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Right on time for Valentine’s Day!  I wanted to share my Crush with you guys, remember high school days or even middle school having crushes?  How sweet and innocent were those days?  Although torturous and awkward at times too, haha!  But no this isn’t the middle school kind of crush this is the decor/fashion obsessed kind.  Is anyone  else LOVING on the soft, feminine and sophisticated shade of pink also known as Blush?  It’s been popping up in all the stores lately from clothing, to home decor and accessories.   Even though the color of the year is Ultra Violet,  Blush is speaking my love language.  The subtle color is much easier to incorporate into home decor and fashion than ultra violet, in my opinion.  It also works with neutrals like beige, black and denim shades.  But I’ve also been noticing it looks great with pops of teal and aqua around my house!

Via Anthropologie



I LOVE how blush looks with warm gold accents and at the same time with cool soft grays or even blues.  It is such an easy color to incorporate either into your wardrobe or your home.  Below are some ways I’m incorporating Blush into my life.   What do you think? Have you been bitten by blush?

In Home Decor

In Clothes  & Accessories

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