Our Beach House Lighting

Our Beach House Lighting

Hey Friends!!   I’m here to share all the lighting I’ve selected for our beach house on Cape Cod.  I want to personally tell you to move away from the darkness a.k.a your old dated dark light fixtures and into the LIGHT, aka bright, modern, coastal, lighting that is!  My goal for our soon-to-be family beach house (if summer would ever get here) is to have the lighting be a focal point.  Not to out shine the pretty harbor view of course.  I want each room, bathroom, entry etc.. to have its own style of lighting.  I’m bringing in cool textures like blown glass, woven, metal, rope, brass…call me over excited!  Mixing these various elements will add character and coastal farmhouse vibes to this new home.


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Phew if choosing lighting was an olympic sport I feel like I would have won a medal? But would it be brass or chrome?  Do you believe in mixing metals?   So there you have it!  A mix of textures, finishes, and colors.  It’s going to be so fun to see them all in their new home.  I would love to know what you think of the lights I’ve selected so far.

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