you are ever stumped as to how to decorate for your home take a cue from you closet, is there a color you always gravitate towards of a pattern you love?   Start with that as a jumping off point.  If you don’t see a common theme look to the current season for inspiration to dress up your home and your wardrobe too!

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